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On Anthony: Knowing the Why, How, and What – Part 4

  In an earlier article, “On Anthony: What Can I Do in 2023 – Part 3“, I have shared information...
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Go Beyond “Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself” for Better Outcomes

It is important to understand the basics of the profiling method you have learned, whatever method and courses you have...
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On Anthony: What Can I Do In 2023? – Part 3

I shared my observations in Part 1 and Part 2 articles about the likely signs that could impact Anthony's character...
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On Anthony: Reflecting on Year 2022 – Part 2

In the previous Part 1 article, I shared some observations about the tendency signs that Anthony might face. Anthony gave...
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On Anthony: Reflecting on Year 2022 – Part 1

I received several emails late last year from Anthony who lives in Malaysia. Below are excerpts from our conversations; I...
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On Simon: Daughter’s Health – Part 3

In my earlier articles (Part 1, Part 2), I shared some observations on Simon’s chart and matters relating to his...
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Numerological Predictive Observations 2023 (NPO2023)

I wish everyone a wonderful 2023 New Year filled with hope, prosperity, blessings and optimism. Remain safe, healthy and focused....
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Elements of Numbers (EON) Posting - Not Power of Numbers PON, Universal Characteristics Method of Human Profiling UCMHP, Clarity in Numbers, Science of Numbers LifeQuest, Visiber

Have you constantly been shocked, embarrassed, confused, stumbled, distressed, or just feeling uncomfortable and apprehensive even after taking numerology lessons from someone else? Have you ever regretted spending so much money to attend rudimentary lessons – at basic, advanced, and/or practitioner levels – that are often prejudiced, impractical, illogical, irrational and irrelevant?

I can understand how you feel, as I’ve experienced the frustrated and desperate feelings too.

And you're here to learn the practical and logical profiling method? Or are you simply visiting this site for the first time, hoping to find out more about how we can help you to know yourself better, and that of your loved ones, and others? Don't worry, whatever the reasons, there is light and clarity (plus hope, with right mindset) here.

If you’re familiar with other profiling methods (Indian, Arabian, Egyptian, Western, and others), Astrology, Feng Shui, Horoscope, Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), and other metaphysics system, our unique EON method can bring fresh insights on profiling behavioural states and personality traits, in a unique, interesting, and easier way. Read about it in our articles, get the EON book, and begin an exciting journey of elemental discoveries… here.

Hi, in case we haven't met, I'm Ron WZ Sun, and welcome to my Elements of Numbers (EON) portal. Here, I hope you can enjoy an insightful experience knowing more about the EON method and extended Five Elements Numerology (FEN) techniques that I’ve formulated and introduced over the years, since 2010.

Learn, know, and understand yourself by applying the logical, practical, and relevant EON/FEN techniques, and adopt the growth mindset to change and prepare yourself for better times ahead.

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one


I've self-published and launched the EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” in 2010. Thousands of readers have benefited, many became BETTER than ever before. Get the EON book as the first step to know yourself and understand others better. Learn the basic principles of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, at your own time, pace, location and comfort, without spending a lot of hard-earned money.


I've posted over a thousand of articles here since 2010. It's all about my strong continuing passion and dedication to guide you to become a better YOU. Read through the articles – case studies, number patterns, newer techniques, discussing fearful theories and external methods taught elsewhere. I know you'll enjoy reading the articles, as thousands have read them and benefited over the years. Don't limit your learning lessons here – read and be better.


I’ve developed the FEON+ software to facilitate my own profiling analysis. I’ve often included screen shots of charts taken from the FEON+ software in many of my case-study articles, and explained its features and relevance. I've added exciting functionality to the software to enable us (students, registered users, and myself) to analyse charts in a more effective, productive and efficient way. Start using the FEON+ tool, be happy, and smile always.

To all my supporters who bought my EON books; students who attended my courses and workshops (EON, FEN, NSQ) over the years; and all those who’ve helped to spread the good feelings learning the EON method, and positively shared the link of this EON site to others – thanks for all your support.

And now to you – if you’re reading this article – I hope you’ll enjoy visiting this site as much as I enjoy sharing the useful information through my articles. Do spread the good feelings around too. Thanks to you, in advance…

Happy learning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

Disclaimer, Trademarks & Acknowledgement:

The names of the persons, products, or companies used in the case studies in my book and/or mentioned on this site are for references only; they serve to demonstrate and explain the associations of the numbers, and its elemental effects, based on my research findings. The behaviours, traits, characteristics, and potential health effects stated are not an indication that the person(s), product, or company mentioned will have, or will suffer from the symptoms and/or traits mentioned. The use of case studies is to highlight the positive and negative effects in our lives, and the negative consequences if we do not take appropriate steps to protect our holistic wellbeing in our pursuit for personal goals. The general information on the basic PON theory is derived from the teachings of Dr Oliver Tan (Numbers Academy Singapore). The method of plotting was adapted from the Pythagoras Triangle chart, used in The Book of Numerology by Hal A. Lingerman (1992). All reference to external numerology charts and images are copyright, trademark, or registered trademark of the respective owners, and is hereby acknowledged. I have since expanded the basic PON theories with information gathered from my own research and findings, which are largely based on the elemental characteristics of the numbers and the “Five Elements” concepts. For clarity, my theories are termed, Elements of Numbers (EON)

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