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On Rudy Giuliani & 7-5-3 Vibes

According to this Yahoo online article, titled, “Rudy Giuliani appears in federal court for first time in 28 years to push Trump campaign’s voter fraud claims,” Rudy appeared in a Pennsylvania court on Tuesday (17...


Double-Effect (PY2020) on Kim Jong-un

There have been speculations and rumours in the media about Kim Jong-un being “gravely ill” as reported in this Yahoo online article. For all you know, it could be another series of over-exaggerated information produced...


On Harry & Meghan

By now, many of you would have read or heard about the decision made by Harry and Meghan, to live an independent life. According to this Yahoo online article, the Queen was quoted to...


EON Bits on Traveller sign

Someone posted a search for “Travellers” a few days ago, and I decided to share more insights in this area here. I learned the PON (Power of Numbers) method more than a decade ago....


On Elizabeth Holmes

Somebody searched for “Elizabeth Holmes” recently, and I thought it was interesting to find out if there are signs potentially leading to some key events in her life. While we’re all worked by our...

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