On Jinx Number Again

Sometime back in June 2018, I posted an article “On Jinx Number” and highlighted the self-perceived, limiting beliefs of the trainer who concluded certain numbers on the weakness side of the birth chart, to be the “jinx” number. In UCMHP method, the weakness side of the chart is on the left quadrant (locations I-J-M). Aside from the wealthiest people mentioned in my earlier article, I also noted that people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk do have the “jinx number” in the location I-J of their birth chart.

Imagine you are either Bill Gates or Elon Musk, and recently met Benedict, a profiling expert trained in UCMHP method, who doesn’t know your identity. Benedict then told you that you were jinxed; you’ll have three rocky relationships; and you’ll bring bad luck to three people in your lifetime. In short, you might be jinxed or hexed for life. When you tried to probe further, Benedict then told you there is no “escape from reality” as  it’s a concluded and definite sign, a universal art that was passed down from his UCMHP Master who had profiled over 10,000 case study charts many years back.

Profiling over 10,000 charts is just a number, to impress and boast about; and does not reflect the quality of the profiling analysis. Some years back, I was asked how many charts have I profiled? I was smiling and proudly told the person I have only profiled 101 charts. If you ask me the same question, it reflected badly on how you ascertain credibility by agreeing on the total number of charts profiled. Today, I’ll tell you I’ve only profiled 108 charts.

Now, pretending you’re scared and asked Benedict what you can do to remove or redirect the jinx vibes away from you. Benedict then proudly shared his advice, “surround yourself with women!” Wow… does that mean one method to “un-jinxed” is to have a playboy mindset – be a flirtatious person, and surround yourself with women?

Let’s put aside whether a person is “jinx” or not, as it’s debatable whenever you discuss with people with different religion and beliefs; and it could often lead to heated disagreements. A belief is something that you heard and assumed it to be right, without verifying the facts. The point is, do not set the limiting beliefs that because you possess the “jinx numbers” in your birth chart, you’re stereotyped to suffer for life. That means, it is inconclusive to assume a person would be “jinxed” once they have certain numbers in definite location of their birth chart.

Just imagine if tomorrow has a “jinx” number, there’s be chaos, frustrations, and potential deaths in the hospitals if every pregnant woman in labour pain (or having “water breaking”), insisted on delaying the birth of their baby to a “better” day.

Let me share a real-life experience story. I was handed a list of number patterns and sample birthdates while developing the PON (Palm) and PON (CE) software for a PON trainer in 2007, who until today, have still not paid me for the completed development work. This list contained birthdates grouped into various categories, like rapist and murderer. I was initially excited and thinking such a DNA-like pattern could help me become a number expert specialising in identifying characters and personalities, without a sweat. And my excitement stopped shortly, after I plotted birthdates of rapist and murderers whom I’ve gathered from the Internet. I soon realised the number patterns are simply a bunch of inconclusive information that generalised the numbers in the locations. It’s like performing a random survey of 300 people and then claiming to have surveyed, analysed, and concluded such statistical data to represent entire country or worldwide populations.

Identifying number patterns at specific locations, is similar to checking on birth days and months to identify if you are a Scorpio or Aquarius in Western Astrology, and you’d face certain situations during the specific month. It’s also like telling you that if you’re born in the Rat year, as in Chinese Zodiac Astrology, you must take precautions as you’ll face unfavourable signs during specific months of this year.

Attending an expensive course, and then receiving these generalised patterns, especially in the practitioner module, is puzzling, at least from my personal sentiment. As the UCMHP trainer claimed to be trained in NLP and DiSC Profiling, he could have included “behavioural change” techniques into his practitioner course, to equip his students with the necessary skill sets and confidence, to help their customers rid the “limiting” beliefs. Suggesting a married male client to surround himself with women, may lead to relationship disaster or divorce, and the likely acceleration on financial loss when you mix with the wrong women. Be careful, as you might end up in a legal lawsuit from the wives for being an instigator and/or accomplice who coerced their husbands to surround themselves with women. And you’ll be in real trouble to apply such unhealthy solutions to your clients, and not your UCMHP trainer.

