Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

According to this Learning English online page, the popular phrase “Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!” comes about “when someone gets caught in a lie. In other words, when someone gets busted for lying.” And it’s also about “People often use white lies to prevent hurting the feelings of others or to save themselves the trouble.

Today’s article is about the “Liar” word searched by someone recently. I recalled using the phrase “Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!” frequently in my younger childhood days.

Let’s put it this way, we all tell lies – about the tooth fairy, convincing our kids we’ll buy the toys the next time around,  telling others “we’re overloaded with tasks or busy” or denying “we’re like that” and so on. Political leaders and celebrities have been known to tell lies, untruths, or half-truths; and ordinary people do tell lies too.

Considerably, there could be some of you insisting that you’ve not told a single lie – anything but the truth – its ok, as this article is not about insisting that you did, or did not, tell lies. Instead, what I’m about to share is my observations from the case studies I did when I applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

When we talk, gossip, chit chats, grumble, shouted in defiance – these are related to the communication aspects, which shows our expressive behaviours, and the responses. Hence, when we correlate the communication aspect with a number or its element, the number 2 and Water element came about. While in general, a person with Birth Root 2 has more vibes than another person with number 2 somewhere else in their charts, the exhibitions of the traits are similar, except for the degree of its intensity. What this means a person with Birth Root 2 in location O tends to be more outspoken or communicative than a person with number 2, in locations I to N and P to X.

When we use the Symbolic shape representation of the number 2, we could easily associate them to be like a snake, resulting in a “snaky(treacherous, sly) or sneaky (underhand) behaviour. Of course, we shouldn’t conclude that everyone with a number 2 in their chart, is a sneaky person. No, that’s not the way to profile anyone; and if you did that, you’re losing your credibility and showing naïve understanding about what you’re profiling. As noted earlier, the intensity level of behavioral state increases when there are multiple instances of the same number 2 displayed in a chart. This implies, a person with two or more sets of number 2, especially in close proximity (linked or connected together) would create greater manifestations of the snaky or sneaky traits, than a person having only a number 2 as their Birth Root number.

When doing profiling, it is always important to unravel the meanings of the numbers first, and lists all possible traits or actions that you can think of, to correlate or associate the words to the specific number. I’ve shared extended techniques to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on how they could use the visualisation techniques easily, to identify more behavioural characteristics by adopting the picturing or imaging vision. Sure, at times, we might have forgotten about certain words or traits, which could have slipped off our mind at that instant.

The left screenshot (taken from unreleased FEON+ v2) shows the “Numbers & Traits” option, which basically list the characteristics and traits associated to the number 2 – both positive aspect and the challenges (negative) . When you scroll down the list, you’d see the common positive and challenging aspects listed for all numbers, from 1 to 9. This means, when you’re short of words to identify a trait in your mind, or could not associate a trait to a number, the “Numbers & Traits” option do provide immediate clues to your profiling, which could come handy, especially when you’re doing in-person profiling with someone. By the way, just a word of caution here, the characteristics and traits in the list do not inevitably imply the person would inhibit or exhibit such behaviours at all times. Rather, it was based on the individual numbers and its potential associated characteristics. Besides reading up the list of positive and challenges of each number, you must also consider the neighbouring numbers which could influence the intensity level of such behavioural states.

Do you have anyone in mind who frequently exhibits the liar, exaggerate, manipulative, fickle-minded, demanding deceitful and “over promise, under deliver” behaviours and habits?

The same screenshot shows Donald Trump’s EON chart, and he has the 2-2 pattern in locations M-N. Donald has Birth Root 4, which implies he is continuously “drafting” plans to bring in his visions. However, the 2-2 in M-N is firmly getting him confused. It’s like inside his subconscious mind; he often has two contradicting views – the left or right – which somehow affected his conscious behavioural thoughts. That’s a possible reason why we have often seen him making retracting “on-off-on-off” statements.

Here’s another way to interpret the 2-2-4-6-6-3 pattern in locations M-R of his birth chart, as [Express – Communicative dialogue – About his plans – To stabilise – USA economy – By concentrating on immediate action]. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Well, there’re always two extreme ends to a left-right, positive-negative, or yes-no; and depending on which side of the coin you’re looking at. We could also read it as [Talk – Repeat talking – Conveying his plans – Boasting about abilities to boost Economy and Financials – More for Self-Pride and Ego – By making critical and hurtful remarks]. Ouch! In any case, I could sense the frustrations from many people when we talked about Donald Trump’s behaviours. You can easily look at the “Numbers & Traits” options to interpret the 2-2-4-6-6-3 patterns, like putting in random words in a jackpot-like connection.

Ok, enough of Donald Trump. Whew, finally… a sight of relief for some of you…

Besides the number 2, there are other numbers that could potentially create the “liar, lair” effects. The number 1 is about leadership, uniqueness, idealist, courage, etc.; and equally well as arrogance, opinionated, and self-centred – these attributes are retrieved from what I’ve included (so far) in the “Numbers & Traits” option. A person with multiple 1s, especially in close-proximity, could exhibit such behavioural states too. They could often tell lies (including white lies, half-truths, exaggerate further on portions of truth) because of self-pride, or taking actions based on “what’s right to them” and not for others. When we associate the number 1 with the Metal element, it’s also about the mental health, cognitive abilities, and immune/respiratory health conditions. You can always check the Personal Year charts to determine the state of their mental health.

The number 3 is about hopeful, passionate, burning desire, and charismatic; and hurtful, immature, short-span, forceful, etc. Again, people with strong sets of 3s could exhibit “draconian” or “dictator” rules on disbelievers, and those who oppose them or their opinions. In a manner, they disguised the lies by creating fear and burning desire that what they did, is for the common good of all.

I could go on to explain the “lies and liar” portion for the numbers 4-9, but I decided it’s best for you, especially those who studied other numerology methods, to exert your mental thoughts to list the potential behavioural states and characteristic traits too. In fact, I’ve listed down basic keywords associated with the numbers 1 to 9 in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can read up. You can also purchase the EON book directly from me by clicking on this link.

Lastly, people with multiple 2s are more inclined to tell lies than others, through persuasive and expressive ways. The Water element is associated with wavy flows and sensuous feelings; and these could well be achieved through manipulations and… lies. While we hoped, their “pants could be on fire” for making persistent lies that hurt many others, it’s merely a fallacy in our minds.

Well, the energies revolve in cyclic motion and through seasonal waves – what goes around, comes around.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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