On the EON PROFILING workshop in June 2022

It was a special day for the 9 students who have just completed their EON PROFILING workshop over the weekend of 18-19 June 2022.

Jam packed with information both in theories and applications of the knowledge, Ron has delivered much more than expected and his passion towards teaching and sense making for his students is truly empowering. Thanks Ron!” – James


EON PROFILING WORKSHOPI was excited as I’ve not conducted EON Workshop classes for many years. Instead, the past few years have focused on FEN Workshop (Five Elements Numerology) classes where lessons are in advanced profiling, and users are assumed to know the basic theories. And I noticed that some students who took courses elsewhere at the master’s or practitioner’s level still ask fundamental questions during my FEN classes. This has somehow frustrated other students and affected learning experience. And perhaps this is not the fault of these students because of their lack of fundamental knowledge shared and understanding learned elsewhere.

So I decided to get back to basics by organising the EON Profiling class. And it would be necessary to have completed the EON Profiling module prior to anyone attending the revised FEN Profiling class. In this way, there is clear alignment, linkage and progression to become better ethical behavioural profiling professional, rather than just a numerology profiler.

EON PROFILING - Do You Know Me? Why am I Behaving Like That?Hmm.. What’s the diff?

Although my EON bookElements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” is the course material used, students have acquired greater clarity through my visualisation technique and teaching framework. My focus is to share and impart root-cause analysis and explore the underlying reasons behind each number (1 to 9) and number patterns like 2-7-9, 5-7-3, 4-8-3, etc. Those in class are now equipped with the knowledge to look at the possible root-cause factors behind, say, 2-7-9 pattern. And they can identify additional hidden patterns which might evoke or manifest certain behaviours, reactions or responses.

Transformational Change through EON Profiling - Elements of Numbers by Ron WZ SunI’ve included some techniques taught in my previous FEN Workshops, in this EON Profiling workshop. I wanted the students to have a more holistic lesson for all – from learning the basics, identifying the symptoms and signs, and having time-tested behavioural solutions where students can apply. Eventually, as I told the class, they’re not just attending the EON Profiling class. Instead, they’re actually attending the “Transformational Change through EON Profiling” workshop.

LifeCode is NOT Effective Means to change. Your Mindset is.I’ve shared the visualisation technique on the Five Elements, Elemental Cycles and Life Structures and others, including the method for identifying extra signs, such as wealth, spouse, and career elements. Oh yes, this includes identifying smart genes (street-smart and book-smart), checking for signs relevant to changing jobs, good dates to manifest optimal energies, Universal/Personal Pillars, relationships, and more. I also explained how LifeCode was derived, showed examples of its potentially detrimental health consequences, and explained why we should not use it as an instant remedy. At best, it has the placebo effect – like manifesting the law of attraction through your conscious positive thoughts and active actions; at worst, like some gullible expensive commercial thing. The way to change is through mindset shift!

The Feelings Wheel - EON Profiling. Elements of NumbersThe components and essence of Emotional Intelligence (EQ, EI, EIQ) were added as they were relevant to EON Profiling and lessons learned. EQ‘s four common quadrants include SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL AWARENESS and SOCIAL MANAGEMENT. Through lessons learned in class, students also learned EQ indirectly. They are now able to understand and manage their emotions better through understanding the signs from the many EON charts displayed on the FEON+ v1.x (Android) tool. After all, we are human beings who have changing emotions. I’ve also shared the Feelings Wheel or Wheel of Emotions, and explained how we can observe certain emotional triggers and the core emotions, and apply behavioural adjustments to create better positive outcomes.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityThe outline of the EON Profiling workshop was designed to be better in many ways than the initial EON workshops I conducted in early 201x. It’s like EON WORKSHOP 2.0. There are so many extended techniques included, over and above the basic theories described in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Besides, students who completed the EON PROFILING course are automatically included in the EON PROFILING community WhatsApp chat group, for continuing support where they can post questions and share their profiling views anytime.


Thank you, Ron. The lessons were interesting and offer another perspective in whole personality profiling. 2 days passed by too quickly and there was so much more to discuss and explore. Thank you for sharing this with the broader audience.” – Lays

EON Profiling: Health. Five ElementsAnd as I said to them: there is no wrong or accurate analysis every time; it depends on the viewpoint on which it was based. So, a person who boasted making ten of thousands of accurate analysis, might be right from one perspective based on only one specific area of focus. But usually, the observations can be preliminary, unusable or irrelevant when analysed from other core perspectives. I also emphasised to the students that relevance in their profiling observations is more important than “hitting the nail right” at one small general area to boost their egos as such perceived thoughts and attitudes might distract their future profiling approach.

EON Profiling: Pinnacles and ChallengesWhile the EON PROFILING workshop was designed for beginners, the lessons learned exceeded the numerology classes given by other external trainers. Naturally, I’d encouraged those who attended my class – and had attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest or similar courses elsewhere earlier –  to do a comparison of the training styles, techniques learned, knowledge gained, profiling approaches. And, of course, if they enjoyed the lessons learned.

Lastly, I encourage students to ask questions through the EON PROFILING chat group and share, wherever possible, so that everyone can learn from each other, including me.


accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling“Ron’s sincerity in helping his students cannot be measured in words. He takes the time to listen to his students’ concerns and answered every question in depth. Participants in his class would gain more than just learning about the basic concepts of numbers and their five elements. They would see how each concept relates to one another in a bigger picture in relation to reading one’s profile.

Ron also shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with his students without any reservations. He is very humble and looks forward to learning from his students as well.

More than just a numerology course, his class inspires me to improve the quality of my life by changing my mindset and shifting my paradigm. And thanks to Ron, I now know where to start.” – Din

While I do not have any schedule for next class, I might consider conducting the next EON PROFILING class in 17-18 Sept 2022 (Sat-Sun) if I’ve a minimum 6 students signing up. Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com fast if you want to register and attend as I can accommodate up to 10 students per class.

After attending the EON PROFILING workshop, like the 9 students, you can:

  • Know yourself and others from a broader perspective;
  • Understand your emotions and strengths;
  • Prepare for the challenges and opportunities to come;
  • Analyse charts from various angles;
  • Be able to adapt and respond;
  • Communicate with improved emotional intelligence (EQ); and
  • Embrace change and transform into a better user or practitioner of behavioural profiling.

Practise regularly, participate actively in the EON PROFILING community WhatsApp chat, and strive for “Transformational Change through EON Profiling” to become a better YOU.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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