On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing Job – Part 1

I recently got an e-mail from Victor, who attended the UCMHP preview session. He approached me with a referral from his friend Robert, who attended my FEN (Five Elements of Numerology) course.

I wrote back to Victor with a long explanation. I decided to share them with you because I know it would benefit you as well. Here’s an edited segment from our conversation…

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling[Victor] I want to know if, through your classes, I can learn more about myself? I’m looking forward to changing my career path, and I’m not sure where I’m heading to, or where to start. Feel kind of lost and hope that the next move I make is the right one. So I’m hoping to learn more about myself through this and understand my character and what career is suitable for me.

[Ron] In my course, the theories to check the Career element and the steps to decide to “change jobs” are shared with FEN students. However, this is no guarantee you will know what to do immediately after the lessons. You need to practice as many case studies as you can to build confidence, competence and morale. Once that happens, you can decide and make a choice.

Often you have to weigh in the yearly energies that also influence you, because nothing stagnates forever. This means that all that you have learned (or will learn) at UCMHP, is just at the theoretical levels, as energies are in transition. Your mood today and after getting my email response, is different from your mood when you sent me the email. This is because I direct positive energies to you, also influencing your thoughts and moods, through my words. Imagine an hour before receiving my e-mail, and when you finally read my reply, your positivity changed.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONI’m planning to conduct regular webinar sessions to cater to FEN students, and also to all others who’ve attended UCMHP, LifeQuest, PON, Visiber, etc. The intent is to focus more on application usage, like how to profile and identify signs in the right manner, rather than wasting energies with fixed mindset chasing after number patterns and presumptive theories.

First of all, if you attended one of the UCMHP courses, what were your career-related concerns? What are some of the uncertainties and uncertainties? Asked yourself these questions. While you may not have attended my FEN classes, I help you learn to explore more deeply beyond rudimentary theories and number patterns. Share your birthdate and your answers to the questions I’ve mentioned. I need to know the state of your profiling understanding…

[Victor] Appreciate the detailed explanation and what you’ve said makes sense. I’ve yet to attend UCMHP course; only attended their 2.5-hour preview session. I just wanted to know more before I commit myself to attend the UCMHP course, and that’s where I came across your teaching from Robert. He explained to me briefly about how you approach things, and that’s where it caught my attention.

I’m looking for a change in my career as I’m not inspired by what I do currently. I’m a recruitment consultant for an established firm at the moment. I’m looking at a career that’s in sync with my nature and also my universal number. I’m looking forward to making my move as soon as I know where I should head to. At least, some form of guidance on how the future will be like for me if I take a certain path. From the short UCMHP preview session, I managed to find out my universal number is 5, and it’s pretty interesting to know that numbers are able to profile a person and what they are born to be. That compelled me to learn more about myself and my next career move as I wouldn’t want to go in a circle. Money has constantly been an issue as I’ve always chased for the next big thing – I thought I could make money, but I couldn’t. So I would like to stop this vicious circle.


Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONThere are some key areas I could think about, after reading Victor’s response – career and money. Is the urge to switch jobs linked to his efforts to increase his financial wealth?

Fortunately, Victor is aware of his vulnerabilities and intends to stop the vicious circle of chasing money. Knowing our vulnerabilities is not something to be ashamed of. By embracing it, we become stronger – no need to hide it from others – because we would choose to live our lives voluntarily and happily in spite of our conscious awareness of our insecurities. However, the relentless pursuits – as noted from Victor’s reply – to chase after money and the perfect dream, often leads to unnecessary worries, stress, distractions, and shelving responsibilities at work, and at home. It is a vicious circle, as Victor said so well, and it must be stopped.

The screenshot shows Victor’s EON birth chart from FEON+ Pro (Android). I developed it because I wanted to spend more time analysing, rather than plotting many charts which, to me, is unproductive and inefficient. It just took less than 2 seconds to have all the charts displayed; users who registered FEON+ v1.x (Android) would enjoy its benefits.

Let’s focus on the key issue of concern to Victor – money. The telltale signs are there, the cause-and-effect contributing factors leading Victor to think and behave as he did currently, and the desire to change careers – hoping for better financial stability – are also present. With FEON+ tool, it took me less than a few minutes to identify the tendency signs influencing or affecting his behaviours and actions.

Okay, okay… I admit, it’s not the tool, but my experience and the approach I have taken  to observe and profile a chart. Over time, you can profile just like me, if not, better than me with regular practices. That’s where the forthcoming webinar series I’m planning, is all about – the application technique to profile in a sensible way.

