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I received a recent e-mail from Simon. He was ready to accept my offer of 1-on-1 coaching for free. At the same time, he also described his career challenges, as well as the health of his daughter.

I told Simon that I could not provide any guidance or observations during the Coaching session. My role as a certified coach is just to ask questions to evoke Simon to discover and think about the mental clutter in his mind. And how he wants to prioritise and take action to reach his goal. Yes, most of the time Simon will be speaking while I listen attentively and ask more questions. While it might look like a transactional session of questions, it would be more of a transformative session. This is when Simon is clear on what bothers him, what he can do, and what he should do right away.

The bad news – I know Simon would be disappointed that I’m not scheduling a coaching session with him. The reason is simple – it is NOT the correct session.

The good news – I told Simon I would take off my coach hat, and put my EON profiling hat in place. And with that, I could share my observations with him. This included likely contributing factors that could lead him to think of his current career problems. I also told Simon I’ll share his daughter’s health condition in a separate article.

Illusion of Knowledge. UCMHP. Universal Character Method of Human Profiling. Clarity in Numbers. Power of Numbers. LifeQuest. Science of Numbers. Simon was glad I could provide some observations and here is our (edited) communication:

[Ron] Just out of curiosity, please respond to the following questions:
1. How did you learn about my site?
2. Have you attended any other numerology course before?

[Simon] I was googling to find out what people were saying about the UCMHP course, and I stumbled across your site that contains that keyword. Yes, I attended Dr Bernard’s course (basic and the life character coach). It left me with more confusion as to how to read my own charts. The instructor seems to be able to understand the patterns and dynamics on people’s chart. However, their knowledge is not written or structured on their handouts. Frustrated, I don’t plan to further my skills or investment with their advanced course.

Good decision comes from experience.It was, indeed, unfortunate that Simon felt negative, even after having attended the “life character coach” class. Something’s off somewhere. Could it be due to the absence of uncertainty, “don’t know what you don’t know” or the advice given during the course? Have there been subsequent follow-up sessions where students can engage directly with the trainers? Can their students ask questions, share birthdates and plot charts, and enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning even after the end of classroom sessions?

Simon is not alone in feeling frustrated by his UCMHP learning experience; many people felt the same. And I can’t solve the UCMHP trainer’s issue as they should have an obligation to keep their promises and achieve the results of their course outcomes. And make sure their students learn how to profile a right analysis properly. And not just to get it right.


[Simone] I don’t get any satisfaction or feel any real sense of accomplishment from my current digital marketing job in an ad agency (3 years), despite having a great boss, a not bad salary and friendly colleagues.

Happiness is not something ready made; it comes from your own actions. Elements of Numbers.As they say, “people joined the organization as they could relate to corporate values; they leave because of their bosses.” Thus, there could be more than a sense of belonging at work, since, as Simon said, he has a great boss, a good salary, and a happy work environment.

[Simon] I think that digital marketing is an art example. Suppose we change the visual of the advertisement and get more leads online in the first few weeks. The lead performance could drop off after some time. It is difficult to troubleshoot/determine why an online prospect is not converting. I feel it is just a guessing game with not much scientific or research backing to it.

Today’s digital marketing mindset is so different than it was years ago. COVID-19 has made digital marketing all the more challenging and saturated. You might have heard about the VUCA word – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. And now, there’s D-VUCAD too. Gone are the days of niche advertising agencies delivering convincing promotional collateral.

If you don't like where you are, then change it.Today, any person with social influence can compete in the digital space. Customer attention is also short span due to changing customer habits, disruptive social influences, and dynamic business changes.

Digital Marketing teams no longer have the compelling means to tell their customers what they think would increase customer profits. Instead, they should focus on the WHYs, the needs of the clients and not the desires. Companies need to understand the meaning and value of customer experience when it comes to building meaningful and lasting connections.

Customers don’t care about the quality of your product or your insights; they care about their own progress. At the end of the day, it’s not just about customer profitability; it’s also about customer resiliency and sustainability.


