The Search for “Life Path Periods”

Somebody searched for “life path period” recently, and as usual, I’d be sharing some insights into what it’s all about, in today’s article.

I used the phrase “life path period” based on my past profiling experiences in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) profiling system, and “root-cause findings and data mining habits” while developing Chinese Metaphysics software titles like Bazi and Chinese Almanac, for various devices around 2004. While researching to extend the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I felt it was equally important to allow a person to check the tendency signs present on a future date. That’s what “life path profiling” is all about. While other numerology methods taught by many external trainers simply focused on the Personal Year Chart, I’d devised a relevant technique to demonstrate the tendency signs present for a year, month, day, and hour pillar-like tables, similar to Bazi’s Annual and Yearly pillars.

I’m very happy I’ve included the Year, Month, and Day pillars to the FEON+ v1.  (Android) software. This enables user to determine the energy vibes present in the specific pillar, that could influence a person. And just like the Bazi’s Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in each pillar, I used the Universal and Personal Numbers in the FEON+ software, after testing countless times to gauge its relevance to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. And I’m glad I did as it empowers me, and many others, to identify possible signs that might influence a person on a particular day.

I’m a passionate researcher, trainer mentor, blogger, and author of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Yet, I couldn’t sit still and remain complacent about the EON method that I’ve introduced sometime in 2010. While developing the next-generation FEON+ PRO software, I added the HOUR pillars too. This extra pillar also empower an experienced and EON/FEN-trained person to use the periodic pillars (Year, Month, Day, and Hour) for almanac-like activities – like date-selection, to determine the opportune time to take action. And when my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students applied the “Qi Tapping” techniques with the unique Personal Day Direction Chart, they’re zooming in, like in macro level, to maximise the energies at that period in time. And when they performed the steps in the correct positive manner, the outcomes are usually beneficial and enlightening.

Even so, I wasn’t satisfied with just having the individual periodic pillars that you can scroll horizontally on the FEON+ tool. I added a quick-reference of the D-M-Y pillars on the Selected Date section (Life Path option) to permit quick check on the imposing energies on a chosen day. This means, besides the other usual charts (Birth, Personal Year, Day, Combined Day), an EON/FEN-trained user could also refer to this individual D-M-Y pillars to provide important hints that could influence the person’s behaviours and actions. And as I’ve shared the diverse techniques to execute these actions in my FEN classes, you’d know the potential negative and positive energies abound, and take appropriate ways, once you’ve attended the FEN course.

Look at the screenshot (taken on an unreleased FEON+ PRO version, scaled to fit device screen height) of the late Oh In-hye’s EON chart. She was a South Korean actress and model. She was found unconscious at her house, brought to a nearby hospital, but subsequently died of cardiac arrest, according to this Wikipedia page. She was 36. In-hye faced the Double-Effect (DE) vibes in 2020, as shown on her PY2020 chart. The Selected Day Chart also shows the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern, creating a Triple-Effect vibes imposing on her. As noted in many articles that I’ve posted previously, a chart with excessive Wood elements could lead to emotional imbalance, hallucination, and at extreme cases, with suicidal tendencies.

Now, look at the D-M-Y pillars at the top right corner of the screenshot – similar influences of the numbers 4, 5, and 9. It might have created overbearing influences on her mental thoughts. In the Five Elements principles, the number 5 (Earth element) could inhibit the secondary influence of neighbouring numbers – numbers 4 and 9 – which makes the Wood element even stronger. And when the Wood element is too strong, it could repel and affect the Metal element. We could associate the Metal element with respiratory systems, air, oxygen, mental, brains, lungs, and so on. These could eventually affect the Fire element – the heart and blood vessels. Furthermore, the “Selected Day EnergiesChart is showing all elemental energies, except number 9 (Wood), are low (below 50%). This could signify the lack of active influence to increase the vitality vibes on her.

