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I introduced the techniques for identifying the impact, influence, and consequences of Double-Effect (DE) vibes, leading to “Double Blessing” and “Double Whammy” outcomes. I was able to do this because of my understanding of the application techniques of Chinese Metaphysics’ Five Elements principles.

Elements of Numbers: Double Effect, Double Blessing, Double WhammyI’ve explained the DE vibes in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Click here to order the book online and learn the fundamentals of Elements of Numbers (EON).

Everyone loves experiencing a “Double Blessing” outcome. However, some hope for a “Double Whammy” to befall someone they dislike. That seems negative and could potentially have karmic consequences.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxIsn’t it ironic? What you like, you take; what you don’t like, you hope someone else will take. Life is not so simple and sweet. Just like the Yin-Yang metaphor, which implies that there’s a Yin in every Yang and a Yang in every Yin, every Personal Year chart with a DE indicator can lead to either “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” outcomes. These depend solely on your actions before, during, and after the DE year.

In the EON method, DE signifies having identical numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of your Birth Chart and the Personal Year (PY) chart. When you have a DE year, both charts are overlaid, with the PY chart on top of the Birth Chart. The elemental energies of the individual numbers in these locations are theoretically assumed to be doubly manifested. This means that during a DE year, all good things can be doubled, as can all bad things.



Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxJust like our behaviours when faced with similar situations, the outcome depends on how we react or respond. When we emotionally react in negative ways, we make ourselves angry – our blood pressure rises, our mental stress creates headaches – our health is affected, either obviously or invisibly, deep inside. The amygdala, part of our brain, takes control, resulting in an unpleasant experience for all.

When we pause for a moment to formulate our thoughts and then respond in a tactful or amicable way – whether sincere or sarcastic but calm – we take charge of the situation, conflict, and unnecessary emotional tension, transforming them into a controlled and respectable conversation. The neocortex part of our brain takes control and manages our emotions to respond in a communicative way, resulting in a more pleasant experience for all.

The 3 Brains, Elements of Numbers (EON), Fast and Easy Character Profiling. Organisation Psychology. Positive PsychologyIn many ways, it’s all about understanding your own Emotional Intelligence (EQ, EI, EIQ) and how you want to improve in them when communicating with others.

With high EQ, you behave and interact with others with respect, empathy, compassion, and agility. With poor EQ, you behave and react to others with disrespect, the egoistical “I, Me, and Myself” mindset, and the forceful “My Way or the Highway” assertiveness.

Just like the two sides to a coin; one side can create the positiveness (how you respond) while the other side is the negativity (how you react) influences.



Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxIf anyone, including myself, tells you that you will have a Double Blessing in a year, we are speaking from our personal perspectives based on our knowledge, experiences, and awareness of what we believe you should do. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will experience a Double Blessing just because we said so.

It’s not as simple as a mathematical equation where “What you do = Double Blessing.” While it’s easy for me to advise you on how to achieve a Double Blessing year, the way you behave, think, and act during that time could influence the outcome. Some people might immediately say, “It’s not my fault; you didn’t follow my advice.” Frankly, it’s difficult because we can’t control you unless you’re a robot that we’ve programmed to perform tasks strictly according to instructions.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxDuring a DE year, strive to inculcate the habit of positivity and manage your emotions. Plan your goals and take sustainable actions to ensure you achieve milestones and final completion. Only you can take charge of what you can do, must do, and should do to manifest positive vibes during your DE year.

Sure, there might be Double Whammy incidents that year, but overall, the number of Double Blessing vibes you receive overshadows the negative ones. In a DE year, Double Whammy influences often affect your health states.



Yes, I’m glad you can think positively like that and take charge. Your actions can lead to more positive outcomes and eventually, double blessings.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxHowever, life is complex, as are the energies around us. By the time you manifest these energies in your DE year and achieve optimal levels, half of the year might already be gone. You are not maximising the optimal energies but only a portion of the positive manifested energies.

The energies must be in constant flow, allowing you to go with the flow, ride the tide, and know when to alight as well.

As mentioned in earlier articles, it’s important to manifest positive energies starting one year before your DE year and continuing for one year afterward. This “before-during-after” approach helps create a constant stream of positive energy throughout the DE year, from January 1st to December 31st, since you begin earlier and end later.



We are complex individuals with a range of emotions, behaviours, thoughts, and attitudes. Not everything I wrote earlier will occur. It may only happen when good energies are consistently manifested, such as the actions you took after embracing the Law of Attraction and taking steps to manifest based on the Law of Assumptions.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxEnough said, go and profile more case studies on celebrities or popular figures – how they received awards, declared bankruptcy, became Presidents, and so on, during the “before-during-after” of a year. Or analyse your own charts – when you got promoted, received a special bonus, got sick or had your health affected, etc. Compile your own data sets to enable and empower yourself to analyse and make assumptions based on your findings.

Remember, there is no such thing as a concluding observation, only findings based on your perspective. When you’re unsure why it should be a Double Blessing but notice a Double Whammy effect instead, remember that energies from other periodic charts like Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day can influence you.


What can you do now? Stay positive, be focused, set goals, and take action. Ignore the noise. And don’t be obsessive; let the numbers guide you but not control or manage you.

Elements Of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling Ron WZ Sun EON Five Elements Numerology FEON MeganworxUnderstanding the quality levels of elements and numbers, and correlating them to your personal strengths and weaknesses, will give you an overall view of what you should do, can do, and would do during the year. This helps avoid actions that could disrupt your energies.

Eventually, a transformative mindset shift could solve many of today’s problems and issues.

OK, That’s all for now…

Always practice your profiling and strive to gather data to substantiate your evidence and findings, but do not assume it will be the same for everyone.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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