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Back with fresh insights

I’m back, after showing signs of “no-article postings” for over a month. I apologised for not posting articles as I was pursuing self-directed learning tasks, and had to complete my assignments. To my supporters...


Which is better, Bazi or EON?

Sam, a casual friend of mine, asked me the other day, “Which is better, Bazi or your EON?” He then sent a YouTube video link of a Bazi professional explaining what Bazi is, and...


EON Bits: The Search for Smart Answers

Many users searched for unique information over the past two weeks. And I thought I might as well share my views on some of the searches posted, in today’s article. Root Number The Birth Root...


What’s in 5-5-1?

According to this recent Yahoo online article, “Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic condition once common in developed countries but fairly uncommon in Asia, has been growing in incidence in Singapore in the past...

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