Go Beyond “Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself” for Better Outcomes

General topic on Elements of Numbers (EON) method, plus the extended Five Elements Numberology (FEN) techniques

It is important to understand the basics of the profiling method you have learned, whatever method and courses you have taken. Whether it’s UCMHP, LifeQuest, Science of Numbers, Visiber, Clarity of Numbers, Power of Numbers, and so on. And of course, the Elements of Numbers (EON) and Five Elements Numerology (FEN). Oh yes, including those who bought my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"Next, the need to make a conscious effort to practise. If you do not practice regularly, you are likely to be confused or have a superficial understanding of the method learned.

Tips #1: Practice using the correct/right profiling technique (quality), not just focusing on profiling right just for accurate observations (quantity).

Reason: Your Birth Chart is Not Your Personality.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityEven permanent stone sculptures would change over time, if left intact, due to weather conditions and other environmental factors.

Over the years, your visions, values, behaviours, beliefs and character have also changed. Along with your personalities. Although certain traits in the birth chart may still be present with varying levels, other traits would be replaced as a result of changing habits. Or by influencing energies in the periodical years (by knowing the signs present in the Personal Year charts).

Now, no matter how knowledgeable and understanding you are about any particular profiling system, and how many case studies you’ve done, you could end up being controlled and fixated on the system. You ended with a focused profiling method and assumed your way is always the one and only way to profile yourself and others.

Overthinking kills your happiness. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements Numerology. Ron WZ Sun.To the experienced profiling practitioners, that’s the irony. You have assumed with more practice that you are becoming better at using the profiling method. And you could build a deeper, focused understanding. And that’s what this is all about.

You should broaden your horizon and peripheral vision to add value to your current skills. This is why, if you haven’t already noticed, the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, when introduced in 2010, has evolved to be more than simply profiling with numbers. And in my EON course, I added transformation techniques to help students understand, from an end-to-end approach to profiling. From the knowledge of their charts to a better knowledge of themselves, to the mindset changes to change the result in a favourable way. You don’t need expensive LifeCode ornaments or physical gadgets promoted elsewhere by other trainers. In fact, there is even less need to attend master’s or practitioner level courses.

Power over your mind. Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunThere is no “one size fits all” profiling method that can help you to know your numbers and know you better. To grow your wealth, and know which relevant sector you can build on career development.

Shifting perspective and instilling growth mindsets are free. As the saying goes, “Change your thinking and it can change your life.” So, with the changing mindset comes better outcomes. And something that’s under your control that you can deal with.

Why do some people change and become successful, and others not?

Almost anyone who took numerology courses and became a better person, did one common thing: They have made a positive change. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They understand their vulnerabilities. And most importantly, they are willing to accept and change perspective, instil growth mindsets and make transformational change. A change of mindset leads to greater results. And achieving self-actualisation, pride and contentment. Along with happiness, for many.

Exhausted all possibilities. Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunKnowing your charts will help you begin the first step for you to know yourself. Profiling yourself and looking beyond the numbers to find hidden clues may take you to another milestone. By including techniques elsewhere, you may then proceed to the achievement of another milestone. When you have attained the peak of your goal, you have changed into a better version of YOU. And it brings about a change of perspective and growth mindset.

Remember, profiling is only the first steps in knowing and understanding you. Building a growth mindset is the next step in getting to the top of your vision. Setting goals is the next, followed by conscientious actions…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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