On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing Job – Part 2

In an earlier article “On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing Job – Part 1,” I shared some of the techniques to profile a person simply by using their Birth Chart as a reference. And I’ve also included a graphic image that says, “The Birth Chart is Not the Personality” which is absolutely true, because the current personality of a person can change depending on the outcome of the situation in a particular period.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityWe should avoid putting a confirmation stamp on an individual personality just because of their Birth Chart. While there may be innate characteristics, this does not mean that the individual will religiously demonstrate these characteristics throughout his or her life. It all depends on the individual to decide whether he should synchronise his public persona with his private life. If you have access to the FEON+ software, the Reflection Chart gives clues about a person’s subconscious tendency… and in many ways, signs about their non-public characters.

Although the birth chart may provide tendency sign, we should also look at the current Personal Year (PY) chart to see the on going vibrations that could influence the person’s behaviour. And when you’ve access to the FEON+ software, you can also look at the Personal Day (PD) and Combined Day Chart (CDC) Charts, to determine the daily influencing energies on a personal level.

Loss of DirectionsI received an email reply from Victor after posting the Part 1 article. He wrote, “Thanks for the wonderful article. It’s really an eye-opening article. I didn’t know you could tell so much about me just with this profiling. Now I can see and understand myself better from a different angle. I’m looking forward to Part 2 as right now I’m really not enjoying my job and looking for a way out. Looking forward to your next article and also your Webinar. I’m going to read Part 1 again to understand better on how to handle my money situation.

In the Part 1 article, I explained the potential outcomes when the number 5 inhibited and displayed a secondary influence. I know that few external trainers could elaborate on this, for reasons unknown. However, now that I’ve shared the steps in Part 1 article, I hope they could learn something useful and extend their profiling knowledge to help others as much as they could. Sure, it takes time, but through regular practices and growth mindset, they could raise the profiling level.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"Well, today’s article is about careers. I’ve provided a basic table chart of the career and business on Page 145 of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” The table chart was based on the interactions of the Five Elements principles, also covered in Chapters 3 and 4 in my book. If you have a copy, please refer to my EON book on the “Career and Business” table chart. Otherwise, you can click this link to buy a copy directly from me, and as well as to support my continuing research and sharing of insightful information through the articles posted on this site.

In Victor’s case, his Birth Root number is 5 (Earth element). From the table chart, the suitable career or business he could consider is related to the Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Wood elements, based on the sequence – most suitable (like Water element), to least recommended (Metal element). As mentioned briefly earlier, the suitability matrix was based on the Five Elements interaction cycles – Productive, Weakening, and Controlling.

That’s a great step to check on your suitable career area. This means that Victor can look for jobs related to the Water element, such as service industries, sales, communicating with people and transportation. The second choice – the Fire element – would be industries related to entertainment, passion and creativity, coach and motivator, among others. Victor’s current role as an employment consultant is among his first two appropriate careers.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONFrom extended Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, the suitable “Career and Business” table chart, provides a baseline type of reference. It’s too general, and does not factor the periodic energies that might influence the person. On the other hand, the Career element allows you to identify trend signs pertinent to your current needs. For example, you might have joined your present company, say, five years ago. You felt positive and contributed as much as you could, while developing new skills. You build the experience, met wonderful and toxic colleagues, and engaged with forward-thinking and silo-mindset bosses, career turning from potential career growth to career stagnation, and good colleagues leaving the company due to lack of staff retention activities, pay cuts or bonuses freeze while the senior management team still gets KPI-achievement rewards, and so on. Do you feel similarity with your present career? If yes, it’s your career vibes that’s been “influenced.”

The Career vibes (from the Career element) are not static. Instead, it is influenced by periodic energies; just as influential energies are present in your Personal Year or Personal Day Charts. In today’s article, I’m sharing special information about the Career element for the first time in preparation for my coming webinar series to share more profiling techniques. Victor’s key career element is Wood – this is not the top two preferred elements according to the Career & Business table. I’m not surprised as the suitable career is provided as general Level-1 reference. It contradicted with the Career element which, to me, provides a clearer representation of the influencing energies on a person’s career. I have identified the Career element from my understanding and knowledge of the principles of the Five Elements and my experience in other Chinese Metaphysics methodologies. This is like having a higher Level-2 reference where you can zoom in further, to identify influences that “change” your career strengths.

Elements of Numbers (EON) ChartLet’s review Victor’s EON chart. His Career element (Wood, 4 or 9) is present in his PY2020 and PY2021 Charts.

Using similar profiling steps I’ve introduced in the earlier Part 1 article, it’s easier to identify the likely contributing issues related to Victor’s career. However, my explanation would be based on an extended EON perspective – it’s at a different level than the theories taught by external trainers.

The influencing energies from the in 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern in Victor’s PY2020 Chart was manifested twice, due to the Double-Effect (DE) vibes. When a person faces a DE vibe in a particular year, the positive and negative energies may be doubled, relatively speaking. This is because the individual numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of the Birth Chart is same as the individual numbers on his PY2020 chart.

