Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again

After posting the earlier article “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” on Tuesday, I texted Nancy and asked her to check the article out. Here’s an edited WhatsApp extract of our conversation:

Ron: My observations were directly based on the elements and numbers present in your charts, plus the tendency signs. It does not mean you are 100% like that.

Posting articles simply based on birth dates alone, without much supplementary info about the subject, can be challenging as I’m not doing an in-person profiling analysis, where the subject person’s feedbacks were not done each time certain observations are substantiated. When identified clues are interpreted wrongly, we need to correct our perception and re-focus on another aspect. This approach allows you to verify, identify the root-cause, and list down the leading issues.

Ron: Do read it and share how relevant (in percentage) is my observations, based on your own assumed understanding. You need to be truthful so you can find out, just like what I’ve always told my FEN students in class, where interactive and participative profiling is encouraged among students so that everyone learns the correct way.

Nancy: WOW. Everything you’ve mentioned in your article is 100% truthful. I always cried and felt lousy inside whenever I scolded my team mates. Then along the way, I changed my mindset and don’t want to force them to be afraid of me. I felt stressful and wanted to give up (resign). I stayed put because together, we overcame the hurdles and worked as a team, as a family. True, I was like that – I don’t care, like what you’ve mentioned. I used to be proud and over committing, but not today as I’ve pondered my thoughts before saying out loud as I don’t want to hurt others with my words, again. Whenever I felt stressful, I’d redirect my anger and emotions on them. Today, I use my brains to reflect first before talking to my teammates.

Nancy: Few year’s ago, I kept focusing on how to increase my financial wealth. Surprisingly, I’m more into D-I-Y (hands on) this year, and involved teammates in the group activities, and I relished it. I’ve always pushed myself to be positive these days, and not to self-pity. Still, it’s so great to read what you’ve mentioned, and I’ll continue to improve myself to be a better person.

I’m glad Nancy has replied and shared her experiences truthfully. I could feel her excitement about me  (from the WhatsApp messages) knowing more about her work troubles, her behaviours, and her pursuits of financial wealth during the past 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) period for 2011-2019. And the fact that she has changed her goals to be more inclusive, hands-on, and inculcating teamwork spirits, shows that the cyclic energies of the current 9YR-C (for 2020-2028) have transitioned and could have influenced her.

I told Nancy I would slot in this article as a follow-up on her career, before doing an article on her love life. I wanted to share more observations based on her feedback, so that she – and you too – can learn and understand the useful EON/FEN techniques through root-cause analysis. I strongly advised anyone not to directly look at number patterns as you’d be constraining yourself “inside the little small box” by applying such naïve and prejudiced profiling steps.

There is yet another chart that I’ve developed while researching to enhance my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and am glad to be the first to come up with the REFLECTION Chart. The Birth Chart represents the outside view, where it’s so easy for people to interpret and identify potential tendency signs and clues. It’s like seeing the full moon, shining brightly up in the clear sky. The Reflection Chart is like viewing the moon’s reflection on the lake, ocean, sea, or water. The clarity and brightness of the moon are no longer constant, and frequently you see distorted or vague image of the moon’s reflection, due to the choppy, dirty, or moving water around. In short, the Reflection Chart could provide tendency clues to a person’s innate characteristic, like what the person would think, feel, behave, and response, internally. In a way, you can gauge the potential subconscious thoughts they might be thinking about. I’m happy the Reflection Chart is useful and handy. I wouldn’t be surprised when the external trainers are also sharing my Reflection Chart method with their students.

Look at Nancy’s EON chart, taken from a work-in-progress FEON+ Pro software, scaled to fit the height of my iPhone. The 8-4-3-7-2-9 pattern is present in Nancy’s Reflection Chart. We could associate the 8-4-3 pattern with many traits, including poor EQ, lack of communication skills, undiplomatic, separation, divorce, strained relationship, and so on. We could associate the 7-2-9 pattern as social relationship with others, including friends, relatives, family members, supporters, and office colleagues. Together, the 8-4-3-7-2-9 pattern could suggest Nancy was constantly facing challenging relationships with others. How pleasant or bad it could be, depends on how well Nancy could change her behavioural outlook and perspectives toward others, and how persistent she can be to manage her emotions and tempers.

