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On Yasmin & Amy

I posted an article “On Yasmin & Jaz”  in early February 2018, and shared some insights on the relationship matters between Yasmin and her friend Jaz. Recently, Yasmin emailed me with another of her...


Anniesa Hasibuan: Ego & Temptations

According to this Yahoo article, titled “Leading Muslim fashion designer jailed in Indonesia fraud,” it was quoted that Anniesa “was sentenced to 18 years in prison Wednesday for a multi-million dollar fraud and money-laundering.”...


The 4th FEN WORKSHOP class

Once again, I’m glad students who attended the 4th FEN WORKSHOP class over the past two days (2-3 June 2018) were happy with what they’ve learned and discovered. They could now build the knowledge...


EON Bits on Sleeping Y (and UNZIP Code)

Sometime in December last year, one FEN student (from 1st FEN WORKSHOP class) posted the message, “Sleeping Y – pull down, killed or be downed, or suicide.” Soon after, messages like “he [trainer] never...

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