In many cases, people’s desires, including their career, are greater. However, the weakest link in a DE-year, is on the person’s health because often, most people put their health on lower priorities while chasing to enrich other aspects of life.

We could interpret 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern as [Self – Career – Obstacle – Career – Money – Money]. Thinking creatively, it could be interpreted as “I’m looking at my career plan, but faced frequent stumbling blocks and challenges each time to realise my career vision, for the sake of better prospects and financial wealth, to have better responsibilities and credibility at work, and to bring joy and happiness at home.” As Victor said in his recent reply to me, “I’m not enjoying my job and looking for a way out.

When we looked at the contributing factors and known outcomes – Victor not enjoying his job – it’s easier to identify the key issue that stifled or blocked Victor from pursuing his vision last year. And the prime culprit could be linked to number 5. In this case, we need to broaden our profiling horizons to identify more traits linked to number 5. From what I have observed, the “critical path” refers to the frequent fears, anxieties, worries and hesitations in him. Fear kills the mind; it heightens mental pressure, stress, and disorder. It prevents us from taking risks, taking a step forward and facing challenges as potential opportunities.

Perhaps, Victor might have job opportunities last year, but because of his egotistical principle-mindedness and inflexibility, it prevented him from coming down to reality and accepting jobs with lower pay scale. A simple mindset shift, might be the answer to resolve most, if not all, of his self-created problems. Learn to be agile, be flexible, let go of the fears, open the windows to new insights, be forward-thinking, and daring to take steps to overcome the uncertainties.

His PY2021 chart shows the 1-5-6-2-7-9 pattern, which we could interpret as [Self – Stubborn – Money – Talk – Support – Vision]. From a positive-thinking approach, it could be, like “I need to  unblock my stubbornness to achieve better responsibility at work and home, by overcoming my insecurities, sensitivities, and fears; let go of my egos and pride to seek help and support from others. By doing so, I could realise my vision.” In summary, it’s all being open-minded and letting goes the past resentments and fears, recognise his vulnerabilities and strives towards collaborative teamwork, and dare to face challenges along the way… while pursuing his goal to reach his desired milestone.

It is excellent to conduct a root cause analysis. Students who attended other courses conducted by external trainers, could often feel the positive vibes when the right signs are identified – it boosted the confidence. In reality, it could create the “no confidence” state of the mind instead, as “the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.” That said, besides identifying the signs, we also need to have ready sets of approaches to mitigate such impediments – the contributing causes we’ve identified.

The remedies I described at page 255-260 in my EON book are helpful. However, it might be too broad and also holistic for some people, which has prevented them from pursuing it over a period of time. Impatience, weak sustainability and lack of resilience are just some of the barriers.

I introduced many solution-based techniques to my FEN (Five Element Numerology) students. This includes identifying the Periodic Codes (Birth Code and Annual Code), EFV Flow, EFV Span, Qi Tapping, and few others. For example, the Annual Code guideline is suggesting Victor to manage his stress and financials, by discussing with his wife (if he’s married), girlfriend (if he’s not married, but attached) or loved ones, to map out his responsibilities and what he plans to do. Accepts constructive suggestions from others and takes measures to implement the plan. Once he could manage his stress and finances, he could think clearly and be less distracted, and have greater clarity (not numbers) to prioritise his actions.

His EFV Flow (PY2021) is suggesting the need to focus on the outcomes and not the output. This means, when Victor said, “I’m not enjoying my job and looking for a way out,” he has to decide if the job offered (outcome) is better than the output – the salary, if it’s lower. He must put aside the “false hope” of expecting better job offers every time and act accordingly when the time comes. Again, put aside nervousness and pride, and see the job as something that might help fill or close the skills gap.

Eventually, it depends on what Victor wants to do to enrich his life journey. He needs to be clear on his goals and priorities – the what’s and why’s – to manage his financial matters and enjoy a happier career life.

That’s all I’ve to share about Victor’s career and what he can do to help himself. Leaving the job takes a few seconds by submitting the “resignation” notice, but it could take years (for some people) to get a job. Unless Victor has side incomes that could provide financial support to tie down during those VUCA and disruptive situations, he has to be realistic that he’s competing with many jobless and higher-qualified people around. I’d suggest Victor to work on changing his mindset and behaviours first, to identify his weaknesses and strengths, to replace bad habits with new positive ones, while continue to work on his current job.

I’ll share more on “changing jobs” in Part 3 article. And as stated in the earlier Part 1 article, I’m scheduling a regular Webinar series to share my application usage techniques to existing or previous students who’ve attended PON, UCM, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other PON-like courses. Of course, that includes my past students who’ve attended the EON WORKSHOP, FEN Basic, and FEN Advanced courses, many years back. Oh, one more thing… that includes those (local and overseas readers) who’ve bought my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as well. Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com to register in advance and remember to include your mobile contact and the course you attended or are currently attending.

Set aside the predictive profiling process that you’ve learned from many external trainers, that, at most, could boost your confidence level. Instead, focus more on adaptive profiling process where you can excel with regular practices, to boost your competence level.

Happy learning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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