The 9-Year Double-Effect Mental Depression Vibes on Michael Phelps

Every nine years, the numerical and elemental energies present in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations of your Birth Chart, will be manifested twice, as shown in the periodic Personal Year (PY) Chart. What sets the Elements of Numbers (EON) apart from other numerology methods, is the formulation of the terminology, “Double-Effects” or DE for short.

Double-Effect DE vibes can led to Double-Blessing or Double-Whammy situationsI’m glad to correlate the Double-Effect influencing effects on a person, based on my earlier experiences and understanding in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, Phat Chee) Chinese Metaphysics System. In Bazi, the term is commonly called “Fu Yin,” generally with negative connotations, interpreted by many Bazi professionals. However, I realised that the “Fu Yin” impact was perhaps not entirely true – in terms of negative outcomes – because it depended very much on the person’s action. When I adopted the theory of “Fu Yin” in my Elements of Numbers (EON), I decided to call it Double-Effect to reflect its two extreme outcomes.

I described the Double-Effect vibes in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” which I published in 2010. That’s slightly more than a decade ago. Anyway, depending on the actions – behaviours, mindset, beliefs – of the person, it could lead to “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” outcomes, in varying levels, which might affect the person’s state of mind.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"The cautionary advice shared by external numerology trainers, to be wary of the incoming similar vibes every nine years, is good. You need to be extremely careful during the periodic 9-year cycles. However, what is unclear for these external trainers (and their students) is what particular year of the 9-year period, should they be more attentive, careful, or mindful? Of course, it is significant to be conscious of the occasional energies that come, each year. What is most critical, urgent and prominent is the awareness of increasing energies in a exact year which is similar to your Birth Chart. In short, a Double-Effect year is where the “danger” vibes get manifested even more, and it could affect the weakest link – your health. This is how the Double-Effect comes about, because everything seems to be doubled – positive and negative energies, when the numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations of the particular Personal Year (PY) Chart, is similar to the numbers in same locations on your Birth Chart. Oh, one more thing… in a Double-Effect year, there are potential likelihood of a Triple-Effect or Quadruple-Effect vibes present on certain days or months of the year. That’s scary, isn’t it?

Nicole Phelps shared her concern about supporting her husband Michael Phelps, who “was dealing with depression around the same time that Kobe Bryant died in a tragic helicopter crash in January 2020” in this online E! article, titled, “Michael Phelps’ Wife Nicole Shares Her Concerns About Losing Him to Depression.”

In January 2018, I posted the article “Depression Vibes on Michael Phelps,” and shared the tendency signs in Michael’s EON charts, that could have  contributed, in one way or another, to his mental depression states. I shared my observations of an incident that occurred to Michael in 2011. I also highlighted the Double-Effect vibes that might happen in 2012, and these could heighten the “mental illness” condition.

Nine years later, after Michael had his last Double-Effect (DE) in 2012, the duplicate energies come back this year (2021). This means that what I referred to in my previous article could be relevant today. Even so, there are some signs that there could be changes in the “mental” energies that influence Michael. The signs are present in the unique 9-Year (9YR-C) Cycle Code, that I’ve again, uncovered and formulated based on my continuing research to expand my EON method of character and life path profiling.

In 2012, the 9YR-C (PY2012) code from Michael’s PY2012 chart shows the 3-9-3 pattern. These further aggravated the Metal element. As I’ve mentioned in earlier article, the Wood element was strong, in addition, with the two 3s in 9YR-C present. We could correlate the strong Fire element as “laser cutting the metal” which heightened Michael’s temperaments, emotions, stress, and possibly, violence and bipolar tendencies. In the Five Elements principles, strong Wood element “produce and enhance” the Fire element, just like in the BBQ-pit where charcoal is used to fuel the fire. And when the fire in the BBQ-pit is strong, it could damage the wire-mesh.

This year’s 9YR-C (PY2021) shows a 2-1-3 pattern. There are signs of Water element (number 2) and Metal element (number 1) present, that could influence Michael. His 9YR-C (PY2022) Code shows 1-2-3 pattern, which has similar influences on him. With the 2-1-3 pattern, we could interpret that as [Feelings – Mental – Temper], which implies the tendencies of Michael having sensitive, wavering feelings, and mood swings are high, especially during the last few years. In some ways, Metal-related associations such as mental depression, anxiety, hallucinations, etc., are likely, to be in slightly better control due to the presence of the number 1, from the 2-1-3 pattern.

As mentioned above, his 9YR-C (PY2022) Code shows the 1-2-3 pattern, which we interpret as [Mental – Feelings – Temper]. What this might suggest is that since the number 1 is the first number in the 1-2-3 pattern, Michael’s mental management is in better control. In some ways, the signs of tendency suggest that he is capable of managing his mental conditions (1, Metal), refocusing his feelings (2, Water), and reducing his temperaments (3, Fire) and other aggressive behaviour traits. As annual energies don’t come about at the beginning of the year (January 1) and exited on last day of the year (December 31), the presences of last year’s PY2020 vibes are still influencing Michael, during the first half of this year. The PY2022 energies from next year’s 2022 might influence him in the latter half of this year. This means that there are favourable signs that Michael could have better mental health control than in 2012.

In the Five Elements, Water element “exhaust or weaken” the Metal element. It would be beneficial for Michael to continue his swimming activities, whether recreational or competitive, wherever he can.

I introduced EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN techniques in earlier FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. Applying the technique could allow you to identify the behavioural inclinations, either to act to aggravate negative vibrations, or to optimise positive vibrations. Somehow, when done right and at the right time, you could experience the ‘aha‘ moments, or as some behavioural professionals or NLP practitioners would call it: the FLOW.

It Only Takes One Person To Change Your Life - YOUThe EFV FLOW (PY2021) Code would suggest Michael to concentrate on what he wants to do, to manage his mental health state. Having the support of others, could help in many ways, but ultimately, the signs suggest that he has to do it alone. This means, not counting on others – no one can help him out of his mental state, except himself.  The EFV SPAN (PY2021) code suggests the need to persevere and not give up – like on empowering oneself for the sake of one’s loved ones and oneself. Again, he has to overcome and fixed the problem on his own.

I believe Michael Phelps can do it, and that he handles his mental problems well. As a fighter (in how he’d performed in the Olympics swimming activities), the word “give up” is not in his dictionary. With the same resilience, perseverance and competitive spirit in swimming, he could become stronger, healthier and better. And maybe, says, ‘bye bye‘ to mental depression.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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