The Search for “3 means nothing”

I’m not sure what the person who recently tried searching for “3 means nothing” is looking for. Too many uncertain possibilities about what the “nothing” implies. Could it mean “no effect, doesn’t have the energies, or no behavioural traits? I don’t know…

I’ll briefly share some info on the number 3, in today’s article. It’d be helpful to have my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” accessible, so you can read up later for more info. If you haven’t obtained a copy of my EON book, you can buy from me directly by clicking on this link.

Let’s start with the basics… we associate the number 3 with the Fire element. We also associate the number 8 with Fire element. When we apply the Yin-Yang metaphor that described, “In Every Yin, There is a Yang; In Every Yang, There is a Yin.” It signifies that “In every number 3, there’s an essence of the number 8; and in every number 8, there’s an essence of the number 3” too. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have number 3 in your chart, as you can always look for number 8.

A chart without number 3, doesn’t mean it does not have energies related to the number 3. We could associate the number 3 with many traits, including passion and creativity. This implies it doesn’t mean a person WILL lack the passion, joy, laughter, warmth, and creative thinking when there’s no number 3 in their chart. On the contrary, the number 3 energies are always present, except it’s weak. If a person’s Birth Chart has no number 3, what they can do is to take conscious effort to manifest and increase the number 3 energies. Pursuing passionate hobbies like attending workshops on creative projects, painting, photography, handicrafts; socialise with friends who often joke and make you laugh; go for roller-coaster rides and shout it loud. If these activities are simply not your type, then consider going for daily jogging or physical exercises – these actions could raise the number 3 vibes too. Oh, please avoid doing the extreme activities like nagging, quarrelling, fighting, abusing, hitting, bullying, and wounding others, as these are considered negative behaviours associated with the number 3.

You don’t have to worry unnecessarily when there’s no number 3 in your Birth chart. The number 3 could also “come” from your periodic charts, like Personal Year and Personal Day charts, and the Reflection Chart. In my work-in-progress FEON+ Pro software, there’re the periodic pillars (like Universal and Personal Year, Month, Day, and Hour pillars) where the number 3 could be present. I added the Universal and Personal Hour pillar to the FEON+ Pro software, after completing my research and making positive discoveries to plot the Hour pillar, which could provide relevant clues on the influencing hourly vibes.

I’ve cited above three areas you can check on the number 3 that could be present, other than your Birth chart. Oh,  there’s the Combined Day Chart (available on FEON+ v1.x) that you can check. And if you need more ways to energies the number 3, then try socialising with friends who have Root 3. Check the “Relationship / CompatibilityChart and Compatibility Year Chart too – the number 3 could be there when you seek it.

By now, I hope you’d feel better if you don’t have the number 3 in your charts. I’ve explained areas you can seek to locate the number 3. Surprises, as there’s one more – the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code, that I’ve formulated and added to the FEON+ Pro software. The 9YR-C code will change every nine years, and it could manifest the relevant energies – depending on the code numbers – to influence you, directly or indirectly, in varying ways, depending on your present elemental strength.

I’m not sure what the person who posted “3 means nothing” is referring to. Every number has vibes that could influence a person. If the “nothing” is referring to “emptiness,” then that’s a separate meaning entirely as it depends on your perspectives. For instance, I’ve the number 0 (zero) in my NIPL (Numbers in Positive Light) Oracle Deck, and it does serve an important purpose, where “nothing can be everything, and everything can be nothing” – all about the need to adapt and adjust. Oh, the NIPL Oracle Deck is currently not available, as there’s currently no stock left.

Even if the person is not thinking about “no number 3 in a chart,” the number 3 is the trinity forces (1+2=3 which we could relate to the child, joy, laughter, peace, fire, sparks, religion, ears, eyesight, action, furious, temper, spirituality, and so on. Putting religious beliefs aside, every one of us does have spiritual and intuitive vibes. Hence, number 3 means “SOMETHING, and not NOTHING” when you inculcated the curiosity habit to search further.

Even if you’ve the number 3 listed as “MISSING NUMBER,” it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Just like any missing items that you’ve misplaced accidentally, it can be usually be found when you seriously took the extra effort to recover them. In this instance, your number 3 energies are “parked” somewhere, in the periodic charts that are within your reach, and waiting for you to take charge to act and manifest at the opportune time.

Look at the above Pablo Picasso’s EON chart. According to this Wikipedia page, Pablo has “extraordinary artistic talent.” The number 3 – associated with creativity and passion – was not present in his Birth chart. However, there are three 3s present in his Reflection Chartsuggesting strong hidden creative talents. I’ve mentioned earlier about the Yin-Yang metaphor, that in every number 8 shown on his charts, there is the presence of active energies of the number 3, around. Pablo has three 8s in his Birth chart, and two 8s in his Reflection Chart – these could have manifested the creative-thinking (3) mindset through his relentless (8) passions and pursuits, influencing the “extraordinary” creative talents.

Set aside what you might have learned elsewhere. Unlearn what you’ve read, and relearn alternative profiling method with an open mind. When you learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you’ll recognise that every day can be a good day, once you understood and applied the core essence of the EON principles. You’ll then know there are always complementary and favourable charts depicting the elemental energies that could enhance your weak energies every day. And all you need is to manifest these favourable energies, while at the same time, controls and manage the unfavourable, negative energies… for better and positive moments ahead.

Lastly, stay focused on utilising the practical EON profiling method, and strive to harmonise the energies in you, and around you.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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