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The successful ending of the 1st complete Cycle… That’s the impression some of us had for my 9th EON Workshop yesterday (9th Nov 2013). That could imply it’s time for me to improve the workshop experience for the ‘beginning of a new 2nd cycle’ the next time.

EON_Workshop_20131109Like the positive traits of number 9, yesterday’s workshop was a successful completion for everyone present. It one of the liveliest and enjoyable session I’d experienced, thanks to everyone especially the repeated students who shared their knowledge and experiences with the class. I’m glad to have achieved my own goal setting when I started conducting the workshop – to create ‘two-way’ learning environment enabling student’s participation and interaction for common benefit. Oh yes, I’d like to thank Daniel and Travis for making the session fun, enjoyable, and LOL yesterday.

SampleSlides4MYI decided to use the same presentation slides that I’d used for the previous EON@MY workshop for yesterday’s workshop as I wanted to ‘spice up’ the morning session. As always, I’d first started off explaining the visualisation techniques of using nature objects and environment to correlate to the number’s traits. The excitement progressively increases when I showed the ‘Qi Tapping’ slides and explained how to apply the technique from the Directional Chart.

Wealth Directional MethodEON students can always plot the basic Directional Chart (described in Page 149 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”) and apply the Qi Tapping method. They can then use the advanced Directional Chart method when their knowledge and positive experiences improve. They could plot the unique Daily Personal Directional Chart to identify the ideal direction to achieve their much needed goals. The excitement increases when I explained more on the ‘Qi Tapping’ method, especially from the few students knowledgeable in QMDJ. Everyone was glad they could now apply the application technique with the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

As long as we’re focused on using EON for analysis, we can always combine the application technique from other metaphysics to increase the ‘remedy’ options. For example, I’ve also shared the use of certain colours as a subliminal way to reduce the strong emotional traits of a person.

The students attending yesterday’s workshop have vast experiences and had studied Bazi, ZiWeiDouShu, QiMenDunJia (QMDJ), YiJing, and Feng Shui from other masters. That got me even more excited as I believe they’d be able to use the new techniques using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

EONChart_MatchingOne student shared the ‘perfect compatible matching’ chart and explained his reasons during the ‘Relationship and Compatibility’ case study session. I also shared my observations from a different perspective, and the resulting analysis was different from what he’d expected. Everyone assumed the ‘matching’ chart belongs to a loving couple. But we ended laughing out loud (LOL) heartily when the student revealed the ‘matching’ chart was derived from his birthdate and the birthdate of a retired senior Singapore politician. Anyway, I’ll explain more about the ‘perfect matching’ chart in a separate article later.

EON_AnswersThe informal feedback received was positive. Everyone had wonderful educational experience and learned more than they’d expected. The reasons – many had attended lessons conducted by Dr Oliver Tan (PON), Master Bernard Yeo (UCM), and Master Thomas Chiam (LifeQuest) – and these somehow influenced their learning experiences and impressions. I’m glad they could build up more positive experiences after attending my workshop. A few students even commented the workshop fees were too low considering the information to help them build up the analytical knowledge.

One student emailed me after the workshop and wrote, “Thank you for sharing your knowledge today on EON. It’s enriching for me especially the Qi Tapping, numbers combination and its health/tendencies awareness. The visualization techniques on 5-elements are very useful. It helps me to remember 5-elements more easily. The Annual code looks useful, provided I know how to interpret the meaning behind the numbers. I learnt my numbers from LifeQuest – it’s a beginner’s course, and that was 3-4 years ago. Your course has given me an extra step further to learn and understand EON. Really hope to receive the application soon, so that I can start to explore numbers (birth and personal year) in greater details.

Sample slides used for EON COURSEI’m glad the 9th session has been a rewarding experience for all. I’ve also learned some new patterns from some students as well, and have managed to identify the underlying reasons on tendency traits (like selective listening) associated to certain number patterns.  I’ll share more findings at the next workshop.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone once again for taking the time off their busy schedule to attend my workshop. A note to all EON workshop students – practise what you’ve learned, and email me if you need further clarifications on the methods discussed at the workshop or from your own case studies. Use the features in the EON Software to aid in your analysis.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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