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On the US Presidential Debate

I was watching the live streaming of the Presidential debate between the incumbent USA President Donald Trump, and the former Vice President Joe Biden. I managed to watch the first 40-minutes of the chaotic...


On Milos Vystrcil PY2020

I chanced upon below two online news articles yesterday that raised my curiosity to find out more about the Czech Republic politician, Milos Vystrcil. Czech president calls senate leader’s Taiwan visit ‘boyish provocation’ –...


Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again

After posting the earlier article “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” on Tuesday, I texted Nancy and asked her to check the article out. Here’s an edited WhatsApp extract of our conversation: Ron: My observations...


On Ellen DeGeneres’ 9-Year Cycle Vibes

I’ve formulated the 9-Year Luck Cycle Period (9YLCP) many years back, and shared it with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. I adapted it based on my Bazi experience, and recognising the 10-Year Luck...

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