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I received an email from Yvette a few months ago with some questions waiting for answers. She was kind enough to share the recent issues at work in her latest email to me. Here are our edited email conversations:

[Yvette] I’m from Malaysia. I attended a 1-day basic session from Clarity Numbers (not sure exact company name) but conducted by Bernard (UCMHP). I am interested to learn more as I still can’t decipher the meaning, but the 2-day course is just too expensive for me. I came across your site as I searched for numerology.

Elements of Numbers EON by Ron WZ Sun: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingI replied to her to get a copy of my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” first to read up and understand the basics, and which I’m glad she did. I also said that I would post an article on her as a case study when time permits, and I need her to pick one aspect of life that she feels most strongly about.

[Yvette] My reason to learn is to understand myself and others, and how to correct and/or overcome my weaknesses in developing better relationships with people around me. Maybe in the process, I can help others as well. Many testified how Bazi or other methods helped them, but when I tried these, I still don’t see the light. I get the same thing, “you’re now in your 10 year bad luck” or “stay put/low profile until 52 (gasp!) blah blah” with no advice for breakthrough.

Elements of Numbers EON: Career ProfilingYes, I would like to read my case study and learn more about the combinations. I suppose I’ll pick my career, but I’m not sure what to ask. I’m currently head of the division unit of a company. Even though I’ve been at the management level for the last three jobs, I can’t help but think that I’m not competent, and that I have no self-confidence, so it’s really frustrating. I find myself wandering around without knowing what I want out of life, even at this age. I thought I liked education, but when I’m in it, I feel stuck and depressed.

Elements of Numbers EON not Power of Numbers UCMHP Clarity Numbers[Ron] What you mentioned is somewhat reflected in the charts’ tendency signs. For now, one main issue is you are facing the Double-Effect vibes this year, which is more “serious” than last year, as the energies are manifested twice. Don’t let it get to you. Focus on your priorities, and please, drink more water!

The EFV FLOW (advanced EON technique not covered in my basic book) suggests that you must strive to depend on yourself, yes, you… and not rely too much on others. In addition, the quest for knowledge would not help as it might be more of “info collection” and not “problem solving.” You might feel mentally stressed, so do drink water, relax and stay calm; and think logically what you want to do. The EFV FLOW is about your behavioural inclinations.

The EFV SPAN is about the positive and negative actions. Focus on completing and managing projects in hand, and not, again, depending on others to complete them. Accountability and responsibility lie with you. You might need to work smarter not harder, and don’t give up easily as you are often distracted halfway through projects, seldom seeing them through to the end.

Not the right Path. Use Elements of Numbers[Ron] By the way, be sure to take care of yourself. Nothing serious but when you have the Double-Effect vibes this year, weakest links are on your health. Please cut down excess sugar intake as signs are suggesting you might have diabetes-like symptom, likely inherited. Hopefully not. Go for regular mammogram test too as you lack “water.” Water element in Five Elements is linked to women’s reproductive organs.

Yvette was worried about her problems at work and wondered if they were related in some way to the Double-Effects vibes that I was talking about. Below is an edited message from her recent email sent in late last month…

[Yvette] I read about your case study for Victor (“On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing Jobs” – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) recently, and I can relate some of his concerns because he also has Root 5! Sure, not everything is relevant, so I wonder if you’ve had time to look at mine.

Elements of Numbers: Double Effect, Double Blessing, Double WhammyI went back to your previous email due to the double-effect part to understand what you meant. I’ve been under so much stress. My organisation is complex and matrix with business and functional units. While I feel that my boss is supportive, someone in business unit whom I also have dotted-line reporting, is unable to understand my work load and complained to my boss. Besides, I’m also covering another country with no subordinate there. As you said, I’ve since done a lot of important work myself as opposed to delegating, but I feel exhausted when others want more. I want to move away. Even so, I realised it’s the same everywhere I worked, so it’s gotten to be my own problem. And I cannot continue running at my age. Anyway, just writing because I know you can understand better.

Elements of Numbers

Let’s put aside the basic numerology courses or preview session that Yvette attended, and the reason why she couldn’t remember the actual organisation name that ran the course. I know it sounds weird, but it happened frequently when an emotional intelligence, nongullible, and rational person was rebuffed by the excessive fear tactics and heavy marketing done by commercialised trainers. They’d usually “switched off” anything related to the company or method, and searched elsewhere for similar or even better numerology method.

