About the 8th FEN WORKSHOP class

As in my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) workshop sessions, there were overflowing of excitements, amazements, enthusiasms, personal observations, and clarifications among those who attended the 8th FEN WORKSHOP class over the weekend on 21-22 December 2019.

As in every new class, fresh and interesting birth dates were plotted, with the charts explored and analysed, and observations shared with the students – from topics like realigning students’ limiting beliefs on certain number patterns (where they learned on UCMHP, LifeQuest, PON, Visiber methods); to practical examples on personality and life path profiling. In addition, when students are confused by what they’ve learned somewhere else, I’d spent time to explain why their assumptions are unfounded by rationalising the reasons using the root-cause analysis approach. I told students they need to unlearn what they have learned from other trainers on number patterns and remedies, be open-minded and learn about the EON/FEN methods and techniques, and then re-learn to interpret how they could apply the EON/FEN techniques upon themselves and others. This means, I could impart the visualisation techniques of observations (profiling), explained the cause-and-effect reasoning (the 5W1H – Why, What, When, Who, Where, and How), and provide transformational options for them to choose and act upon.

I explained why the LifeCode pattern (an ineffective lifelong approach which is still popular and taught elsewhere) is an expensive and short-lived remedy, which, to me, is an over-priced, commercially-hype product than an actual, pragmatic and effective solution. For example, when a person strikes lottery after purchasing the LifeCode plaque or bracelet, it is more of a coincidence and likely due to other factors present in their charts. For instance, I have added life path charts (Year, Month, Day) in my FEON+ software, to identify wealth, health, and other signs in the periodic charts. That’s where you can identify the tendency signs that manifested the positive energies creating your wealth opportunities.

I demonstrated and explained why we shouldn’t be relying solely on the number 6 as money, as there are ample areas students can focus on to identify elements and/or numbers that signify “money.” Hence, the money number taught by many trainers, are superficial and elementary, which somehow constrained or limit a person from having a practical and positive outlook. Maybe, that’s the intention of many of these external trainers – to create fear, and then buy their LifeCode products as a lifelong remedy, or compel them to sign up for the more expensive modular courses to learn about the solutions. And worst, many of these users would subsequently have realised that with their many hundreds to few thousands of dollars spent, what they’d learned and acquired is still short and unconvincing – affecting their fears of proficiency and confidence in profiling others, beyond number patterns.

In most FEN WORKSHOP class, I’d bring out new discoveries made. Although I’d embarked on a personal knowledge-building project for past 7-8 months, and delayed conducting any classes, the “sabbatical absence” helped me with refreshing insights on other profiling models. Subsequently, that enabled me to identify ways to include and complement them with the EON/FEN techniques. Like one student commented, their UCMHP trainer claimed to be an expert in DiSC profiling, and yet he couldn’t complement his DiSC knowledge and experience to aid in the profiling analysis. That’s where the difference between a passionate mentor and a commercially-driven trainer is. She made the remark after I’d shown various DiSC-EON slides to the students for the first time, and explained how they can apply EON/FEN application methods to conduct an extended DiSC Profiling.

What students learned at the 8th FEN WORKSHOP is that they could now easily correlate the DiSC attributes in the EON Chart, and identify tendency signs (positive and negative ones) that affect a person with D (Dominance), I (Influencer), S (Steadiness), and C (Compliance). Similarly, they could apply DiSC theories to the EON chart as well. The rationale – analysis should be based on flexible choices, and the clues are not carved in stones permanently as a person’s behaviours and actions can change due to the influencing energies at different times.

This means, apart from analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the person profiled using the DiSC model, they could now identify clues from DiSC-EON method with fresh perspectives, and provide harmonising solutions to act upon. For example, they are shown how a Dominance-profiled person could choose certain actions to manifest the energies to the positive sides of either the I, S, or C areas – to achieve the desired outcome.

If you’re a human behavioural profiling professional or HR professional using DiSC profiling, let me know if you’re keen to learn the DiSC-EON profiling technique, for better staff optimisation, and to reduce job mismatch.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the 8th FEN WORKSHOP students and all existing students for the support and encouragement. I’ve learned and acquired profiling information from all my FEN students too. I am also glad and feel blessed to be able to tap on their willingness to share their knowledge, perspectives, and insights in my training sessions.

Knowledge distribution should be a two-way communication process – learn, feedback, and share – to create a better and cohesive learning and development environment.

Have a wonderful festive holiday in advance…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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