From basic EON keyword theories, we could interpret the 1-4-5 in locations M-N-O of Victor’s Birth Chart, as [Alone – Plan – Obstacle], and the outcome 9-6-6 in locations P-Q-R as [Success – Money – Money]. When I looked at the number sequence as 1-4-5-9-6-6, we could simply interpret that as “in order to realise my success vision to make more money, I plan to do this and that, but I frequently faced obstacles.” What might have distracted Victor to carry out his plan, is the Root 5.  Check out my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you haven’t already done so. Click this link to buy a copy and support my continuing research and posting of articles here.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityFrom an extended EON perspective, we could associate the number 5 with “everything we also want to take” and the mindset influenced by our own principles and beliefs. This means, Victor could have possibly been taking more than he could handle, afraid to say NO when he’s already overwhelmed with tasks at hand, and not being adaptable and agile because of his “solid like a boulder rock” beliefs that he’s always right, and others are wrong. In addition, the number 5 is a unique number, in the middle of sequence 1 to 9. While every number has its primary influence, the number 5 has an additional secondary influence – absorbing and displaying the influence of the neighbouring number in close proximity. That said, the number 5 could inhibit and display the secondary influence of 1, 4, 9, and 6.

When the secondary influence of 1 is exerted, the 1-4-5 changes into 1-4-1 [I – Plan – Alone] type of mentality. This could involve lack of confidence in others, being selfish, or feelings that he could do things more quickly than others. He has to do it alone, plan it alone… and end up suffering alone. Making a paradigm shift and moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, is the key to open and loosen the solid block to little pebbles. This is like breaking a large task into small bite size tasks, which can be easily handled. Victor must learn to let go of his principles, and learn to trust others, delegate tasks to them… work together, for collective success.

When the secondary influence of 4 transformed the 1-4-5 to 1-4-4, it’s like [I – Plan – Plan] which basically implies that Victor might be distracted and not focusing on carrying out his plan. This could have resulted in changing plan midway, without a clear priority list of what he needed to do. Stop making too many plans; identify all and prioritise, and carry out the most important top, and do it until it is done and complete. Then follow the second most important plan, etc.

When the secondary influence of 9 turned 1-4-5 into 1-4-9, it’s like [I – Plan – Success] that fundamentally implies that Victor is just planning for success. It is like achieving “the end in mind” and not the learning experience of success. It’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. The success mindset could have moved Victor from empathy to arrogance, ‘I did it so you could do it‘, complacency, greed and superiority. He should learn to understand that success if not about the output, but the outcome. Perhaps, he could focus on the quality of the experience, the joy of working together, collaborative efforts and common objectives…

When the secondary influence of 6 transformed the 1-4-5 to 1-4-6, it’s like [I – Plan – Money] which basically imply Victor is chasing after money, making plans to grow his wealth and forgoing other equally important life aspects – health, happiness, responsibilities, family, and relationships.

The vicious circle, as Victor says, could be caused by his innate unconscious behaviours that affected his concentration. This year, the PY2021 Chart is showing the 1-5-6 pattern. He faced a Double-Effect vibe last year as shown in his PY2020 chart. The quest for material wealth is even more intense. I’ve earlier explained the influences that may contribute to his inability to expand his wealth. The change of mindset starts from within, and it is an “awakening” that calls him to take the right path if he first wants to meet his needs.

During profiling, we don’t just only look at the locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of the Birth Chart, to identify tendency signs. There are other signs elsewhere in the chart that we would look at. For example, there are signs that Victor might have “selective listening” habit – and that could have affected his relationship with others, the lack of understanding and empathy, the lack of alternative choices, the lack of options to decide, and so on. He tends to “hear only the good words” or just what he “wants to hear.” We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, so listen attentively to understand, and not quickly to reply hastily, or cut short what the other party is talking.  Furthermore, the 4-8-3 pattern is present, and these further reinforced the poor EQ and tactfulness, when communicating with others.

From a health perspective, Victor needs to focus on reducing sugary foods, as diabetic signs are present.

That’s all for this article. I’ll continue in Part 2 on his career aspects. I hope Victor can now understand himself better through the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives. I have identified and outlined the factors that led to his actions, or inactions. I hope Victor can make a conscious change to set the path right, so he can look forward to a better focused self, rather than sitting on the “merry-go-around” carousel platform, waiting to get out to chase his dreams. There’s always a reason why Robert recommended Victor to check with me.

Aside to Victor, email me on your feedback on what I’ve described. Writing profiling articles is different from 1:1 in-face interaction through feedback and body language signs. So what I’ve described earlier might not be entirely true, as a person’s behaviours and actions are mainly influenced by many external factors, including family upbringing, social influences, and self-limiting beliefs.

Until then, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If you’ve attended courses from other trainers, you’d have noticed the way I profile using EON, is different as I’ve always believed in widening my sensory breadth to identify more potential signs.

If you’re a previous student of PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and others, and would like to receive a special invite to my forthcoming webinar series, do email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com. Oh, by the way, do include your mobile contact, and numerology method or the course (like PON, UCMHP, etc.) you have attended. Further information on the webinars will be available at a later date.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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