I’ll explain and share some of her characteristics first. Before elaborating further, let me highlight that whatever you’re about to read, do not imply Yvette or anyone else with similar birth chart or number pattern in their chart, would inhibit or display the characteristics that I’m about to share. My observations are based on my knowledge and understanding of the tendency signs present in her charts.

Do Great Things Elements of NumbersOften, a person’s behaviours are influenced by self-limiting beliefs, because of formative family upbringing, environment and culture, school and social influences. And their personality is based on their mindset, behaviours and actions, during a particular period; and it can change regularly.

For all we know, what I’m about to share, might be inaccurate… and that’s perfectly OK with me as it shows Yvette can take charge of her own life and be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) of her life journey project, and could eventually transform herself towards achieving the desired outcomes.

Elements of Numbers: SMART GENES, Book-smart Street-smartNow, let’s look at the tendency signs. Yvette has the smart genes, but more towards the BOOK SMART traits that suggest she is likely to be studious and could easily achieve excellent academic results during her school days. The tendency signs are suggesting the STREET-SMART genes are weak, meaning she’s not resourceful enough to explore various ways to identify the potential root-cause to problems, and the many ways to resolve it. This is further amplified by her multiple 5s present in her Birth Chart. In basic EON theory, we could associate the number 5 as humility, caring, hardworking, self-sacrificing, principle-minded, logical, intellectual, distraction, stubborn, profound, hesitation, risk averse/adverse, agent of change and transformation, and a person who often faced challenges, opportunities, and stumbling blocks.

CaseStudy Elements of Numbers www.elementsofnumbers.comThe screenshot shows other characteristics of number 5, which was taken from FEON+ PRO software, running on an AndroidOS smartphone. A comprehensive list of “positive” and “challenges” characteristic traits are included for numbers 1 to 9, to allow registered users to retrieve the details anytime and anywhere, even when they’re distracted. There’s little need to “think hard” on the likely traits associated with specific numbers.

Now, when there are multiple sets of the same number present in a chart, it could lead to over-excessive behavioural attitudes; like taking too much food even when you’re full, could lead to unhealthy symptoms.

As Yvette has the 5-5-5 in N-O-Q location of her Birth Chart, the manifestation of the number 5 was even stronger than the 1-4-5 of Victor’s Birth Chart. In theory, it means relatively three times the potential effect it could impact her, good or bad; and three times the behavioural habits, attitudes, and responses she would have displayed under relax and composed, and stressful situations.

Elements of NumbersFrom basic EON interpretation, we could look at the 9-5-5 pattern in M-N-O location of her Birth Chart, as [Success – Stubborn – Stubborn]. It means that Yvette has a visionary mindset and is often compelled to be forward-thinking, beginning “with the end” in mind. Succeeding ought to be easy, she thought. Nevertheless, she missed a key question on success that many people tend to overlook. Success is about the journey, not the destination. It’s the OUTCOME that matters, and not the OUTPUT. This means that if she has been successful because she achieved her KPI goals, it is just a product of her choice. And this does not mean that she will continue to obtain the same success for every relentless effort she has taken, or choice she makes. Instead, if she learned from the journey, “failed fast and learn fast,” it’s the invaluable experience she’d gained, and that could lead her to look at every project with different forward-thinking strategic plans.

So the 9-5-5 pattern as [Success – Stubborn – Stubborn] is akin to facing constant obstacles to achieve her “end in mind” KPI goal. This is because she often feels challenged, fearful of others taking her part, being inflexible in accepting even constructive advice, afraid to say “NO” to accept more tasks, and becoming rigidly unsuited to change. Everything has to be done her way, to follow her “Me, Myself and I” principles.

IDifficult Roads lead to beautiful destinations. Elements of Numbersn addition, as mentioned in past articles that I’ve posted, the number 5 has unique characteristics where it has dual-like energies – ability to display its primary influence, and as well as the secondary influence of another number in close proximity. This means the 9-5-5 [Success – Stubborn – Stubborn] pattern could change to 9-1-1 [Success – Alone – Alone], 9-4-4 [Success – Plan – Plan] or possibly, 9-6-6 [Success – Money – Money]. What this suggests is that when the 9-1-1 pattern takes effect, Yvette could be feeling like a lonely leader or acting with high egotistical attitudes where no one likes to mingle around with her, or have sincere non-work-related casual talks. And when the 9-4-4 pattern takes effect, she’ll be like constantly switching plans hastily to follow the disruptive VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) business changes. Therefore, she could act emotionally and have the “heavy trees that drop and crush plants” wild thinking that everyone is against her. And when the 9-6-6 system comes into effect, it could lead to excessive KPI target-setting activities, such as “nothing matters except meeting KPI attitudes.” She could have unintentionally created a toxic environment where “finger-pointing” and “fire-fighting” meetings are often held to identify persons or teams responsible or accountable for the problems; and not to discuss about looking at process issues and fixing them.

