On Yoshihide Suga’s Periodic Codes, NOT LifeCode!

According to this ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) online article, it was quoted that Yoshihide Suga is “a consensus-builder – aggregating the interests of all stakeholders, mediating between different political factions and interest groups and responding to the socio-political interests of the Japanese mainstream society.

When I plotted Suga’s EON Chart, it reinforced the phrase, “The Birth Chart is NOT the Personality” that I’ve come up, modelled after NLP’s “The Map is not the Territory” presupposition in understanding human behaviour. This implies what is seen on the map, does not usually provide an accurate representation of the territory or location. That’s because the map is often outdated and seldom factual in present times.  Even the Google Map on our smartphones, does not show recent changes in road layouts, buildings under constructions, tunnels, floods, landslides, roadblocks, etc. Even the panoramic view of a location scene shown in Google Map, cannot replace the actual experience, utilising your five senses (sights, listen, touch, feel, and smell) of physically being there.

When we apply similar theories to a birth chart, it means the individual’s personality could have modified over time because of new roads (like directions, challenges), buildings (like obstacles, hurdles, explorations), and beliefs, that could have influenced their thoughts, behaviours, and perceptions. Hence, we should not assume the Birth Chart would always represent the current personality and behaviour of an individual. In the same context, the LifeCode (popularised by many external trainers) would be limited and outdated over time, and is not recommended for everyone. That is why some people who enjoyed initial small success after manifesting the LifeCode, would see the energies soon depleted as fast as it comes and goes away.

I noticed somebody recently searched for “LifeCode” on this website. Forget about the LifeCode, as it’s mainly a commercialised symbolic ornament, just like common Feng Shui (FS) symbolic cures. Even the FS cures require annual updates, and how can the LifeCode be a lifelong remedy? It doesn’t make much sense at all, when you think about it. Frankly, you shouldn’t be spending your dollars-and-senses, to enrich the trainers’ wealth status, and not your own.

Suga’s LifeCode is 3287 or 3278, depending on which external methods you’ve learned from external trainers. When we apply the Five Elements principles, the chart (9-4-4-8-4-3 in location M-N-O-P-Q-R) could depict excessive strong Wood and Fire elements. The least you’d want to practise is to introduce another set of Fire (3-8, from the LifeCode) to aggravate and strengthen the Fire. Next, when Water (2-7, from the LifeCode) supports the Wood (4-9, from birth chart), it could exacerbate emotional tensions; when Water (2-7, from LifeCode) seeks to weaken the Fire (3-8, from both Birth chart and LifeCode), it’s like creating hot and steaming, vapourise effects, which could lead to anxiety, frustration, distractions, and vague visions.  All in all, manifesting the LifeCode could endanger a person’s health and life, when applied for prolonged periods. Imagine, if Suga applied the LifeCode presumed remedy, he could end up with no peace, no happiness, and no effective cures; but endless mental depression and emotional sufferings.

Apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and you’ll find it logical and practical to employ the common “4W1H” method to probe and find ways to better your life in a particular year. For instance, once you understood the EON methods and FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, you could understand the “why,” “where,” and “when” the energies – as shown in the periodic charts – could influence you and others during a year. And when you then apply the “what” and “how” steps, and take actions to manifest the positive energies while managing the negative energies, you’d be in control of your thoughts, behaviours, and habits. When managed right, every year can be a good year, and every day can also be a good day.

Look at Suga’s chart on the left, taken from an unreleased version of FEON+ Pro software. The 9-4-4-8-3 patterns could denote a highly emotional and temperamental person, someone who lacks EQ and communication skills, and could often face strained relationships with others. A person who often behaved like that, would find it difficult to “rise to the call” easily and gather support from others. However, Suga could do just that, because he’s in control of his emotions and tempers – to better his destiny and yearly life path.

The 9-4-4-8-3 pattern is not only present in his Birth Chart. It’s also present in one of his periodic charts – the Personal Year (PY) Chart. This means, Suga is experiencing a Double-Effect (DE) vibes this year, where the energies could be manifested doubly.

