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On Milos Vystrcil PY2020

I chanced upon below two online news articles yesterday that raised my curiosity to find out more about the Czech Republic politician, Milos Vystrcil. Czech president calls senate leader’s Taiwan visit ‘boyish provocation’ –...


On Aliff Aziz & His 2-2 Pattern

I noted there were search requests for “2-2” and “2-2-4” recently. Besides what I’ve already described on the tendency signs of a person having the 2-2 or 2-2-4 patterns in past articles, I reckoned...


On 5-7-3 Pattern & Others

I’d a great discussion last week with my students in our FEN Community WhatsApp chat group. We’re profiling various charts relating to local political parties and individual politicians, and identifying tendency signs from an...


Online Webinar on 12 June 2020

About 30 FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students – from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand – attended my first FREE online webinar on Friday’s night (12th June 2020). As usual, everyone was excited, chatty, and...

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