According to what I’ve gathered from friends, the “jinx” number in UCMHP method, must be on the weakness side (like in locations I-J or  I-J-M), considering the identified numbers to be either 11, 55, 66, 56, 65, 15, 51, 16, or 61. For instance, if you’re born on 9th May, you’d have the numbers 9-5-5 in locations I-J-M. As you’re deemed to have the “55” in the weakness side, you’ll be tattooed with the similar UCMHP “jinx” symbols on you, and your birth chart. Gosh… in UCMHP theory, both Bill Gates and Elon Musk have “jinx” numbers also. Such an amazing unfounded theories, isn’t it?

The recommended solution put away the “jinx” number, and move on with your life. It’s just like your home layout before you shifted in – you might not like the design and layout initially. However, as time passed by, you became oblivious to the initial dislike, and soon decorated your house to become a comfortable and peaceful place. You could live happily with your wife and kids – away from the naïve and unfounded fears about the three strained relationships and the need for you to be surrounded by women. When you made a mindset shift, your concerns are gone.

Learning number patterns and linking them with specific character or trait, is a simple fear-tactic way often adopted by some PON/Visiber trainers to impress and frighten people, and to compel them to learn more by attending their classes. Telling students or customers to have a paradigm shift is inadequate, unless the individual is knowledgeable in applying behavioural change techniques. Everyone recognises a change in the mindset, and attitudes can work wonders, but without proper guidance on how to apply these “behavioural change” techniques, it could create the unhappiness, unfulfilling, and regrets – an observation that I’ve noted from UCMHP students who subsequently attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

Besides sharing the visualisation techniques of the Five Elements metaphor, the five senses (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory), I have shared the Transactional Analysis (TA) method to my students – as a simply and easy communicating technique where they can apply personally, or advise others. Although the TA technique is sort of an “old” method, it’s still relevant today as a simple way to improve communication with others.

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

Yes, I’d encourage you to be a multi-discipline profiling professional, so that you can provide action-driven techniques to help yourself and others, to rid their limiting beliefs that they don’t need to smother themselves with women (especially if the friend or customer is a married man), or worry unnecessary that they’ll face three failed relationships before they even get started.

I’ve progressively added relevant multi-discipline techniques into my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course to benefit my students. I shared the  “Qi Tapping(adapted from my QiMenDunJia experience) and “Personal Directions(adapted from my FengShui experience) that allows you to strategise your moves to optimise the positive energies around and with you, for better outcomes. I also shared the Transaction Analysis (TA) method that I’ve learned in mid-80s. I showed various slides how communicating in various ego-states could have resulted in different outcomes; and explained why Adult-Adult ego-state is essential for amicable dialogues. And in my recent FEN (Dec2019) class, I’ve previewed DiSC-EON slides to show how easy it can be, to correlate the DiSC profiling matrix with the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, to understand a person’s behaviours, based on their DiSC reports. I’ve added Bazi-like (Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches) to the FEON+ software (as Universal and Personal Numbers) to allow you to analyse the correlations that might happen in a year, month, or day pillar.

For future advanced profiling modules, I might share the techniques on how you can interchange the DiSC-EON application steps to profile a person, either based on their DiSC-profile report, and/or their EON charts. This could produce potential identification of DiSC-EON behavioural trends, similar to the approach I did when formulating behavioural trends into my NSQ PROFILING method.

“What about NLP-EON?” some of you might ask.

As an NLP-trained person, learning and applying NLP techniques (including other mindset transformation techniques, for that matter) could help you understand a person’s behaviour, their “modalities and world views,” and other areas. You’ll become a better profiling professional – one that equipped you with the holistic skills to help others to rid their own limiting beliefs through consultative actions, and not just identify the “jinx” number and other traits.

If you’re profiling for others, you’re there not to fix their problems, but to guide them find their own solutions. And only when others are willing to take full responsibility of their own behaviours and actions through positive mindset shifts, they are then able to solve their own problems, including eliminating the jinx fear.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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