Happiness Elements of NumbersYvette has to take extra care of her health, as the 1-5-5-1 in location K-N-O-P could change to 1-1-1-1; or the 1-5-5-5-6 in K-N-O-Q-R could change to 1-1-1-1-6. In basic EON symbolic representation, we could associate the numbers 1/6 with knife or a cut by sharp metal object; it could imply medical surgery of some sort. Conversely, from an extended EON perspective, it could lead to mental depression, hyperventilation, sleep apnea, skin issues, and health conditions related to the respiratory tract or lungs.

I’m glad I’d devised the “Reflection Chart” first based on my knowledge and understandings of the Yin-Yang metaphor, where it states, “In Every Yin, There’s a Yang; In Every Yang, There’s a Yin.

The Reflection Chart provides tendency signs suggesting the subconscious or innate characteristics of a person, beyond their frontal outlook from the Birth Chart. The multiple reasons 1-8-9 suggest that Yvette has the “perfectionist” traits within her, and would work tirelessly to achieve the goals she wishes to achieve, that is, the resulting output. The multiple 3-6-9 patterns (in both her Birth and Reflection Charts) are suggesting the [Fast-Money-Success] or [Fast – Responsible – Success] mindset –  the quick-action, fast-driven, hasty and at times, reckless approach – to achieve successful KPIs (responsibilities, accountabilities, and credibility) as soon as possible.

In one of my earlier reply emails to her (also quoted in earlier section of this article), I advised her to drink more water as her Birth and Reflection Charts lack the Water element. It’s always important to drink a moderate amount of water, as the lack of it, could lead to kidney-related problems. I also highlighted cutting down on sugary diet as from extended Elements of Numbers (EON) theory, she might be in the high-risk group of people having diabetes symptoms, and the tendency signs are suggesting it might be inherited.

I’ve also provided her two guidelines – EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN – that I’ve researched, formulated, and found it relevant to create a guiding path for a person to follow if they’re sincere about seeking positive outcomes rather than blaming everything to her default destiny and a bad Birth chart. Or worst, believing in advices from Bazi professionals that she’s facing a “10-Year Bad Luck Cycle” and there’s little she can do but stay put and lie low. C’mon, when you hear the Tsunami warning sign and TV showing the water rising from afar, do you stay put, pack your precious belongings, climb up to the rooftop, and sit and wait for the helicopter rescue team to pick you up; or you quickly pack your most important belongings, and escape as fast and far as you can, when you still have ample time?

Agility in Profiling. Elements of Numbers.Thankfully, it’s not the Bazi system that’s limited, but because of the confined knowledge and understanding of the Bazi professionals who gave the advices.  Anyway, you might want to review the relevant section to understand how the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN might help dilute the excessively strong and unfavourable energies that influence and affect it.  In a Double-Effect year, the weakest link is the person’s health, as it is typically the lowest priority.

I hope what I’ve described above does not happen to Yvette. However, if what I have described resonates with her, it means that she knows her vulnerabilities. This is actually a good thing, as she can take beneficial steps to reduce barriers and mitigate impediments at the personal level first, before addressing her work-related issues. It’d be great for her to learn to identify her priorities, change her behaviours toward positive transformation and work towards a growth mindset. Finally, Yvette has to decide what really matters to her.

Elements of Numbers. Agility in Profiling by Ron WZ Sun

I’ll discuss more findings on her Career Vibes in the next Part 2 article.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONIf you’re keen on finding out how to identify the Career Vibes and Career Element for yourself, or for others, do register early for the upcoming “Agility in Profiling” webinar on 17 June 2021. The webinar topic is “Career Profiling” where you’ll learn the theories and application techniques to profile a person’s career, and apply the analytical understanding with more confidence. I’ll walkthrough birthdates provided by anyone present at the webinar, and use the FEON+ software to perform a live profiling, to show you how to do a quick profiling analysis.

I am eager to share other extended techniques with you. Remember, it’s the outcome – the quality of learning and application techniques; not the output – the quantity of number patterns, boastful or assertive speeches, and contradictory findings. Click here for more information about the upcoming webinar and register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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