On Rudy Giuliani & 7-5-3 Vibes

According to this Yahoo online article, titled, “Rudy Giuliani appears in federal court for first time in 28 years to push Trump campaign’s voter fraud claims,” Rudy appeared in a Pennsylvania court on Tuesday (17 Nov 2020), making “a series of unsubstantiated claims of “widespread, nationwide voter fraud” in the election.

What intrigued me was not about his voting claims or political aggression, but rather, to find out if there are certain tendency signs that I could identify in his Birth and periodic charts for his actions, and the day he appeared in court, “for the first time in 28 years.”

Within seconds of plotting his chart using the unreleased FEON+ PRO software, the “court appearance” signs are there, present and solid. If you’re currently using the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, you could see similar signs from the “Life Path” option, by plotting his birth chart, and selecting the day chart for 17 Nov 2020.

I hope today’s article will give you another insight into why you should avoid limiting your profiling knowledge to the presumed conclusions of many external trainers. A short article today, just to highlight the need to inculcate an analytical habit to identify signs on the  charts from multiple perspectives, for a better analysis of potential root causes.

Many people who have taken other numerology courses have quickly concluded that the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) pattern shown on a person’s birth card is a “bankruptcy” number. Their trainers learn to look at the charts from a single point of view and then come to a conclusion from a single point of view. In retrospect, these external trainers are not wrong, in fact, when they associate the model with the ‘bankruptcy’ number, because of the best of their knowledge gathered when they concluded their observation from a single point of view. Fortunately, my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students are trained to look at multiple perspectives using visualisation techniques, to identify more clues with broad associations. This allows them to identify more observations and conclusions about root cause analysis, beyond the ‘bankruptcy’ hypothesis.

Bankruptcy is NOT the cause of the influences from the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) pattern, but a behavioural action – a decision was made by the person, given the alternative options offered. They might not like to negotiate with the bank for the monthly payment terms, and instead, prefer an easier or convenient way out – to declare bankruptcy. Unfortunately, being bankrupt may only be a short-lived and forgettable financial situation, as we have seen in many cases with people “bankrupt and yet, still wealthy.”

If you have the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) pattern on your birth chart, there is a good chance that the “carelessness, reckless and forgetful” vibrations are present. Again, through regular habits and positive behaviours, these neglectful attitudes could be replaced by conscientious habits.

If you have the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) pattern present in your Personal Year (PY) Chart, you need to be mindful of your carelessness or reckless thoughts. In addition, as mentioned earlier, you could face contractual disagreements, or be involved in the courts or legal issues. Oh, note that “judicial or legal matters” are not always a BAD thing according to the side of the law you represent. It could be a lawyer, a prosecutor, a witness, a jury, a security guard, a law enforcement officer, journalists, family members, who would also appear in court.

The 5-7-3 pattern is present in Rudy’s PY2020 chart, and as well as in both external sectors (locations S-T-U and V-W-X) of the Combined Day Chart. He’s doing his best to fight his way through the courtroom.

Now, other than 5-7-3 pattern… why was Rudy so “determined” in pushing fraudulent claims, even without substantial evidence?

Well, just look at his Birth Chart – there multiple 6s is present. Look at his Personal Year (PY2020) Chart, the 6-1 pattern is found. When we associate the number 5 as a duality number which can also show secondary traits of nearby numbers, the 5-6-1-5 pattern could turn into a potential 6-6-1-1 pattern. From the Five Elements principles, we could associate the numbers 1 and 6 as a Metal element. And using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate the behavioural traits of numbers 1 and 6, with pride, money, egoism, pragmatism, hurting, and many more, including mental disorder, anxiety, and depression. Could the strong influences have resulted in money greed or mental/anxiety problems? Or both?

This article from The New York Times, titled “Giuliani Is Said to Seek $20,000 a Day Payment for Trump Legal Work” reinforced the manifestation of the “blinded-by-money” energies around. It has somehow influenced his mindset of setting aside social morality, ethics and professionalism, by too promising (winning or losing, whatever) for monetary gains.

Again, I hope you’ve learned and acquired something valuable in today’s article. Always analyse the birth or periodic charts with an open mind, and with more than one point of view. Don’t rush to assume what presumptive traits your trainers might have shared. Instead, use your own observation, logic thinking, and experience, to identify more clues to enhance your root cause analysis.

Happy Profiling. Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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