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On Anthony: Reflecting on Year 2022 – Part 2

In the previous Part 1 article, I shared some observations about the tendency signs that Anthony might face. Anthony gave extensive feedback with detailed points that are consistent with my comments in Part 1....


On Rudy Giuliani & 7-5-3 Vibes

According to this Yahoo online article, titled, “Rudy Giuliani appears in federal court for first time in 28 years to push Trump campaign’s voter fraud claims,” Rudy appeared in a Pennsylvania court on Tuesday (17...


Wealth luck without number 6

Someone searched for “Wealth without number 6” recently on this website. The basic theory applied in many numerology methods by trainers in Singapore, including my Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, associate the wealth signs...


Using EON method for Stock Profiling

Someone recently posted a search for “Seasonal Cycles and Elemental Influences on Stocks.” I’d assume he or she was checking out my past articles on applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for stock...


On Harry & Meghan

By now, many of you would have read or heard about the decision made by Harry and Meghan, to live an independent life. According to this Yahoo online article, the Queen was quoted to...

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