Boris Johnson: Sensuality of 7-2-9 & 2-7-9 Vibes

As remarked in an earlier article, someone posted an interesting search on the phrase, “the sensual of the 7-2-9 & 2-7-9 numbers combination.” So, in today’s article, I’ll be sharing my observations on the 7-2-9 and 2-7-9 patterns from various perspectives.

From the Five Elements principles, we could associate the numbers 2 and 7 with the Water element; and the number 9, with the Wood element. The 7-2-9 and 2-7-9 patterns are similar to the nurturing and caring, and friendliness toward others – like watering the plants. However, when there are multiple 2s and 7s – as in 2-7 and 7-2 – it could become addictive as too much caring attention was fixed in the mind. It could finally turn the friendly relationship to an “up close and personal” status. Furthermore, we could connect both numbers 2 and 7 with traits like sensuousness, feelings, manipulations, forceful (like the tsunamis), charismatic, flexibility, soft (like indecisive, soft-hearted), and social attractions. They could be like the strong waves hitting the rocks, and turning back (like indecisive, making U-turns back) frequently on their decisions. Or like the freezing hard ice block, when facing constant pressure and heat, would melt back into liquid room-temperature water. And then, on the extreme cases – like the stereotyped assumption often made by many external trainers – where their sensuousness are at play, and it could be about mistress, adultery, tryst, and lovey-dovey sort of affairs.

According to this online article from The Sun, it was quoted that Boris Johnson’s extra-marital affairs and flings were “persistent” and “probably one affair too many.” In a recent NY POST articleUS businesswoman admits to Boris Johnson affair, plans to live together in NYC,” a US businesswoman was quoted to be saying it “goes without saying” that she and Boris, had an affair.

There are many other interpretations of the 2-7-9 and/or 7-2-9 patterns on a person’s birth chart. Remember, the birth chart does not represent the personality of an individual. This means, there are often other contributing elements that could invoke the overly-sensuousness of the person, to indulge in having extra-marital affairs, adultery, and other “personal immoral” transgression activities. We should look at the periodic charts instead, and not the birth chart, to find out the behaviour and personality of a person at that point in time. As such, we should not assume the personality and behaviour of a person, is a lifetime characteristic. Time changes, people do change, and so are their behaviours, habits, and personalities… over time.

Look at Boris Johnson’s EON chart. He has an affair in 2005, and the double 7-7 pattern is shown on his PY2005 chart. This means an extra overfilled of sensuous water pouring in. This “overflow” effect could have produced the increasing gratifying feelings and tryst desire. Furthermore, the 3-3 pattern is manifesting as well. When there are too many 3s present in the PY chart, it could potentially lead to higher sexual activities. The 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C)code for PY2005 is showing 1-2/3. Once more, the extra sensuous 2 and sexual 3 vibes comes into action, influencing his thinking, feelings, and behaviours.

In a separate RollingStone article, “Scott Stapp: Bipolar Disease, Drugs Fueled ‘Psychotic Break’,”  it was mentioned that what Scott Stapp had “experienced at the end of 2014 was the result of a struggle with drug abuse and bipolar disorder.

Scott has similar 7-2-9 and 2-7-9 patterns in his Birth chart, just like Boris. Scott has same 7-7-5-3-3 patterns in his PY2014 chart. And Scott has a similar extra overflow of sensuous 2 and sexual 3 vibes in his 9YR-C code – 3-4/7. What then, could have triggered the psychotic thinking’s and bipolar behaviours? Well, as I’ve brought up earlier, there could be other contributing factors that could invoke a person’s behaviours and actions. That means, the presumptive theories of “mistress number” associated to the 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 pattern, as actively taught by many external trainers,  is limiting, illogical, and unworkable. In Scott’s case, what we could make out, is to probe further and find the contributing factors that could have accelerated his psychotic and temperamental symptoms.

In many ways, it’s much easier to identify signs when you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and understanding the Five Elements principles. The accessibility of the FEON+ software, often speed up the mundane plotting of charts, allowing me productive time to analyse.

There is a Chinese idiom often quoted during Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) analysis, which literally translated to “Too Much Water, Wood Will Float or Drift.” These had various implications, depending on which angle you’re looking at. When Wood is floating, it’s like the logging of tree trunks and drifting along rough waters of the rivers. The Wood is swaying around and going downstream at a fast speeds. Another analogy is to imagine the fear and dangerous impact, when you’re canoeing on stormy seas; or you detected a hole at the bottom of your boat, while you’re at the high choppy seas.

From EON perspective, we could associate the Wood element with emotions, growth (and survival), and foundations (roots) and artistic talents. When Wood is floating, swinging around, and moving at a fast speeds, it could lead to  emotional imbalance, mood swings, unstable mind or psychotic mental worries and hallucinations (swaying effects), panic attacks, fearfulness, aggravated tempers, including bipolar disorder. These elemental effects are what could have probably influenced Scott’s bipolar behaviours and psychotic or mental disorder. In the Five Elements, strong Wood element would repel and affect the Metal element. We could associate the Metal element with mental and cognitive abilities, hallucinations, worries, medicine and drugs, hyperventilating, high anxiety, and others.

I’ve shown two charts of similar 7-2-9 and 2-7-9 patterns, in today’s article. You should not always conclude that a person with such patterns presented in their birth chart, would eventually have engaged in extra-marital affairs, adultery, or sexual transgression activities. Boris was influenced by the overflowing of sensuousness and sexual desires in a particular year (PY2005 Chart). Scott’s case is one example that you should not naively have assumed and concluded similar observation as Boris’.

Can you imagine the potential consequences and damaging impact if Scott is a family friend, and you told his wife that he had external marital affairs? You’ll be busting up other people’s families because of your ignorance, eagerness to share your analytical expertise without first checking the facts, and sadly, your limiting profiling knowledge.

Get out of the fearsome trap and unfounded beliefs about number patterns, wherever possible. While the inconclusive associations of behavioural traits might be applicable in some cases, you should avoid generalising such presumptive thoughts on all charts, or for that matter, on the people that you’re profiling. Just remember again, check the Personal Year charts for contributing factors, and identify clues from both positive and negative views. Zoom in on the Day Charts, if necessary. Look at both sides of the coin, so to speak. The birth chart is not the personality. The periodic charts (Personal Year, Month, Day), do provide tendency signs on the influencing vibes affecting the personality and behaviours of a person.

Profiling the practical way would contribute to better understanding… of yourself.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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