Relying solely on the Personal Year Chart, or even the Day charts, is insufficient. While there could be tell-tale signs in some cases, you’d be pondering where the tendency signs are for most times. That’s why students who attended external courses, often felt confused, and lacked the confidence. Those who then felt they deserve to know more than just the theories, would attend the FEN classes. That’s where they’d learn the profiling application use as well – the practical aspects. The “life path periods” enable you to look at the potential influences that might happen. If you ignorantly manifest the unfavourable energies, you’re potentially allowing the negative energies to influence your thoughts and behaviours. Likewise, if you unknowingly manifest the favourable energies, you’re allowing the positive energies to influence you. In many cases, you might think it’s all about luck, and the law of attractions, or about your positiveness. To some extent, that’s true. However, when you knowingly or consciously take action – based on the tendency signs in the life path periods and the D-M-Y pillars – you can be in better control to manage the energies influencing you. And that’s exactly what you should do – know when to take a step forward, and when to take a step backward, to ride with the flow of the tide, to get you to where you want to go, safely and successfully.

In an earlier article, “On Kurt Lewin’s B=f(P, E) Equation,” I mentioned about Kurt Lewin’s B=f(P, E) equation, where your behaviour is a function of your thoughts and attitudes in an environment. Change, is what you need to do today – to act, transform, and re-imagining yourself, and not procrastinate with another “tomorrow” excuse. Search the Internet for Kurt Lewin’s “3 Stages of Change” management model – unfreeze, transition, refreeze – to understand how you can change, adjust, and reframed yourself to better positiveness. While it’s a simple methodology primarily for organisational change management, I found it interesting as the 3-Stage principles is still relevant, to manage your individual change.

While many external trainers are teaching you about PERSONALITY profiling, you’re learning both PERSONALITY and LIFE PATH profiling in the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. With more clues available to you, the likelihood of zooming in on probable root-cause symptoms is more eminent. Sure, while some people might have said that the more clues you receive, the more confused you’d be. Well, that’s a fair and true comment, but that’s because the confused person was not taught of the correct way to analyse a chart. In my FEN classes, where the visualisation techniques are heavily practiced, students could easily identify both imposing negative and positive influences, and how it could impact a person on that day. Often, additional relevant clues (via charts, references) could help you in your analysis. For instance, I mentioned about the Double-Effect or multiple-effect vibes that could influence and affect a person. As we’re not alike from one another, some of you might find it hard to identify the double or multiple effects at all.

Look at the screenshot of FEON+ PRO, showing the “Double-Effects & More” section (bottom left) – when you see the green ticks, it implied the periodic energies are active and manifested accordingly, and could influence the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioural states of a person.

It’s so simple and straightforward, which is why FEN students, and some of you, are anxiously waiting for the FEON+ PRO software to be released. Oh, one more thing… a software tool is only as good as the person’s ability to understand the info and apply to their analysis. This means, you still need to be equipped with the EON profiling method and FEN techniques available, to build the confidence and competence level to analyse charts in the correct ethical manner.

Get the EON book first, to kickstart your interest in understanding yourself and others better. Click this link to buy the EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you haven’t already got one. Learn to interpret and apply the fundamentals first – don’t rush hastily into the advanced theories not described in the book anyway, but mentioned in my articles. If you require help on plotting the charts, there’s always the current FEON+ v1.x software (for Android smartphones only) that you can register. Don’t worry too much about waiting for the FEON+ Pro – all registered users will receive a discounted rate for the upgrade. Click this link to buy and register the FEON+ v1.x software, to speed up your mundane plotting of charts, leaving you productive time to analyse the charts.

Avoid investing unnecessary on expensive online-only courses conducted by many external trainers. The learning experience isn’t the same, especially when there’s no “after-class” support to guide you. You’d likely learn the rudimentary theories and number-pattern observations. Maybe, you’ll get to learn some extra information, depending on the trainer’s knowledge. From a practical aspect, you’d gain more insights just by reading my articles posted on this site. Do check my article “The Search for “Beware of PON”” for 10-point guidelines on choosing the right trainer/mentor and courses to attend. In the meantime, get the EON book first, read it, and next use the FEON+ software tool to automate the plotting of charts. Subsequently, use the time productively to learn the basics and improve your profiling knowledge.

Today, you’ve to be prudent in your non-essential spending, in view of current COVID-19 situation.  Remember, always invest in yourself to create your own happiness. It’s free, after all. Simply learn to ADAPT (Accept, Define, Adjust, Plan, Thrive) to change, to regain your confidence and resilience.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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