Her pursuit for financial wealth was not only manifested during the past 9YR-C cyclic period (2011-2019). The 1-2-3 pattern is also present in her Reflection Chart. This shows that Nancy is capable of achieving financial growth when she’s focused and dedicated. As the 1-2-3 pattern is located in the external influencing sector, it means her quest for riches, and financial stability is through external vibes – her work, social influences, aptitudes, interactions, and her attitudes toward others.

There is nonetheless, another trait present in the Reflection Chart, that I hope Nancy can consciously make it a point to change – her “selective listening” habits. That is to say, she could often find herself drifting off when talking to others, ignoring the constructive comments, and preferring to hear the “good words” only. She needs to listen to understand what others are talking about, as their conversations could come handy to help her improve the relationship with others. She should keep away the “big sister” attitude at work, and instead, treat others as equal family team members.

Whether it’s social, work, or personal life, it’d be ideal for Nancy to communicate with others in an adult-adult ego state, based on Dr Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) principles. I studied TA in the mid-80s, and would happily recommend Nancy to read the book by Thomas Anthony Harris, “You’re OK – I’m OK” to see why the TA ego states are important to build good communication skills with others. While it could be an ‘old or outdated’ concept, the fundamentals and applications are still relevant and practical today.

Separately, she can also apply the EFV FLOW that I’ve suggested in the earlier article. And when she needs calming exercises, she could practice meditation or yoga. Another area to consider, is to try chakra and/or crystal healing, just like many people who pursued holistic wellness. I designed my own CrystalGrids by placing different activated crystals in geometric formations for a specific purpose, to energise the positive vibes. I’ve a portable USB diffuser placed on my bedroom table, using essential oil for aromatherapeutic effects, and to rebalance personal energies. Occasionally, I’d combine a “crystal + essential oil” pairing, like using amethyst crystals and lavender essential oil, whenever I wanted to enjoy a good and relaxing sleep. Perhaps, Nancy might want to explore using these holistic wellness methods to calm her down – whether it has a placebo effect, or could heal and influence a person’s mind, is a personal choice. It’s just like embracing positive thoughts would manifest positive energies around, whenever the person acted on it. Anyway, having a good night’s sleep can alleviate anxiety too.

Nancy is facing a Double-Effect (DE) vibes this year, as the 8-4-3-7-2-9 pattern is manifested in her PY2020 chart, and as well as in her Reflection Chart. In such instances, the effects could influence her internal thoughts, feelings (especially towards the unconscious or subconscious areas) and inner desire. Strong Fire element could influence and impact health conditions and behavioural traits associated with Earth (stomach, digestion, bowels), Metal (breathlessness, pneumonia, skin, immune) and Water (fear, wavering sensitivities, sensuousness, insecurities).

I’ve also identified the potential effects when an element is strong or weak, in my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” – do check them out for more details if you’ve the book with you. For others, you can click this link to buy a copy, and I’ll send the book to you directly via registered article/parcel through local postal agency.

I’m glad Nancy has started to recognise a gradual change in her attitudes toward her team mates, and appreciates the importance of team work, respect, and inclusiveness at work. She should avoid pressurising herself to change hastily, as it could lead to more stressful and unrealistic goals, and these could further aggravate her emotions and tempers. Gradual change over an extended period would be ideal for her, mainly because of the strong Fire (8-3) vibes in her, which could compel her to overwork, and exert the fiery and furious behaviours. Over time, with correct mindset and positive attitudes, I believe Nancy would overcome the hurdles faced, and be a better version of herself sooner.

I’ll post my case study observations on Nancy’s love life in a separate article. For the rest of you, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my articles, and got the refreshing insights on how the Elements of Numbers (EON) method could improve your profiling observational skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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