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On Zak’s health signs – Part 2

I received a follow-up email from Zak, who read my case study article “On Zak’s health signs – Part 1” posted earlier. [Zak] I’m done reading my case study. Thank you for the insights....


On Zak’s health signs – Part 1

I received an email from Zak some weeks ago. The following is an edited excerpt from our conversation. [Zak] I came across your website and I’m interested in registering for the FEN Workshop to...


On James’ Concerns – Part 4

I thought I had completed a three-part article on James’ concerns. However, it created the “I started rolling the ball, and the rolling continues” effect. I’m aware James is excited over my analysis on...


The search for “5-7-3 couple”

There was a recent search on “573 couple” phrase. I thought I could share some insights from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, which promotes the growth mindset, rather than the fixed mindset taught...

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