Learn How to Identify the Smart Genes

Some people have stated that there is no direct link between a student’s academic performance and the parenting upbringing style, while others tend to differ. In practice, we all know how the environment in which we are, might affect our mental status.

Imagine a student studying for examinations at home, with parents constantly bickering out loud. Do you think the student could concentrate and study? If the weather is hot and humid, and the room does not have a fan or air con, would the student be able to focus entirely on his study? What if the father or mother frequently nagged and controlled the playing time and the hours of study of the student, such as the “tiger mom” approach that we have read much these days? Would students’ mental health be affected by peer pressure, stress from school teachers and parents at home?

Would that end up causing suicidal thoughts and mental health symptoms?

I have no answers. But what I can tell you is that the environment plays a role in influencing and affecting a student’s mental condition. We’ve heard that students who are academically inclined are refusing to study and then getting poor assessment results. Why does that happen?

There are many approaches that we can do, as parents to our kids or as aunties or uncles to our nephews and nieces, or just a friend, to encourage a shift in the mindset, on communicating with the young children.

I learned Transactional Analysis (TA) in the mid-1980s, and its principles and applications are still ingrained in my memory all these years, and that’s more than 20 years. The approach is simple and straightforward – communicating with the child or anyone in an adult-to-adult ego state, to allow constructive and friendly relations between them.

I’ve shared the TA technique in previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, as I felt that apart from easily knowing how to plot charts and interpret them based on probable traits  associated with the numbers, it is also important to know the various ways as solutions and behavioural remedies we can apply. And not rely on commercialised symbolic ornaments or “magical remedies” promoted by some external trainers as a “Life Code” solution.

I will explain the TA techniques at the forthcoming “Agility in Profiling” webinar on 19 August 2021, and the topic of the session is “SMART GENES.”

Next, how can you tell if a child has intelligent or smart genes? How would you know if you have the smart genes? How can you make the most of it if you know you have smart genes? Yes, with Elements of Numbers (EON) and expanded FEN techniques, you can learn the ways to use smart-gene vibrations to your advantage.

While profiling live case studies during previous FEN classes, there were students who provided their children’s birthdates for analysis during the SMART GENES session. The children are intelligent, and have either or both street-smart and book-smart genes, could study as well, but still, obtained less than expected test results. Often, it’s about parenting. Being a “tiger mom” and forcing a smart child to study, might not be the best approach as the child could rebel and intentionally failed his exams or get poor results, just to spite his or her parents.

Again, I’ll walk you through how to identify both street-smart and book-smart genes at the upcoming webinar. Oh, that includes estimating the strengths of smart genes based on their locations on various charts. Knowing the smart genes is not just for young schooling kids; adults can use it to their advantage too, like knowing the year where the smart genes are present and supportive so that you can attend adult-learning courses or take professional certification exams. I’ve done that personally, and have received professional certifications in recent months, especially those that required me to take an assessment and/or exam tests on a separate day. As many would attest, age is no barrier to lifelong learning; as long as you’ve a purpose and the passion to do what you want, you’re on the right track towards success. And when you could manifest the energies around at the appropriate time, you are what some people called it in the “FLOW” state.

Of course, you still have to do your part by studying or reading up the course materials, and not just rely on the energies during that year, month, day, or even hours, to help you. It’s just like the “Law of Attraction” where people say you manifest what you think. C’mon, you still have to ACT to carry out your plan; you can’t think positively and expect beneficial results. Consciously thinking positively without action is like having a dream and not make things happen.

No worries even if you don’t have the smart genes in your Birth Chart or other charts? There is always an EON way to identify them elsewhere, which you can exploit to enhance or moderate the energies of smart genes in your favour. Again, I’ll share more details at the upcoming webinar.

I look forward to sharing with you on the SMART GENES and related techniques at the coming “Agility in Profiling: SMART GENES” webinar on 19 August 2021 (Thursday, 7:30pm SG time, GMT+8) 20 August 2021 (Friday). Why not learn something useful about yourself, your children or grandchildren (if you have) or somebody else. You can also apply the smart gene techniques in your profiling services for paid customers, and advise the remediation steps to use.

Click on this link to find out more about the webinar and to register early.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


Update: The Agility in Profiling: Smart Genes is rescheduled to 20 August 2021 (Friday)


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