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What’s up, Ron?

It’s been a while since my last posting, and I must say, the absence allows me to focus and complete other higher priority tasks that I delayed for a while. With over a thousand...


On Yvette: Checking on Career Vibes – Part 1.5

In an earlier article, “On Yvette: Checking on Career Vibes – Part 1,” I shared some findings of possible behavioural traits and actions from Yvette’s charts. I told Yvette that I would start drafting...


Winning Forecast for US Votes 2020: Joe Biden

It was the moment that the majority of Americans are waiting for, while the world leaders are watching closely in anticipation, to the outcome on who the next president of United States of America,...


Yearly and Monthly charts

During the past few days, users have searched for periodic information on this site, including searched words like “month, monthly, 36 monthly, monthly chart, yearly chart.” The standard Year and Day charts are good,...


On EON Time of Birth

Somebody searched for “Time of Birth” this week, and I felt it’s good to explain, based on my research findings, to include the birth time, whenever possible, in our profiling analysis. The birth time...

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