CaseStudy Elements of Numbers (EON) - FEON+ ChartNow, let’s look at Simon’s EON Birth Chart and see if there are tendency signs that might influence his current outlook on digital marketing observations. Note that what I will share, does not necessarily imply that Simon would inhibit everything I am going to write. People change, as do their personalities and behaviours. And their habits and outcomes.

Birth Root 3 represents a rapidly changing attitude. Everything should be instant, immediate, quick, and now. Simon needs to understand that it’s not about what he thinks the customer wants, but to do a “Gemba walk” and understand what his customer really needs. He must be patient and realise that the client would need more time to decide and commit. Particularly if Simon’s team is unable to convince them of their ROI (Return on Investment). There are multiple instances of the number 3 present elsewhere in the chart; hence the hasty and impatient emotions, manifested and present.

The multiple 1s depicts a person with a strong egotistical mindset, perhaps, with materialistic pursuits too. Oh yes, the vibes from the 1-2-3 pattern also act as an influencing light for Simon to pursue materialistic wealth than holistic wellness. He must take care of his mental and respiratory health, and areas connected with the METAL element. This includes anxiety, unnecessary worries, hyperventilation, breathlessness, mental stress, skin disorders and others. From the perspective of visualisation, METAL and FIRE are conspicuous and strong. So, in addition to the health areas mentioned, Simon has to take care of his heart and tempers too. Oh, he needs to moderate his sexual thoughts, and cut down on fatty foods. Avoid binge drinking, reduce sugary or carbohydrate foods. And there are tendency signs he might be in the “high risk” group of people with diabetes symptoms. Go for regular check-ups even if he thinks he’s still young.

Furthermore, there are tendency signs in the 1-3-4 pattern that suggested Simon has the “selective listening” habits. This could mean that he may not be mindful (attentive) of his client’s needs instead. This is a relevant phrase: “Listen to understand; don’t listen to answer.” If Simon is unable to listen and understand the client’s needs, then have some of his creative team members attend the meeting to understand better. At the end of the day, it’s not how much Simon thinks his team has created, but if the creations could translate into benefits for his clients.

Blaming others i nothing more than excusing yourselfThe 5-7-3 pattern in his Time of Birth charts, together with his multiple 3s in other charts, could suggest because of his hasty approach, Simon might have overlooked contractual agreements. These changes could have occurred frequently as a result of the non-compliance. And that might be a reason Simon dislike handling the same client…

The 3-3-6 [Fast – Fast – Money] and 9-9-9 [Success – Success – Success] patterns suggested a fast roller-coaster mindset to pursue success as the destination, not the journey of experience. Simon might want to change and adapt his behavioural style, and perhaps eliminate the siloed, fixed mindset and move into the growth mindset. And when he could, he would be manifesting the positive vibes of 3-3-6 [Passion – Creative – Mindset] and 9-9-9 [Customer Vision – Customer Success – His Success].


The successful person places more attention on doing the right thing rather than doing things right.[Simon] Also, I feel bored handling the same clients. Is it advisable to change jobs in the year 2023? I’m thinking to do something unrelated to digital marketing (somehow grown fatigued with digital marketing). Like, accounting, or facial/beauty service. Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll address that in the Part-2 article. I’ll also share his career vibes, PY2022/PY2023 signs, and other observations. What you’ve read up until now is based on surface observations, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives and transformative change techniques. I’m profiling from observing his Birth and Time charts. I’ve not touched on other charts yet.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityOh, before I write the Part 2 article, I’ll wait for Simon’s comments on this article. It’s always important to get feedback on what I’m observing. It has nothing to do with accuracies; I don’t believe in accurate profiling analysis promoted elsewhere. For me, the feedback is more about the relevancy, relatability and focus of my perspectives at the time of analysing his charts.

I have not described the basic interpretations of what numbers and number patterns are, since Simon finished the “life coaching course” and should be able to interpret them accordingly. Unless his UCMHP trainer, again, could not provide a beneficial and applied knowledge experience. Unless the truth is known, I may not be able to analyse Simon’s charts beyond the surface observations.

Happy reading…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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