Achieving Wealth Out of Home: The 1-5-6 pattern

Cedric recently bought my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and found it “very interesting.” Cedric, like many users, was interested in learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method from me, and asked me if I was conducting EON/FEN online courses.

Cedric also posted a question, “On page 66, I don’t get the meaning (1 5=6). How do we know this person needs to travel out of his home or place to work in order to attain wealth? On Page 25, the 1-5 number combination did not mention about need to travel out of home place or work to attain wealth.

I drafted my EON book to simulate the progressive learning of any topic – start with the “very basic” by introducing the keyword we can associate with each number, like number 1 is alone, 2 is talk, 3 is fast, and so on. Once the user or reader could remember the keyword association, then it’s time to interpret the combination of two numbers, like 1-2 is [Alone – Talk], 1-5 is [Alone-Obstacle], and so on. I’ve also introduced the Symbolic Representation of each number too, like number 2 is illustrated as a snake, symbolically suggesting the person is sneaky, manipulative, two-faced, and so on; and number 5 as the olden-day’s push trishaw, suggesting travelling from one place to another.

The Five ElementsAs users and readers progressed further, they’d later come to the Five Elements chapter, where they learned about the characteristics, traits, behaviours, and common representations of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water elements. From the perspective of the Five Elements, we might subsequently associate the Earth element like a rock, boulder, sand, clay and pebbles. As the Five Elements are based on Chinese Metaphysics philosophies, it is common for people living in ancient China to start their journey for better prospect – walk a long-distance route and possibly cross over the mountain to the city or next town.

Now, when we expand our associations further by associating the number 5 to mountains and hills, we could identify more traits like obstacle and challenges (walking on rocky mountains/hills), stumbling blocks (no direct pathway or fallen trees blocking the path in the hill or mountain, or landslide), opportunity (pathway to the other side of the mountain, towards a ‘greener’ pasture), risky (soft sand, quick sand, mud, swamp), and even agitating and sudden aggravating emotions (domain volcanoes that may become active), and so on.

With above-mentioned basic correlations and associations to the possible characteristics and traits of a person, we could then interpret the 1-5-6 (or 1-5) as [I – Obstacle – Money], meaning to attain the money or grow the financial wealth, I must face the obstacle and consider it more like an opportunity. The [I – cross mountain – make money] becomes clearer as I need to cross the mountain to the other side for better financial prospects. In modern times, this means that I need to go outside the country or travel overseas to earn more money. With Internet-connected smart devices (like smartphones, home/IoT devices) linking online 24/7 these days, I don’t have to travel abroad to earn money. Instead, e-commerce and online business are just what I have to do. This means that we can also interpret 1-5-6 as [I – setting up on-line activities to attract global customers – to make more money]. Oh, it could also be interpreted as stocks investments.

Cedric mentioned about 1-5 combination. Yes, we can interpret that as [I- stubborn]. However, there is a resultant or outcome number in any combination, if you want to extend them further. So, a 1-5 combination could result in the number 6 (like 1+5=6) which means money.

Take a look at the screenshot taken from FEON+ v1.x on an Android smartphone. Mark Zuckerberg has multiple 1-5 or 5-1 combinations in his Birth Chart; his business products – Facebook and WhatsApp – have global reach, and money-making pursuits (through in-app Advertising support, and accessing customers’ data) are consciously active in his mind.

Mark has a Double-Effect vibe on his PY2020 Chart, and the 1-5-6 pattern is strongly present in both PY2020 and PY2021 charts.

In advanced EON method, like the ones I covered in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, you can identify more traits beyond the base theory. For example, this means 1-5-6 pattern can also be interpreted as [I – worry unnecessary – mental stress], suggesting a person with 1-5 or 1-5-6 pattern could face mental stress or depression, high anxiety, and even to the extend of having sleep apnea symptoms as they couldn’t sleep well, with all the unnecessary worries in mind. Yet, there are more associations with 1-5 pattern that I’ve shared in FEN classes.

There are so many ways to interpret numbers and number patterns, and these can be easily done so when you understand the essence of each number, through its five element associations. I’ve shared a simple and lasting way to identify more traits of the numbers 1-to-9 without trying to remember so hard, through using the simple visualisation technique. Once you have acquired and understood the EON method, you will often come across other rather rudimentary methods, particularly those that frequently rely on number patterns for presumptive profiling. Click on this link to check the 10-point guidelines to help you determine if the particular course or trainer meets your needs.

I responded to Cedric and told him to practice as much as possible, and to read my articles posted here. Similarly, I encourage you to do so, even if you have taken costly numerology classes given elsewhere. Remember that expensive courses do not mean quality learning, as most external trainers have shared basic theories and number patterns; and there is no ongoing support for post-course profiling through direct interactions between the trainer and students.

Presently, I posted over a thousand of articles, which would provide extensive insights for anyone to acquire the fundamental knowledge easily (together with my EON book) without having to attend Basic or Intermediate courses conducted by other trainers elsewhere. I hesitate to give online classes, even though it could be a lucrative way for many commercialised trainers to seize the opportunity during Covid-19 lockdowns and WFH (Work From Home) recommendations. As I teach at a passionate level, interaction with students and attentive learning, as well as clarifications and live case studies are essential. I’m training students to build better profiling competency, not acquiring hobbyist’s confidence. And they are often better managed with face-to-face in-class training. For online training using Zoom, Google Meet, or even MS Teams, it is much easier for instructors to go through the lessons, but at the expense of the students’ understanding due to time constraints, and student’s attention due to prolonged staring at the computer screens.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityMy sincere apologies to those who sent me an e-mail or WhatsApp to find out if there will be an online course. For now, I would simply encourage users to buy my EON book if you haven’t already done so, to begin to get interested and practice. After that, they can always register the FEON+ v1.x software to automate the plotting of the charts, to allow them to spend productive time profiling and analysing the charts.

Thanks for your patience and understanding…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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