Double Whammy or Blessing

If you have a “Double Effect” Period (Year, Month, Day), you need to take extra caution to reduce any risk.

Be extra alert in what you do. It is not all about health. It can be anything – from health to career, from promotions to retrenchments, and from lawsuits to accidents. Do not indulge in unhealthy habits that may hasten the potential negative effects.

The negative energies can manifest quickly, and its compounded effects can be harmful. You may also be more accident-prone as well. Whatever it is, lie low and reduce the risk during that year, even though the potential rewards may look attractive.

A wild and fun-loving person may be “doubly wild and fun” when they have a Double Effect Year. They can do surprising acts during that year – resign from a job abruptly, leave their homes and families behind, leave the country, and so on – anything that would enable them to continue the sudden urge to fulfill their personal wants.

There are also cases where people have taken on more aggressive and active roles to build up their careers during their Double Effect Year. Some will enjoy promotions, career boosts and advancements, business venture successes, better wealth, completion of projects, and so on. For some, the results are only ‘felt’ in the following year – winning awards, gaining recognition; and for some special people, their road to Presidency is secured, and sealed.

You should focus on the effects of a Double Effect Year – the “Double Whammy” and “Double Blessing”; these are the two main effects everyone should care about since it is either good or bad. The resulting effects depend on the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the persistency and quality of the actions you take regularly.

Can you avoid the “double whammy” years?

Having a Double Effect Year does not necessarily imply a fatalistic result. The severity level depends on the type, quality, and consistency of the actions you take.

Learn to identify your ‘Double Effect’ Years. Have a “Double Blessing’ instead!

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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