The Search for “Obstacle ‘5’ personal year”

Don’t worry too much if you’re the person searching for “obstacle ‘5’ personal year.” Even if you’re not the doing the search, that’s OK too.

Including the word “obstacle” is, an unfounded assumption, as life is full of surprises, and often not what you make it to be. Even so, you can change it to be less stressed and challenging if you know the options available, which makes the obstacles become a minor hurdle that you can easily overcome.

While you can associate the negative traits of number 5 as obstacle, challenges, stubborn, principle-mindedness, profound, distraction, loss of directions, cannot sit still, and much more, you shouldn’t assume the negativity would affect you regardless of whether you took action, or not.

When we apply the Yin-Yang metaphor, each number is supposedly influenced by Yin and Yang. That said, it does mean that each number has negative and positive vibrations too. This means, the positive traits associated with number 5, would include hurdles, flexible, focused, productive, acceptance, and others. More information of the traits associated with the number 5, and other numbers, are described in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can check out, or click this link to purchase.

When the number 5 appears as the Personal Year (PY) Root number, we cannot assume everything we do, could lead to stumbling blocks. You cannot generalise such assumptions, or reinforced the presumptive theories of number 5, being more of a negative number. Without knowing the birth date and plotting the birth chart, it’s inconclusive for me too to determine the potential impact (positive or negative) the PY Root 5 could do to you, or to the person. So, in today’s article, I could only provide non-specifics information, to allow you to understand there are usually “the silver lining in the dark clouds” if you attentively search for it. Do not worry unnecessarily, in anticipation of fears, obstacles, and the “not everything is good” feelings that something unfortunate could happen to you during the PY period.

From another perspective, you shouldn’t be too complacent either when the PY Root 5 comes about. While you happily look for the “silver lining in the dark cloud,” you shouldn’t ignore taking extra care of your health, which is often the weakest link. “Yes, I’m going to be fine. I’m fit. I’m exercising regularly,” some of you may say. The point is, I’m not referring to physical health, but the inner-self body health that’s not obvious from an external outlook appearance.

From the Five Elements principles, we could associate the number 5 (Earth element) with health symptoms, which could be about the muscle, intestine, digestive organs, and others. However, when it’s influenced or affected by certain elements, it could lead to severe symptoms like cardiac arrest, cancer, respiratory and mental or cognitive-related problems.

Take a look at Alex Trebek’s EON chart. According to this Wikipedia page, it was stated that Alex had “announced that he had been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer” in 2019. According to this BBC NEWS online article, titled, “Alex Trebek: Jeopardy! game show host dies with cancer aged 80,” it was stated that Alex had “passed away peacefully at home” on 8 November 2020. He was 80. May his Soul Rest In Peace.

When you look at his PY2019 chart, the Root 5 is present. It manifested the energies associated with the number 5 and the Earth element. In addition, Alex’s 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code is showing the 7-7/5 pattern, which further amplified the number 5. In theory, this means the Earth (number 5) element is getting stronger in 2019.

When you look at another screenshot showing the day he passed away, the “Selected Day Chart” is showing Root 5 as well. Furthermore, the Universal and Personal energies in the Day pillar (top right corner) is also showing 5-7. The Combined Day Chart is showing the 3-6-9 or 3-9-3 patterns, which further strengthened the Fire element; and in turn, could have affected the Earth element consequently.

Whether it’s a sign of positiveness or weakness when the Root 5 comes about in the Personal Year (PY), you must factor the probable consequences on both sides (Yin and Yang, positive and negative, strengths and weaknesses). In fact, you shouldn’t wait until the PY chart shows Root 5 in the current year; you should start taking precautionary measures about one year earlier, and continue to monitor your health states thereafter, during subsequent years.

If you’ve a “missing” number in your birth chart, worry less as the presence of Root 5 in your PY chart, could also be beneficial as its influences could create a sudden impact and raise the periodic vibes to harmonise the weak energies in you. For example, instead of being wishy-washy and afraid to say NO to unrealistic requests from others, you might feel stronger and confidence to say NO. Instead of accepting new tasks when you haven’t even completed many, you might have clearer visibility on your strengths and limitations to accept or deny more tasks than you can handle.

While you might feel like a freedom fighter of some sort, and wanting change to take effect, you are not receptive to change as you also dislike disruptive situations. As a result, when PY Root 5 arrives, you become more confident and be more willing to accept that the changes are for the common good than anything else. Regardless, you still have to maintain a healthy state.

Check out my earlier article  “Arnold Schwarzenegger: Missing number 5” if you haven’t already read it. While Arnold might have the “missing” number 5 on his birth chart, the extra clues on other EON charts, have shown otherwise. He has Root 5 in his Reflection Chart, which could have strengthened his inner self. You also have to look at other necessary charts, which were not available through other numerology methods, taught by external trainers. This is because, these essential EON charts are formulated by me, a result of years of research done, to find out relevant charts that could aid in our profiling analysis. In Arnold’s case, he was also influenced by his 9YR-C vibrations.

Every year, the PY chart will show the Root numbers 1 to 9. Whether it’s good or bad for you, it’s just as important to take steps to protect your health while pursuing your career or other goals. When the PY chart indicates a Double-Effect (DE) with your birth chart, it is most urgent to monitor your health one year before and after the DE year. For Alex, the imminent DE effect on PY2021 could have influenced or affected him.

Don’t worry unnecessarily and be phobic of these energies. Don’t get too anxious when you see some of the numbers or number patterns in your chart. Put aside what your trainer – if you’d attended courses elsewhere – has reinforced using scare or fear tactics. You’ve only one life to live on, so live your life to the fullest. Pursue your goals headstrong, while you take precautionary measures to protect your holistic wellbeing. Always make sure you’ve medical or health insurance to protect yourself and your family. While your age may be catching up, you’ve already overcome many hurdles, and there’s no reason why you can’t overcome the hurdles ahead when you’re managing your health care. Chasing happiness, and not financial wealth, would create healthier times ahead.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. And Stay Calm.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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