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According to the UCMHP method, the steps to determine the “career choice” is depending on the Five Elements cycles and the Birth Root number on an individual’s chart. This means if the Birth Root number is 5 (Earth), then the first career choice would be what the Earth controls, i.e., the Water element (2 and 7). The final (5th) choice would be the element that controls Earth, i.e., Wood (4 and 9).

The above-mentioned steps for “career choice” is aligned with the elemental energies and interactions, and it’s depicted in the Five Elements cycles. That’s why the steps to identify the Career Choice option is similar with my Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The Five ElementsI’ve mentioned in past articles that, using the steps to determine the ideal 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th career choice, is preliminary nowadays. In today’s modern context, it’s somewhat outdated and irrelevant as jobs today are no longer single-role with specific job-scopes anymore. For instance, you can be an accountant working in a construction company. Does that mean your accountant job (related to Wood element) is the ideal choice when you’re working in the construction (Earth element) industries? Or you, working as an accountant, could also be handling procurement and logistics duties?

When we try to realign them with the Five Elements principles, your accountant job’s energies are frequently being manifested by the construction industry’s energies – the Controlling and Repelling Cycles, as depicted in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” This means that you might regularly face frustrating times at work, or seldom felt the happiness and job-satisfaction moments for a longer period as the WoodEarth elemental energies are constantly in “battle” mode. These could create the fire-fighting vibes at work, and not the preferred, cohesive teamwork among peers and supervisors.

That is why I realised, while researching to enhance the EON methods, that the assigning of career choice that’s based on the Five Elements principles, is preliminary and basic. It doesn’t factor the periodic energies that could influence and affect a person’s job scope and the industry they are working in.

Today, we’ve seen the airlines and travel industries, oil and gas industries, dining-in restaurants, and the construction industries – businesses in these industries are directly affected due to the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis in 2020. And we’ve seen escalating employment tensions, business closures, disruptions to global supply chain and factory lockdowns, workplace prejudices, retrenchments and jobs lost, and salaries and benefits getting cut. This means while you can use the “career choice” as a guideline in today’s context, you should not ignore the periodic year (PY) energies that could strengthen or weaken your career vibes, and yourself. Knowing the yearly influences, like those I’ve briefly described in my “Numerological Predictive Observations” articles, do help you be aware of the elemental influences that could affect you, during the year.

Not allowing yourself an alternative choices to identify the level of your career strengths, is like neglecting the potential opportunities to understand and better yourself. It’s as good as generalising an individual having a higher cholesterol level is entirely bad, without identifying the “higher level” is in the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein, good cholesterol) or in the LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein, bad cholesterol); or both. It’s too general, like suggesting that you’ve high-cholesterol levels for a long, long time. As you know, when you take necessary precautions to improve your health and consume a healthier diet, you can proactively improve your cholesterol levels too. You also know, there are times when you’re more aggressive and attentive to your health needs; and there are times when you consciously ignore the need for better healthcare regimes, and indulged instead, in oily and unhealthy food. Sure, a little indulgence once in a while, is normal. This influences can be contributed by the periodic energies, from the year, month, day, and even hour. Knowing these influencing energies, can help you stay ahead in healthier, happier, and positive ways.

During my research to improve and enhance the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to produce more relevant profiling techniques, I discovered that identifying the “Career Element” is more aptly practical and logical. That was why I’ve shared the 5-option steps to help my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, to find out the reason for changing jobs or career by checking on the Personal Year (PY) charts.

The above screenshot shows the Career or Business choice of Warren Buffett’s EON chart, which was taken from the current FEON+ v1.x software on an Sony AndroidOS phone. From basic EON theory, we could generally associate stock investments with finance and money (Metal element, numbers 1 and 6). However, when I applied the extended EON principles, I could correlate another element with his zealousness for financial growth as well.

On a separate note, Warren needs to take conscious care of his health as he’s facing the Double Effect (DE) vibes this year (PY2020). In general, in a typical DE year, the weakest link is usually towards your health when you go after your goals. This implies, if the DE falls in 2020, it’s important to take more active steps to care for your health around the 2019-2021 period. There are also tendency signs suggesting some sort of heart-related symptoms, including the hypertension and cardiac arrest signs. Taking on a “happy-go-lucky” attitude is good, as long as he doesn’t aggravate these mental abilities (Metal, numbers 1 and 6) as in the Five Elements, strong Metal element could repel and affect the Fire element. He needs to cut down on sugary drinks and high-carbo food, probably due to diabetic tendency signs. And yes, he needs to drink less of his favourite Coke.

The screenshot on the left was taken from an unreleased FEON+ Pro v2.x software running on an iPhone device. It shows the elemental strengths based on Warren Buffett’s chart – the Fire and Metal elements are strong as well.

Now, back to the career choice… As stated earlier, while it’s good to know the career choice, you should use it more as a guideline than to determine which industry or job scope you should focus on. Just choose a job where you’ve the stronger passion even if it doesn’t “fit” into the suggested “1st or 2nd options” of the career choice. Metal element is suggested as the “3rd” middle choice for Warren Buffett, and his passions and pursuits for financial growth showed that it’s irrelevant to depend on the career choice suggested.

Passion and resilience are the key, including the need for adaptability and flexibility in adjusting one’s core principles, are necessary wherever possible.

So, you still maintain a job? While you may not feel happy (job or money), it’s important that with current COVID-19 pandemic situation, investing in more conscious effort and adopt accountabilities and responsibilities could help you to maintain the job. In the meantime, attend courses significant to your workplace or passion, to up-skill your knowledge and career abilities, so that you can still stay relevant during post-pandemic periods.

Set aside the Career Choice option due to its weak relevance in today’s context. It’s no longer logical and practical, and many businesses and jobs are now replaced with technologies, digital devices, and automations. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in conflicting career-industry areas based on the Five Elements.

What’s important today, is to understand you can merely use this Career Choice guideline as general reference. Instead, you should look at your own charts and identify areas to manifest the positive energies, and the areas to dilute and control the negative energies. For instance, you could identify the energies in your PY charts, for visibility on the type of behaviours, responses, and actions that you can take, to create and/or maintain a happier and cohesive work environment for the next few years.

Whether you’ve a job or unemployed currently, identifying the “Career Element” techniques could add another tier of analysis for you, to gauge the elemental energies that could invoke potential areas of manifestations – good and bad. These could influence your career, and the timeliness of changing job; or getting a new job for those currently unemployed.

Recognising and understanding these elemental interactions and influences, making self-transformation change, and applying timely actions could create the subtle but important outcomes on your career needs and life purpose. Eventually, it could contribute to a more positive self-esteem and better version of yourself.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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