The Search for Double 8-8: Luck or Bad?

For the past two weeks or so, I noticed the text searches done on this site was getting more interesting. Besides the usual number patterns like “111, 775,” I noted the words like “beware of PON, the sensual of 7-2-9 & 2-7-9 numbers combination, the lust, 3 means nothing, sleeping Y, domestic violence, masturbation, organs, the milos, double 8-8: luck or bad?

For today’s topic, I’m concentrating on the search for “double 8-8: luck or bad?” as it has different meanings and implications, depending on the profiling method you are using, and your beliefs.

The Cantonese dialect is much used by the Hong Kong citizens, and the number 8 sounds like “Fatt” which signify prosperity. Hence, having a 8-8 sign would excite everyone as it’s all about double-prosperity, double wealth, and double luck. Some Feng Shui practitioners also played along by symbolising the number 8 with prosperity. That could have fortunate outcomes and unfortunate implications, depending on the energy vibes and elemental strengths of an individual. Suggesting a person with strong Fire element in his EON chart, to manifest more Fire element by painting his bedroom walls, sleeping in the South sector, or changing bedsheets or curtains to solid red colours – based on Feng Shui principles – could be damaging to his emotional, mental, and financial wellbeing.

The Five Elements principles are commonly applied in many Chinese Metaphysics systems, and in Feng Shui activities. In the Feng Shui’s Flying Stars method, the number 8 is associated with the Star of Prosperity (Yin Earth element). However, in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we associate the number 8 with the Fire element. An 8-8 pattern could denote a Fire-Fire vibes. When the Fire element is strong in a person’s chart, it could create behavioural traits like fiery outburst, tension, stress, temperamental, and others. Excessive displaying of such behaviours could lead domestic violence, bipolar disorder, and uncontrollable anger management.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Fire element is also associated with vitality and spirit. Hence a weak Fire element, or Fire Qi deficiency, could lead to potential health problems of the heart, eyes, ears, and others. I’ve described other effects and potential outcomes when the Fire element is strong or weak, on Pages 105-110 of my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Strong or weak Fire element could affect or influence the other four elements too. Do read my EON book for more inside information on the elemental interactions. You can click this link to purchase my EON book, even if you’re staying elsewhere around the world, like US, Canada, Russia, South America, Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, China, or Europe.

Look at Ethan Hawke’s EON chart. The 8-8 pattern is present in both his Birth Chart and Reflection Chart. This means, the displaying of behaviours associating with Fire element is strong. The Yin-Yang metaphor states that “In Every Yin, There is a Yang; In Every Yang, There is a Yin.” This means, in every number 8, there is the secondary essence of the number 3. We connect the number 3 with passion, creativity, religious, joy, laughter; and at extreme cases when number 3 vibes is too strong, it could lead to sex addiction, infidelity, transgression, and radical religious inclinations.

According to this Wikipedia page, Ethan married actress Uma Thurman on 1st May 1998. If you look at his PY1998 chart, the 8-8-8 pattern is present and strong. I’ve shared the SPOUSE element in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. Yes, the spouse element is present.

Let’s get back to the 8-8 pattern. We should set aside the “two sides to a coin” metaphor where there’s only a “good side” and a “bad side” to describe a person’s behaviour. Good luck or bad luck, it all depends on your behaviours and responses to situation. I’d suggest looking at personality behaviours from prism perspectives; that is, three sides – good, bad, and middle. We should strive to be in the “middle ground” as it’s all about harmonising and balancing the energies within and around us. At the extreme left, is the aggravating negative effects; and extreme right, is the empowering positive effects. Having a balance of dominance, is essential for us to face challenges and pressures while we consciously focus on our wellness. Recognising when to step to the right, could help you gauge the effectiveness of the positive vibes. Stepping a little to the left, could help you be aware of negative effects that might befall on you. Learning to apply the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN techniques could help you identify such tendency signs – on probable outcome when you focus on the right, positive side; or when you focused on the left, negative side.

Relying on the 8-8 pattern to determine personality, is too myopic and impracticable as there are other numbers present in the birth chart, PY chart, and other charts as well. These numbers, when in close proximity, could directly influence the person’s thoughts, behaviours, habits, and reactions.  For example, Ethan’s 8-8-7 pattern is like imposing the “command and control” responsibilities, and the relentless pursuits to excel his artistic abilities to benefit others. But when we look at the 8-7-6 pattern in his chart, it could suggest the self-sacrificing or self-benefitting tendencies, depending on the influences on him at a particular point in time.

Do not be too obsessed with focusing only on number patterns, to conclude your observations. The eventual outcome (behaviours and reactions) of a person tends to be different from what you might have identified in the 8-8 pattern.

There are so many important considerations you need to include, like checking the surrounding numbers in the Birth chart, and identifying influencing numbers elsewhere through the Reflection Chart, Personal Year Chart, and even the Time of Birth Chart – when the time of birth of the person is known. For instance, there are tendency signs present in his PY2002 and PY2003 charts. If you’ve installed a copy of the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, do plot his PY charts. The presence of 8-4-3 pattern is manifesting vibes relating to emotional tensions and strained relationships. With Ethan’s strong Fire elements (numbers 8 and number 3), it raised the sexual desires and argumentative outburst, which could inadvertently lead to the divorce issues. We could associate the 7-2-9 pattern with many traits and outcomes, including socialising, tyrst, and sensuousness. Could Ethan have overstepped on his moral obligations in 2002, causing a divorce in 2003 because of infidelity?

Learn to profile a chart, whether it’s your chart or somebody’s chart, with practical and logical reasonings. Often times, you might find the so-called presumptive conclusions of certain number patterns, like 4-8-3 or 2-7-9, are too shallow, limiting, and inconclusive. You might have such patterns, and you know you are “not like that.” Your Birth Chart does not represent your personality today. Times have passed since the day you are born. You have accumulated years of experiences, observations, habits, attitudes, and perspectives – you are not who you were, as a teenager, or as a young adult.

Recognising where the current and impending energies are, and how it could influence and affect you, would put you in a better state to prepare yourself ahead. Finding out a profiling method that provides life path signs, and other important charts not available elsewhere, could empower you to better understand yourself and others better. Knowing how to apply the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN, could help you distinguish the positive and negative tendencies. Learning from a passionate and devoted mentor, could provide you with lifelong progression on your profiling understanding and knowledge. Reading up articles posted by your mentor, could bring new insights and widen your profiling observation and horizon, from different perspectives.

Good luck or bad luck – it all depends on your attitude and preparedness. Double Blessings or Double Whammies, depends on your behaviours and reactions. While you could easily concentrate on your external wellbeing, you should also look after your inner wellbeing too. Knowing which profiling method to learn and apply, depends on whether you want to profile just for casual fun, or the inner-desire to improve your life and your loved ones.

Happy profiling. Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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