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On The Wuhan Virus

While you push forward with the new resolutions, goals, prospects and hopes for this year, let’s not forget to take full responsibility of your health too. As holistic health is paramount, any neglect or...


An Eye for Colours

Mark Zuckerberg has it. Bill Clinton, Bing Crosby, Keanu Reeves, and Mark Twain have it. In fact, some of you might have it too. According to this CNBC online article, “one in twelve men...


Alex Man & Diabetic vibes

“After all, health is more important than money.” That’s what Hong Kong actor Alex Man said after revealing that he has been diagnosed with inherited Type 1 diabetes, according to this Yahoo online article....


Refocusing on the Moral Compass

“So I’m a typical product of what the media portrays. From young, I’ve always been under the influence and impression that to be happy, is to be successful. And to be successful, is to...


World Mental Health Day

The “World Mental Health Day” is celebrated annually in over 100 countries on 10 October. This year, it falls on this coming Wednesday (10/10/2012). There are daily events (27 Sep 2012 – 2 Jan...


Binge drinking ‘doubles heart risk’

Binge drinkers do have a higher risk of developing heart disease, according to this article. The survey results are NOT surprising since I have mentioned many times in my articles that strong FIRE element...

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