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, when a person is facing a DE year, it could contribute to “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” situations. In most cases, a person facing a DE-year could often enjoy success in their career prospect. However, a person facing a DE-year has to take care of their weakest linktheir health. This implies that while Suga is focusing on working on his plans as the recently-appointed Prime Minister of Japan, he must not neglect taking care of his health, especially at his current age.

His PY2021 shows the 5-5-5 pattern coming in, and it could create major obstacles and challenges for him. And it could also worsen his health as well. Furthermore, the tendency signs are besides presenting some form of cardiac-arrest symptoms, affecting his cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. When we apply the Five Elements principles, the strong Wood element could affect Metal element (PY2020 Chart), and strong Earth element could also exhaust the Metal element (PY2021 Chart). This means health matters relating to the Metal element could also be affected somehow – brain, lungs, bones, cognitive, immune, and mental capacity.

The transitioning of the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) energies is also acting upon him. The 4-2/6 pattern in his PYR-C (PY2020) is transitioning to the 3-3/6 (PY2021) pattern. This means, from planning and expressing his visions to others for better stability; he should also focus and carry out his plan to ensure his vision is accomplished.

I’ve formulated many periodic charts and shared with FEN students in class. This includes the Personal Year, Personal Day, Personal Hour, Combined Day, and Relationship Compatibility Year. I’ve formulated different periodic codes for distinctive uses, like Birth Code, Annual Code (or Yearly Code), the EFV Flow and EFV Span (Birth, Annual, and Relationship). The periodic charts and codes are always practical, functional, and logical than the over-promising and limiting LifeCode that is popularised by many external trainers conducting other methods.

Suga’s Birth Code is suggesting the need for him to work passionately and communicate sincerely to others; and be committed and behave responsibly to sustain the trust and faith of others in him. Possibly, that could be what he has been doing all this while during his later years, and could redirect the energies (multiple 4s) to build better emotional resilience. At any rate, his Annual Code (PY2020) is suggesting the need for him to continue to manifest the energies from his Birth Code mantra.

The EFV Flow and EFV Span are different from the Birth and Annual Codes, where it’s not like a “birth or yearly mantra or almanac.” Instead, it’s focusing on potential behavioural inclinations that we might adopt when we are strong or weak (mentally); or acting positive or feeling negative (behaviours). The EFV Flow (PY2020) is suggesting the need for him to continue to be committed and act responsibly in his new role, and to “deliver his promises” and not only talking about what his plans. His EFV Span (PY2020) is different, as it indicates the need to behave and think like a responsible leader, one who cares for his country and citizens, and could focus on improving the country’s domestic, economic, and financial stabilities. Once more, he should avoid the “over promise, under deliver” talking without action, as the trust and faith his supporters had in him, is dependent on his actions and outcomes.

Every periodic chart could have supplemental EFV Flow and EFV Span charts. This means, you’ll have the capability to zoom in and look at the EFV energies daily as well, if you’re so obsessed and intend to be controlled by the energies. You should not – you’ve a life; enjoy it confidently, and not be controlled by fears and emotions. Let’s be practical and rational, i.e.; you can check on it now and again, whenever you have an upcoming meeting or important task on a certain day, and you can check on potential energies you should manifest, control, and avoid.

Once again, don’t go over your charts every day as you’d not enjoy the optimal and positive energies when your mind and thoughts are confused, fearful, distorted, myopic, obsessed, sensitive, apprehensive, and unstable.

Every year, the periodic charts and codes change. Every year, your luck, health (physical and spiritual), career, financial development, beliefs, perceptions, and experience could change too. This could eventually influence your opinions and feelings, and affect your habits and actions. Your birth chart does not depict your current personality. Hence, it’s important that you find out your current charts (for this year, month, day, and hour) to determine how the energies could influence and affect your personality, emotions, and health.

Forget the LifeCode; don’t be manipulated and be controlled by the presumption of its life-time effects. Use more practical solutions, and enjoy more peaceful times. Don’t be obsessed, fear, and worry unnecessary about the longer-termed uncertainties you cannot control; it’s more attainable to achieve shorter-termed precautionary measures.

Enjoy profiling the practical and intellectual way. Focus and apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Adopt the 4W1H mindset to control and balance your life, in a sensible and happier manner.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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