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What others said about my first book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.

“It is a good and easy book to understand. Tried quite a few scenarios and profiling and it was spot on. Good for anybody who want to have an understanding of themselves and their destiny.”

“The content is well structured and easy to read. It’s a great book for any beginner. It got me intrigue to want to learn more.”

“Read your EON book numerous times. It is very interesting I must say.” 

“I enjoy your book. Very well written.”

“This is so informative, finally getting some sense out from these numbers.”


Get the Book Now!This book is unlike other Numerology books. The “Elements of Numbers” (EON) theories you are about to learn is not only fun and easy to use, it is life-changing.

With the information in this book, you can start profiling anyone on completion. You can also apply the same technique for profiling in the fields of Human Behavioral Science. You can work on improving your well-being and that of your loved ones too. Imagine how you can impress your friends and associates with your newly gained analytical skill!

If you are a Bazi or Feng Shui professional or enthusiast, this book will teach you how to analyze a person’s character, destiny and yearly influences, using numerology and the Five Elements!

This is not the usual self-help and “how to” book that aims to transform you immediately into a character profiler expert the moment you complete the book. You will not become and instant expert if you treat the book like a typical storybook. Instead, use this book as though you are attending a course and this is a course guide helping you with the fundamentals of the EON method. And with self-study Elements of Numbers will help you reinforce your understanding on the fundamentals in numerology system progressively.

If you are already familiar with the other numerology methods, then this is a “must have” reference book that brings you fresh insights on using numerology for profiling, from a East-West fusion perspective. I have included more tips and useful advanced information to help you get started quickly. I am constantly researching to unravel the underlying principles. I have included observations drawn from my own experiences and research. I know you will benefit from my EON method and the extended theories.

If you are an experienced Numerologist, or have been using other Numerology systems for some time, put aside what you know for now. Consider the techniques discussed in this book as a different metaphysics system – one that approaches the use of numbers from another perspective. Although there could be conflicting meanings in the numbers, its influences and elements, treat this unique EON/FEN system as a separate method of character profiling. Read it with an open mind so that you can digest them efficiently before applying the knowledge to complement your existing analytical skills.

Get a copy of my EON book today. Learn to take charge of your destiny and enrich your life now!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




Disclaimer, Trademarks & Acknowledgement:
The names of the persons, products, or companies used in the case studies in my book and/or mentioned on this site are for references only; they serve to demonstrate and explain the associations of the numbers, and its elemental effects, based on my research findings. The behaviours, traits, characteristics, and potential health effects stated are not an indication that the person(s) mentioned will have, or will suffer from such health symptoms, or other traits mentioned. The use of case studies is to highlight the positive and negative effects in our lives, and the negative consequences if we do not take appropriate steps to protect our holistic wellbeing in our pursuit for personal goals. The general information on the basic PON theory is derived from the teachings of Dr Oliver Tan (Numbers Academy Singapore). The method of plotting was adapted from the Pythagoras Triangle chart, used in The Book of Numerology by Hal A. Lingerman (1992). All reference to external numerology charts and images are copyright, trademark, or registered trademark of the respective owners, and is hereby acknowledged. I have since expanded the basic PON theories with information gathered from my own research and findings, which are largely based on the elemental characteristics of the numbers and the “Five Elements” concepts. For clarity, my theories are termed, Elements of Numbers (EON).
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