Numerological Predictive Observations 2022 (NPO2022)

Elements of Numbers: Forecasting signs

I wish you all a wonderful new year filled with hope, blessings and optimism. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay focused.

Personal growthAs in past traditions, it is time to share my “1st day of the year” (1DOTY) article today, with emphasis on my forecast observations for this year. As ever, there is no magic, spiritual or divine help to gather the signs present in the year. Instead, everything is based on common sense and logical observations, based on the tendency signs present in the year 2022 charts.

When a keyword (like trait, event, industry, action) is said to be in focus this year, it implies the level of influence and/or impact could be up to both extreme ends – from Low to High. Read this article as a typical almanac; its relevance for actual events and incidents is based on your understanding and knowledge of elements and numbers.

The NPO2022 graphic (click image to enlarge) provides keyword information on the “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year,” similar to past year’s NPO graphics I’ve created to accompany my 1DOTY articles.

Numerological Predictive Observations 2022 (PNO2022). Elements of Numbers.


Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONVUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) influences are even stronger this year, due to the presence of three sets of 2 present in the year number (2022).  In basic EON interpretations, we could associate the number 2 with tendency signs associated with like scandals, gossiping, malicious attacks, transportation, movement, ups and downs wavy movement, social scandals, fake news, deep fakes, feminism, and much more. From another perspective, using extended EON techniques, these include social media, arts and culture, spirituality, wellness, floods, the proliferation of online and mixed (blended)  learning and education platforms. Imagine, what I just mentioned are signs related to number 2.

And with three 2s, the effects (influence and impact) could, in theory, manifest up to three times. Imagine the seriousness (negative effects) or the greatness (positive effects) this might have for you. It’s just like a rubber-band effect; it can be both useful (as a handy object) and hurtful (at the extreme end, as a weapon and painful repercussion when you stretched beyond its elasticity and it breaks!) This means that you need to exercise moderation in what you do for the year and include contingency plans if your main strategy or plan fails.



Good health is HappinessThe tendency signs indicate that there is no slowing down in the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, there is a strong wave motion (don’t forget the calm, stormy and rough waters associated with number 2) that could disrupt travel, health and education regulatory policies. I’ve shared in many past articles and explained the underlying reasons in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes that the year energies do not only start on 1st January and ends on 31st December. In basic terms, it means we’re still facing the Year 2021 energies for the next few months, and as well as the Year 2023 energies in the last few months of this year. So, read my NPO2021 article (click here) for the health signs that I’ve mentioned.

Now, with three sets of 2 present in 2022, this means health diseases and symptoms related to urology (kidney, bladder, male genitourinary and female reproductive organs, fertility), cardiovascular (heart, blood vessels) and respiratory (cognitive, immune, brain, lungs) are in strong focus. In addition, the likelihood of more cases of people suffering from high blood pressure, kidney stones, strokes, vein bursts, broken limps, hallucinations, and mental disorders. And potential medical advancement in brain-injury technology.


Elements of Numbers EON methodGLOBAL IMPACT

There were floods in many countries due to the two sets of numbers 2 (in 2021). There are stronger and unprecedented signs of flooding this year, driven by three sets of 2 (in 2022).

This could indicate that even more devastating floods could happen in many countries, particularly in low-lying areas. There could be a tsunami and underwater quakes. Potential drainage problems and dry land becoming swamp sites. Contaminated seawater, resulting in massive dead fish and perhaps, the surface of seldom seen marine creatures (dead or alive). And UFO sightings, meteorites, space explorations, and other astrological and space discoveries, are the focus. Oh, that includes global warming and climate change that could affect icebergs and melting glaciers, again as a result of the three sets of 2. Countries in the North regions (like Russia, North Korea, Canada, Alaska, Europe) are in focus this year.


Elements of Numbers: InvestmentINVESTMENT AND BUSINESSES

Industries related to stock markets, cryptocurrency, finance, transport and travel (air, sea, land, space), maritime sports and equipment, advertising and communications, social media, broadcasting and media networks, sales and services, and related industries would be the focus of attention. There are hidden signs of a rapid increase in investments, and there could be more and more people losing or increasing their investments and their retirement finances. When done right, you can enjoy the advantages of fast cash. If it is done hastily or badly, it could lead to more divorces, scandals, bankruptcies and broken families, caused by heavy financial losses. So, DYODD (do your own due diligence) when it comes to investing, or have appropriate fallback plans if you’re a start-up or venture into those industries this year.


Elements of Numbers: WorkPlace Safety and HealthWORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH

The tendency signs in 2022 suggest that potential workplace accidents are similar to the signs I mentioned in my NPO2021 article (click here). Besides, the slip and fall, there are signs of more accidents due to people falling to the sea, dam damages, rushing flood waters, rail lines disrupted, ships on fire, and explosion at sea and air.

Again, where there may seem to be sparkling light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the signs of normalcy. Thus, workplace accidents (including injuries and deaths) can occur when mental health and chronic pain symptoms are neglected.


In “every dark cloud, there are silver linings” that you can look out for. I would caution on the “ride with the tide” or “go with the flow” for this year, unless you know when to get out of the flow quickly. It’s like rafting alone down the Colorado River. This means, if you’ve set goals and aimed to achieve them this year, take charge of your own destiny but staying focused and not be distracted by gossips and naysayers. It’s also a good time to develop new skills and hobbies due to the presence of hidden signs.

All in all, just take precautionary measures to minimise the negative impacts while you work on manifesting the positive vibes present in your charts (Birth Chart, Personal Year (PY) chart, Universal/Personal tables). Understand and apply the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques like 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code, personal EFV Flow/Span could help provide some directions on what you can do to “take a ride on the train and disembark accordingly” to reach your next destination.

The EFV FLOW (PY2022) Code suggests the need to collaborate with others – the need for teamwork – to face the challenges ahead, and not stressing yourself unnecessary which could affect your mental well being as well. Take one piece of the cake and share the rest with the team, so that everyone contributed to the winning outcome, not just you. The EFV SPAN (2022) also suggests the need for collaboration and avoid the “Fight, Flight or Fright” attitude when facing challenges. However, as EFV SPAN is on potential strengths and weaknesses, the signs are suggesting the need for you to learn to become great leaders; one with empathy and compassion, to lead change, and to adapt to change, for better outcomes.

The PEC (Positive Empowerment Code) for Year 2022 is all about [Goal setting – Collaborate / Teamwork – Identify Opportunities – Clear Vision – Execute Plans]. Basically, what it means is that it’s important for you to know what you want to achieve this year, and not to hastily make a New Year resolution where you don’t follow. This means having a vision and setting specific objectives to reach. Next, connect and collaborate with others to solve problems as a team to actualise your vision. Have a shared objective with the team and implement your completion plans.

Like my NPO2021, it means not trying to do it all by yourself. The number of the century and decade (202x) is focused on social awareness and social management; teamwork and collaboration are the path to follow in the years to come.

Elements of Numbers EON book: Fast and Easy Character Profiling. Seeds of ChangeIn summary, what I have just described above, is primarily based on the tendency signs present in the year charts. You can check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” (click here to purchase) for the fundamental theories of the elements and the numbers, including the traits and health signs mentioned in today’s articles.

As these are general signs influencing everyone, it’s important for you to look at your own PY charts for personalised actions and what you could do, to ride the Year 2022 with positive outcomes.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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