Upcoming EON PROFILING class on 18 June 2022

As many of my EON/FEN students know, I promote the Elements of Number (EON) methodology on a passionate basis rather than a full-time commercial business as do many external trainers. It is the strong passion that builds determination and grit that has given me the ability to post articles since 2010. I could not post articles recently as I was busy “re-firing” my other priorities – personal growth and professional development.

EON PROFILING courseI look forward to sharing more information about EON Profiling with the 9 of you who have registered for next weekend’s EON PROFILING from June 18-19, 2022. With a class limit of ten, there’s only one seat left.

I’m going to share a few FEN (Five Elements Numerology) skills in this EON PROFILING course. For example, I will share visualisation techniques with the 9 students on how they can readily associate traits to each number, and understand its interactions with surrounding numbers. This means using all five senses (vision, touch, smell, hearing, taste) for profiling analysis.

Then, I’ll share in class how to maximise the use of the FEON+ tool to profile a chart in a refreshing way where students can correlate them easily. This means that the EON PROFILING course is not a Basic module per se. Rather, it is a comprehensive course in which, through regular practice, students would be able to understand and profile anyone’s birth charts better than those who had attended the advanced modules elsewhere.

FEON+ Profiling tool from Meganworx

What’s that supposed to mean? Well, as I have posted over a thousand articles on this site so far, you can read my articles that included screenshots using the FEON+ v1.x (Android) tool. If you have read them already and found them insightful, but yet found “the underlying details are missing”, you’ll find the answers at my EON PROFILING class.

All I aim to do this year is BETTER directionWe all face challenges every day; the way we react or respond to those situations is up to us. Some people reacted emotionally when the incidents were unexpected and not what they hoped to be. Others responded to the same situations, but in a more positive manner. I plan to share with the class how to identify differences between reactions and responses, and how it could affect your emotions, and influence others as well. And how you can adopt behavioural flexibility and emotional agility – becomes an adaptable person who can respond to change tactfully. Once you have instilled a growth mindset, it is not necessary to refer to your birth chart or your personal year chart frequently.

All you need to do is to self-discover your purpose and direction in life, know your “north star” and have better success. Your positivity and changed mindset would help you to “ride with the tide” and come down anytime when opportunities present themselves.

Seems simple, but profound?

Well, you have to take a small step forward, like the 9 students who have registered, to try to learn, to know, and to understand you better. Understand your weaknesses, strengths, abilities and capacities to be who you can be. And with a simple change in mindset, you can be who you want to be and take ownership of your own destiny and decide the quality of your life journey experience.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityOnce you know yourself and understand others better, open your minds, change your perspectives and expand your vision. Then get rid of old limited self-beliefs and build good habits instead. Like striving to re-fire, re-wire, re-charge, and reframe your mind and thoughts in a more positive way. And finally, you can grow into a better YOU.

I look forward to sharing more about the Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling and how you can inculcate a growth mindset, in the class on June 18, 2022. And uplift the class lessons from a transactional to transformational one.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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