On The Wuhan Virus

While you push forward with the new resolutions, goals, prospects and hopes for this year, let’s not forget to take full responsibility of your health too. As holistic health is paramount, any neglect or oversight could have a consequential impact on you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. And for some unfortunate people, like in the current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the detrimental impacts upon them were serious.

In many of my past articles, and especially mentioned in my yearly NPO (Numerological Predictive Observations articles, I’ve repeatedly stated that the current year’s energies do not have a start date/time (at 1 Jan 2020, 00:00:00) and end date (at 31 Dec 2020, 23:59:59). As the transient energies are moving around, there are frequent overlaps of the periodic energies. We could still be facing last year’s 2019 energies this year, before it gradually depleted around end 1st-quarter period. Besides, we can also feel the Year2021 effects from as early as late-quarter this year. Those were my observations on the overlapping layer of the periodic energies, while researching on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, about a decade ago.

How can that be possible?” some of you might ask.

Here’s a simple explanation – look at your senses (visual (see), auditory (hear), kinaesthetic (feel), olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste)). When you visited a fish market selling fish, the fishy smell might stay with you even after you exited the place. When you eat spicy food, sometimes drinking ample water would not dilute the burning sensation in your lips. And in S.E. Asia, whenever you bring back durians to your centralised air-con office, everyone, including those sitting in different rooms, could smell the pungent durian smell quickly. In short, you’re still influenced by the after-effect vibes, regardless of where you are or what you did earlier.

According to this recent Yahoo article, the UN agency was quoted to have stated that “China virus ‘too early’ for emergency declaration.

While the WHO statement claimed it was too early for global emergency, let’s not be complacent with the thoughts that “it’ll never occur to me” attitudes. What’s reported in mainstream media might not represent the entire truth, and what’s been reported about the severities and deaths by the authorities, might not represent the actual situations in Wuhan. No one really knows, and it can be scary, just like watching some pandemic virus outbreak movies. To those currently in Wuhan – be strong and protect yourself adequately. It’s better to be safe and cautious, and be vigilant and alert; rather than taking the “heck-care” attitude. While we remember the SARS and MERS days are over, no one really knows whether it is because doctors have found a cure to eliminate the virus? A new battle has begun and this time around; it’s the fight against WARS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome), or CARS (China Acute Respiratory Syndrome), or simply, the Wuhan virus.

Let me share some insights from my personal observations based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, on why there is a need for everyone of us to be vigilant and alert, and not create unnecessary knee-jerk reactions with “better not get out” phobias.

In my Numerological Predictive Observations 2019 (PNO2019) article, I mentioned there “might be a breakthrough or heightened tensions in medical areas like immune and respiratory…” This is mainly due to the elements and numbers present in the year 2019 chart. The Wuhan virus started in 2019, and with everyone moving across cities and countries, taking public transports, and tourists visiting other countries, the Wuhan strains might have unknowingly started and infected many people since late last year.

I’ve shared the RHYTHMIC CYCLES method in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, that the actions you made out nine or eighteen years ago, might have similar, symbolic, or opposite effects upon you today. This means, with the SARS happening in 2002; we might be facing a recurring challenge eighteen years afterward, according to the Rhythmic Cycle principles. Regrettably, SARS happened in 2002, and 18 years later is (2002+18=2020) – that’s what we are facing now in January 2020. The tendency signs are suggesting the Wuhan virus could be devastating as SARS; it might not be as severe as SARS; or it could be worse than SARS. Based on my PNO2019/PNO2020 observations, there are tendency signs of possible medical breakthrough sometime this year.

Until then, let’s not be overly complacent. Rather, let’s all do our individual part to build our own immune defence against the Wuhan virus, while we walk out of our home – to visit friends and relatives,  to work, to travel to overseas countries for business or leisure, or going to nearby stalls or markets to buy groceries and food.

Go out and enjoy yourself, safely. Simply remember to remain vigilant and stay alert, but don’t be phobic. Avoid places with big crowds. Be responsible and see a doctor if you’re ill or having flu-like symptoms. Let’s hope there is a medical breakthrough to stop the Wuhan virus from spreading further, and a cure to eliminate it.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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