On PON: Oliver’s Wrong Forecast

We’re all humans, and it’s okay to be wrong. However, when people often make the same profiling mistake repeatedly, this person becomes the problem – either the systemic method, perceptions and advice, or approaches used, needs to be checked. And it may come down to mentality – the mindset perspective.

We tend to think about things from our own perspective or perceptions. We have our individual worldview, on how things should be, and why things shouldn’t be. Think about it, what might the world look like from your view?

There are no rights and no wrongs – it is a matter of self-perception. For example, when perception concentrates on extreme situations, it demonstrates poor judgment. What this means is that when you profile people at their worst situation, you are more likely to misjudge your observations. However, when you look at people in their natural or normal situation, you tend to make a better judgment.

In my forecast article “Winning Forecast for US Votes 2010: Joe Biden,” I shared how the three forecasts were analysed – from performing an Oracle forecast using the unique EON Oracle deck, to do a Bazi Analysis using unreleased version of BaziCalc+ software, and my forecast observations using an unreleased version of FEON+ PRO software. Master Phat and Master Jenson both understood the techniques of using the tools to perform their predictive observations, and both could have acquired the analytic mind to look from different points of view.

One FEN (Five Elements Numerology) student commented on the FEN COMMUNITY discussion group after I posted the earlier forecast article. She recalled attending the PON preview session in August (click here for more details) and the PON trainer, Dr Oliver Tan confidently mentioned in the preview session that Donald Trump would win the US Presidential Election 2020. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether Oliver did share his forecast at the preview session, or not.

None of us are perfect. Oliver made the prediction based on his knowledge and understanding of his own PON method, and analysed it from a perceived vantage point. At that time, he could have concluded his observation to the best of his ability. If he could go back, he would have made the same mistake again, and again, because at that point in time, it was the only conclusion to the best of his limited knowledge. He’d kept saying he had discovered that some number patterns were highly associated with specific characteristics, and nothing else. Those who attended his previous lessons often heard him repeat the words “Confirmed, chopped, signed” to reaffirm that his conclusions are always “accurate” or correct. Are they really, seriously? Well, it comes down to mentality.

Is it about the trainer’s mentality, or the rudimentary method used, even at advanced, mastery, or practitioner levels? I really don’t know. You need to observe the trainer’s behavioural styles and negative habits, especially “when they’re not wearing the profiling hat” – find out if they practices what they preached. Oh, you might want to check this article “The Search for “Beware of PON”” for more info, including a bad experience I had with him. Pathetically, nothing has been done about it. Perhaps, yet another behavioural mindset issue.

Now allow me to share with you why it is important to get out of the presumptive understanding that applying the association of number patterns to specific traits, is the one and only way to analyse a chart. I wouldn’t be surprised other PON trainers who’re trained by Oliver, would make a similar observation or forecast, with confidence, that Donald Trump would win. This is mainly because they’d applied the same restricting theory of PON, which consequently, makes their observations rudimentary, illogical and impractical. This was the main reason why I had to look for alternative methods with expandable viewpoints, given my previous exposures to various Chinese metaphysical systems, Biorhythms and other methods of western astrology. And this is where the Elements of Numbers (EON) method was developed and introduced.

When you learn the EON method, you are exposed to wider perspectives, via the various charts and information available. And when you installed the software FEON+ v1.x (Android), you are blessed with even more clues that I uncovered during the years of research. And when you attended my EON/FEN classes before, you’re trained to analyse charts from various perspectives, apply the visualisation techniques, and use extended FEN methods to identify behavioural styles, and as probable remedy suggestions to harmonise the ill-effect of the negative energies. You also understand personality isn’t permanent, and behaviours and mindsets can change. Overall, you or the person would be able to take over and be in control of yourself or themselves.

It is normal to make a wrong forecast. And it is not shameful. While many people have somewhat considered Nostradamus as a special godly person who’d predicted correctly many future events, there are times when such events did not happen at all. Even when they did, it was misunderstood by future generations, because they’d analysed from self-limiting and perceived beliefs. Let me tell you about the true incident, the Y2K effect. There were chaos and concern when people relied on Nostradamus’ prediction that the ‘end of the world‘ would fall on January 1, 2000. Certainly, when January 1, 2000, came, it was the “end of the world” for some people and businesses worldwide, as their computers – including mainframes and dedicated terminals – had clashed. Those who did not take action to resolve the Year 2000 problem earlier, suffered the most. And those who took proactive actions to fix the issue earlier would rejoice. After all, and in many ways, it was the ‘end of the computing world‘ for the affected companies that relied heavily on software developed before mid-90s, that didn’t factor in the Y2K issue. The root cause – many software developments have coded the year’s entry in a double-digit format. When the year went from ‘99(as in 1999) to ‘00(as in 2000), the software failed because it detected the ‘00‘ as an invalid entry.

Sometimes wrong forecasts are not made because the event does not take place. A different event might have happened, but wasn’t correlated because it was different from the perceived expectation, due to the limited profiling “vocabulary(knowledge and understanding) of the person who made the forecast. For instance, if you compared the teachings and principles of the PON with the EON methods, the PON is like providing nursery to lower primary levels, where the syllabus and format remained – like an old school academic learning, with a top-down, talk-down training approach. Nevertheless, EON provides a higher level of learning where whenever new techniques are discovered, they are shared in later classes or discussed in the FEN COMMUNITY focus group – to encourage ongoing experiential learning retentions.

Like a lot of you, I sometimes make weak or poor observations. I reached that conclusion to the best of my knowledge and judgment, at that point in time. However, whenever an erroneous prediction was made, I’d review my observation and performed an 5W1H (Who, What, When, Why, Where, How) analysis through the ‘reverse engineeringco-relationship. It might be difficult as people do change, and it could influence the end result. On retrospect, I’m adopting the AGILE mindset – what works well, what didn’t work and what could have been better – to improve my understanding. This is how I learned to become a better version of myself, each time I made a mistake. After all, it’s all about me having the Growth Mindset.

Profiling using only number patterns may strengthen the fixed mindset. Regrettably, this is not recommended. Get out of the trap of biases and stereotypes, because otherwise it may restrict or limit your growth mindset. There’s nothing like a “confirmed, chopped, signed” statement. Again, this would be entirely untrue. Keep in mind the expression “The Birth Chart Is NOT The Personality” that I used. This is because the Birth chart does not include any changes in a person’s behaviour over the years. As a result, number patterns based solely on birth chart analysis are generally inconclusive – the extreme observations widely do not happen to most people.

Don’t judge a person hastily. There are reasons behind their behaviours and actions, or habits, and that doesn’t imply their natural personalities are always “like that.” It’s okay to be wrong. Just don’t repeat the same mistake too frequently. The phrase, “To err is human, To forgive is divine.” When your analysis didn’t work out the way you perceived it, forgive yourself first. Then think about what would make you change your views to unlearn and relearn. And to profile correctly, with the right vision and an open mind.

Shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Strive for continual improvement and your profiling observations and forecasts can be better than before.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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