On the EON Oracle (Special) Course in September 2021

I’ve just completed the 2-session on EON ORACLE (Special) course on 20th and 25th September nights (8pm-10:30pm), with a 3rd session planned for follow-up review and to allow participants to interact and share their experiences.

Elon Musk Bazi chart screenshot from BaziCalc+ software with fit to height on deviceThe participants are from Master Jenson’s Bazi classes (BaziCourse.com), who are familiar with Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics methods. In addition, many of them use the BaziCalc+ software (see sample screenshot on the right, showing the 5th and 6th pillars as well. Entire layout was triggered to fit to device’s height for complete visibility) which I have designed and developed, with quality features included more for professional use. As many of them are providing Bazi profiling services to clients, they get to enjoy the benefits of using the BaziCalc+ tool immediately.

I conducted an ad-hoc preview Oracle session in August, and many of them were keen as they envisioned the opportunity to expand their services beyond Bazi profiling. And yes, thanks to these Bazi students from various countries (like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore), the current stocks of my “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Decks have all been sold out. I’d to remove the PayPal payment link on my NIPL Oracle web page for now until the new stocks are available.

Upon their request, I decided to organise a special class for them, personalising my EON Oracle course material to suit them. Furthermore, it’s easier for me to do any context switching, if I’ve to – from Bazi to EON to NIPL Oracle. And because I’ve added essential information on my presentation slides, there was not much attention on Bazi except to associate the 10 Heavenly Stems with the EON numbers.

Then there is a major difference in conducting an Oracle course in a face-to-face classroom, and a distance lesson using Zoom online. Fortunately, it was easy for me – I developed the EON Oracle Presentation Kit, an interactive simulation tool that I can use to explain the design elements on each of the 108 cards, and walk through how the Oracle readings (using various card spreads provided in the PDF file) could be performed. Yes, the participants loved that, while busying taking snapshots of my presentation slides as I intentionally enabled the Annotation option in Zoom, so they can enjoy the benefits of reviewing the copyrighted slides later.

As the class is a specific self-contained course, I’ve added some advanced FEN techniques as well, including psychological behavioural trends, explained the application use of EFV Flow/Span, as remedial suggestions, and others. These techniques are shared in the class so that participants understood every design element present in each NIPL card, and knows how to apply them. And as in my usual passionate approach, a special WhatsApp chat group was created to allow them to interact and discuss with me directly, for after-class support and continuous learning.

Here are sample comments from some of the students, after Session 2 of the EON Oracle class ended.

Thank you Ron for the EON Oracle Course. The numerology Oracle cards have a lot of information for easy understanding, whether if it’s to help you to receive guidance or insight on certain issues or just daily guidance. This way, it is easier and clearer to understand.” – [KDV]

Thanks Ron, great to learn new Oracle thing. Unexpected on these Oracle cards have many information that we can use. Great course on these Oracle cards that both Western and Oriental combination into this one. Need more practices and understanding each cards’ application. Great Course & Oracle cards.” – [SW]

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingHI RON, it is an amazing feat that you have mastered and engineered numerology to decipher and solve and guide one’s life’s myriad problems. You have made us understand the intricacies and energies of the Universe from your proper formulas and interpretation of the signs from the Universe. What made me most curious is how easy and simple you conducted and shared your teachings on the EON and through the NIPL Oracle Cards as a medium in fathoming our past, present, and future Ways towards the Good of Mankind. You are our Noble Man who blesses our Way. Thank you so much. Stay Safe and Be Healthy. Take care…” – [APAN]

Ron, thank you for making the Oracle reading lessons so approachable, simple and clear to understand. It is a blessing to learn this skill from you.” – [DT]

Hi Ron, thank you so much for this valuable and easy to learn numerology Oracle cards’ lesson. Though I have used I-Ching Oracle cards on a few occasions, this set of numerology Oracle will allow me to have a different perspective into my reading and have it integrated when I do readings. It’s simple, clear and most importantly, there’s always a motivational message in each card.” – [TKY]


I’m looking forward to meeting up with the participations for the 3rd session, to get everyone to continue to enjoy learning the underlying signs, seeking answers and guidance, interpreting the card readings, and sharing feedbacks.

EON Oracle Course using Numbers in Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle DeckFor now, all EON ORACLE course would be similar to what I have done for this special course, including online via Zoom, to allow overseas users to learn as well. This means that you get to learn the relevant NIPL Oracle techniques in a stand-alone course. Even if you do not understand Elements of Numbers (EON) methods or did not use other Tarot/Oracle cards previously, you will be able to perform an Oracle read after completing the EON Oracle course.

Let me know via email at SunTzu2796@gmail.com if you’re keen to acquire a unique numerology Oracle technique from me.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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