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In an earlier article, “On Anthony: What Can I Do in 2023 – Part 3“, I have shared information on Anthony’s traits and WHY he must take steps to improve. I also shared HOW he can handle his expectations and WHAT he can do to reduce his emotional triggers and cognitive biases.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunOver the past few months, Anthony emailed me again, with repeated fears. The following are excerpts from his emails and my observations based not only on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology, but also on human behavioural psychology.

[Anthony] Lately, I have an urge / eagerness to jump ship to another company. First, I think that this is due to pressure from my second boss and also the things he did. For example, while I’m doing the right thing, I’m still discouraged by him because he finds fault by putting emotions into his email for me, rather than encouragement and advice. This makes my anxiety heightened and hurts my feelings, sometimes the pain stays for days and weeks thinking about all the reprimands and emotional discouragements.

Elements of Numbers (EON) Chart, generated by FEON+ (Five Elements of Numbers) software toolYou need 2 hands to clap. What I’m receiving is feedback from Anthony’s perspective, and not from his boss. More often than not, what we fear may not be what it appears to be. Sometimes it’s because of our perceived views that heightened the negativity of what we see.

Anthony may lack confidence and constantly need external validation of his work, just as a child needs the parent to congratulate them for every good thing they do.

Anthony’s PY2023 chart shows the 9-3-3 pattern at V-W-X shows the drive to improve career prospects due to financial temptations. So, when the mind is fixed, his vision and relationship with his boss and other colleagues in management, has been limited to the border of negativity.

We have to look at Anthony’s Birth Chart again, and I highlighted in the previous three-part articles. Anthony must get away from his mental fears because of the strong Metal element.

I strongly advise Anthony to seek professional medical assistance to reduce his anxiety and other psychological behaviours.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunLearning NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is good, but does Anthony know how to apply NLP to himself? Perhaps he could consider paying for professional help to heal from lessening his negatives and fears first.

Then, a person with a strong Metal element tends to inhibit and exhibit egotistic and selfish behaviour that they might not have known about. Therefore, it is very important that we know and understand our vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

[Anthony] I just feel he is not a leader, but a pusher of task completion. But maybe he just wanted the work done, and it’s his style for the past three years that I’ve been with this company. I’ve stayed in the company all this time. This is due to my respect for the founder of the company (big boss) who treated all the staff very well (with bonuses, benefits, bonuses, company trips, etc.). They also pay very well.

Elements of Numbers (EON) chart, generated by FEON+ software tool. Elemental StrengthAs they often said, “People joined the company because of their values and vision, but they leave because of their manager.

There are different kinds of leadership styles, like autocratic, democratic, transformational, affiliative, pace-setting, coaching, and others. As we are all leaders in our own way, we do not always stick to one style of leadership. Unless necessary, due to particular circumstances.

Why Anthony’s boss could exercise an autocratic leadership style and enforce results-oriented tasks is something that Anthony needs to explore to find the root cause.

Even if the root cause lies with his boss, Anthony might want to take a different approach, a more positive collaboration to work with his boss. Maybe, as willing partners and team members, not supervisor-subordinate roles.

Did Anthony ever think of giving feedback to his HR Business Partner or his boss’s supervisor?

[Anthony] I recently came across a job ad from XYZ, a big, well-known company. I therefore decided to act by updating my CV and I applied for the position. I have yet to receive an answer. Deep down, I think it’s all emotional. I also felt that change was needed when it came to taking care of my mental health, which is the most important in life.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunAnthony may want to examine the underlying cause and not the symptoms of his boss giving him emotional tension and pressure. Often there is a reason and we don’t know if the contributing factor is Anthony or his boss, as I have no feedback from his boss.

[Anthony] The same thing happened again. There is always a sense of negativity in his emails. It triggers my emotions. It pulls me down and I wonder if I should just ignore all this and just let it go.

It is always a good idea to let go, to move on or to move forward. However, from one standpoint, the act of letting go might be related to the thought of escaping from the situation. This is not helping Anthony with his EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and cognitive biases.

Anthony may want to review his boss’s work attitude towards other co-workers or team members. If the boss does not behave in an autocratic manner mostly with other colleagues, but only with Anthony, then something is wrong.

Elements of Numbers (EON) Posting - Not Power of Numbers PON, Universal Characteristics Method of Human Profiling UCMHP, Clarity in Numbers, Science of Numbers LifeQuest, VisiberTransformative profiling using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is the key to improving yourself for future-ready work. There’s no need to discuss your personality or enrich your wealth, or even attend career coaching courses to identify your career or industry. At the end of the day, it’s more about the person’s willingness to change to be better. And focused on the essential or critical core skills and their attitude toward work, conflict management, team communication and problem solving, and so on.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunAnthony has a strong Metal element, and should not behave or act as a “follower” who does not want to take charge, lead, or worse, accept responsibility and accountability. It’s a “wake-up” call for Anthony to decide what he wants to be, how he could take steps to be where he can be.

In today’s business context, change is constant. Anthony must change and adapt, improve his skills through continuous learning and practise them regularly.

The 9-6-6 pattern in P-Q-R of his PY2023 chart further manifested the Metal element. This means that unless Anthony takes immediate measures to reduce and manage his already strong Metal element, the mental disorder or illness could surface. This could affect his mental health considerably.

Again, check with healthcare professionals, not behavioural profiling professionals.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunThe 4-8-3-2-7-9 pattern in his next year’s PY2024 chart shows some form of poor EQ communication and relational tensions. It could be with anybody, not necessarily the boss. If Anthony is married, the tension might be with his wife and if he has a daughter, it might be with them as well.

On the other hand, the relationship problem could be related to financial matters as well, as perhaps, in the worst case scenario, some financial mismanagement or the investment made by Anthony. And the likely reason could be because of the greed of “wealth enrichment” opportunities promoted by wealth creation opportunists and financial investment consultants.

Or if Anthony decides to leave his current job, he’s losing his well-paid salary.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ SunI hope Anthony will be able to better understand himself and why he urgently needs to address his mental health issues. Anthony needs to decide when he wants to take charge of his life and career progression, and identify the stage for transformational change. I know Anthony can do that, if he’s sincere about wanting to change, and not let procrastination and negativity take over his mind.

It doesn’t matter whether Anthony wants to change careers or jobs. As long as his innate behaviours and cognitive biases remain, he might experience similar emotional tensions on various levels.

Profiling isn’t just about identifying your personality traits, behaviours, and potential influences that could affect you from birth charts, periodic charts, and other key charts available. Profiling is only one part of the whole transformational process, which is the self-awareness part.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. FEON+ Ron WZ SunOnce you know and understand your character traits and “self-awareness”, you must take steps to take advantage of your strengths while you work hard to enhance your weaknesses as well. Get rid of ineffective habits and be willing to take the effort and time to make a positive change. Once you are in better control of yourself, then may you be more comfortable dealing with other people. So that’s where self-management comes in.

Here’s my advice to Anthony: Seek professional medical help and attend full consultations. Begin by managing your mental stress. You have the capabilities, knowledge and skills to become a better leader, not a follower, if you want to improve your career and personal development. You can make it… only if you want to.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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