Numbers and Health

We learn metaphysics to improve our health – the physical, social, mental and emotional wellness… of ourselves.

In my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” I have included details where you can learn about the possible health symptoms. To find out the probable health symptoms or illnesses of a person, we can look at the missing elements in certain locations of the birth chart.

For those familiar with other numerology method, identifying the health symptoms only provide a general hint of the problem areas you have to take care in your life. However, it does not tell you what other probable health issues that may arise in a particular year.

That’s where the “Elements of Numbers” (EON) method comes in. You can adopt another approach to look at your health signs for any particular year by applying certain rules when looking at certain locations of the Birth chart and the Personal Year chart.

The more you practise, the more experience you are. And the more intuitive you will be. The ideal approach is to look at all possible ways, list down the possibilities, and take precautions on the negative implications.

Identify the probable health issues that can happen to you. Learn how you can minimise the effects and improve your own health.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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