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Numerological Predictive Observations 2021

I wish you all a New Year 2021 filled with hope, joy, and love. May this year 2021 brings you clearer visibilities and taking actions to attract an abundance of good blessings, success, better...


Reflections on 2020

Today (21 Dec 2020) is winter solstice. With about ten days remaining before we celebrate and welcome 2021, let us pause and take stock of the events that happened this year. Before I continue,...


On PON: Oliver’s Wrong Forecast

We’re all humans, and it’s okay to be wrong. However, when people often make the same profiling mistake repeatedly, this person becomes the problem – either the systemic method, perceptions and advice, or approaches...


Winning Forecast for US Votes 2020: Joe Biden

It was the moment that the majority of Americans are waiting for, while the world leaders are watching closely in anticipation, to the outcome on who the next president of United States of America,...


Using EON method for Stock Profiling

Someone recently posted a search for “Seasonal Cycles and Elemental Influences on Stocks.” I’d assume he or she was checking out my past articles on applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for stock...


On The Wuhan Virus

While you push forward with the new resolutions, goals, prospects and hopes for this year, let’s not forget to take full responsibility of your health too. As holistic health is paramount, any neglect or...


Hong Kong PY2020 chart

My wife and I love watching Hong Kong films, especially those impact ones that showcase the daily livelihoods of the people, and how they overcame their challenges. At times, it’s fun to watch short...


Numerological Predictive Observations 2020

Greetings to all, and wishing everyone a fantastic and happy new year 2020. May this year brings you an abundance of good blessings, success, fortune, better health, career growth, business acumen, and academic excellence....


Reflections on 2019

It’s time of the year when we look back in the year 2019, and reflect what has been going on. Let me emphasise once again my observations were simply based on the interactions and...

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