The Myth of Inevitable Numbers: Reclaiming Control from Fear-Based Perceptions


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In everything you do, when you have to decide which option is the best way forward, you have a choice, don’t you?


Every person has different story to tell. Stop the stereotypes and bias. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements NumerologyWhy do some external trainers who teach various numerology methods insist that when a person has the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) patterns, especially in their Birth Chart, it is deemed a bankruptcy number? I just don’t understand such insistence because bankruptcy is a decision, a choice made by the person. It does not mean that every person in the world with such numbers will potentially become bankrupt.

When you hear someone instilling fear in you about your “bankruptcy number,” don’t be fooled or caught in their game. The phrase “When emotion supersedes reason, gullibility must follow” by Barbara Mertz suggests that you might end up spending more money on them than saving for your other expenses due to your gullibility and the emotional fear imposed. So, stay rational so you can reason with clarity.

Perhaps that’s their underlying motive, considering the numbers 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) add up to 15, which reduces to 6 (5+7+3=15; 1+5=6), a number often associated with money. By using fear-based tactics, they hope you’ll spend more money seeking the best solution from them to prevent financial losses or, worse, bankruptcy.


Elements of Numbers. Ready to ChangeSince the resulting number is 6, which is associated with money from one perspective, this implies financial matters. If it’s a financial loss, it can have positive or negative outcomes. You may experience minimal damage, such as seeking repayment from banks, or face the predicted outcome made by these trainers: refusing to pay for your actions and declaring yourself legally bankrupt. You have a choice, don’t you?

The number 6 is not only a figure but also represents your life energy, which is essential for survival. If this life energy supply is cut off, you may first suffer a stroke. Without oxygen, this can lead to a heart attack and, if untreated, death. From an emotional standpoint, some people choose to end their lives through suicide as a quick escape. However, surviving such an attempt can result in further financial strain for both the individual and their family. It’s a misguided notion to think that dying will make your financial troubles disappear. That’s not a simple binary equation like 1+2=3; a life is at stake!


accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling

Fear-based tactics are used by those lacking knowledge beyond the fundamentals or by those with a greed mindset to lead consumers to choose options they have aggressively promoted, often for commercial and profitability reasons, not to sincerely help forecast signs and suggest proactive actions to mitigate or minimise the perceived outcome.

You have a choice, especially if you have the said number patterns in your chart.

Many people, including trainers who overhyped or overgeneralised the bankruptcy number, also have such numbers in their charts. Even if it’s not in their Birth Chart, it might be in their Reflection Chart or Personal Year Chart.

When such a number pattern is present in their Relationship and Compatibility Chart, the perceived bankruptcy could damage the relationship. So what does this all mean? If financial issues are not resolved, they can strain a marriage and potentially lead to divorce or separation.


Elements of NumbersWhy are many of these trainers not affected? Do they have a hidden secret that they cannot reveal for fear of losing their customers, much like pharmaceutical companies creating medications to manage health symptoms but not cure them? It’s all about profitability and commercialisation.

The ones who suffer are the person and their spouse. The ones who win or benefit are these trainers employing fear-based tactics so you feel compelled to attend their class.

Many of their students have reached out to me, expressing their unhappiness with what they had learned elsewhere. Although I cannot intervene, as their learning method differs from my Elements of Numbers (EON) approach, I am not obliged to assist. However, I do advise them on possible actions they can take. Hopefully, this serves as a “wake-up call” for them to learn the correct profiling method and understand that they are ultimately responsible and accountable for their own actions, not their trainers.

Having a mindset shift is free, but it does require sustained effort and time to gradually turn actions into habits. Once atomic habits become part of you, you’ll notice that your transformative energy can easily outweigh any negative influences.

If you see signs of potential financial loss in your Personal Year Chart this year, what can you do? You could purchase a copy of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” if you don’t own one, or buy an extra copy as a gift for a friend. It appears you’ve incurred financial loss through unnecessary spending this year by choice, not because of unplanned external situations. Cool, isn’t it?


Learn the correct profiling methods using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and you’ll find even cooler solutions that you can utilise after more self-discovery and exploration. And of course, make the mindset shift and transformative change to improve your holistic well-being.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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