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OPPORTUNITIES. That’s what many people are chasing after, be they for wealth, job and career prospects, marriage, and other aspects of life improvement pursuits.  So when opportunities come, you must step into the right direction and grab them fast.  You must focus and take action as otherwise you may ended wasting time ‘barking at the wrong tree’. Time is of essence. It is essential to identify the direction where opportunity strikes. And when you reach the destination, you must know the necessary action to take to increase your chances of achieving your target.


Can we correlate the ODAG rules to achieve our target by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method? Yes, we can.

Let’s look at the OPPORTUNITY aspect. It starts from your mindset, your formative years of experiences, your attitude, and your habits. Although the focus is on your Birth Root number, the direct influences are from the vibes present in locations M-N, and the contributing influences coming from the vibes in I-J and K-L.  In practicality, we can associate the ‘Opportunity’ to the Root number and its contributing numbers. The DIRECTION is easy. Plot the Directional Chart using the EON method to understand where you want to go to achieve your target. And while you’re moving towards the right direction, you must take suitable action to manifest the vibes to increase your chances of getting your target. Come to think of it, isn’t that logical and common sense?

Sample slides used for EON COURSEToday’s topic is again on Directions as there are users asking the reasons their PON trainers taught them to interpret the Directional Chart differently. They’re taught that to achieve their target, they could simply move in the direction where the numbers associated to their target. For example, if money is what you’re after, then go towards the direction where you see the number 6 appearing in any of the N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, and SE compass direction. For simplicity, let’s define the steps as ‘Level 1‘ formula.

Some people could achieve their goals applying the Level 1 formula. Sadly, many did not. That’s why many PON students are still at lost what they should do when they reach their destination even though they thought they’d taken the right action. Did they really take the right action? No one knows…

I’ve included the topic “Wealth, Luck and Success Direction” on Page 149 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Get my book if you’ve not already done so. I’ve also included the formula (steps) to seek the right direction:

(Center number) + (Direction number) = Resultant number

There is a reason I’ve included the ‘Center number. The center number is similar to the OPPORTUNITY aspect mentioned earlier. The center number summarises your mindset, your thoughts and perspectives gathered from your formative experiences. Yes, you have to consider who you are first before moving towards the preferred directions. We can define the steps as ‘Level 2‘ formula.

Directions_SlidesAfter doing further research, I noticed that Level 2 formula, though is just as effective as Level 1 formula, can be further improved as it may not be ideal for some people because of the lack of correct action done. That’s why I felt the importance of sharing the ‘Level 3’ formula at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. EON students could easily identify the RELATIVE ACTIONS number to achieve their needed goals, in any direction they’ve chosen. It’s more practical as you’re able to adapt your actions based on situational factors rather than theoretical principles.

Wealth Directional MethodIn early September, I’ve shared with EON students in Malaysia the “Qi Tapping” method (let’s call it as ‘Level 4’ formula) that I’ve improvised from my knowledge in the QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) principles. You can quickly heighten the positive energies around and within you. When you’re positive and happy, you can transform the negative energies of another person into happier times for them. The aura of positive energies surrounding you could influence them unconsciously and they could become more receptive to your suggestions.

Sometimes, it’s good to know alternative methods that could complement your plans and actions. It doesn’t matter which Level formula you’re applying to achieve your needs. You can apply Level 1, Level 2, or even Level 3. But there’s one thing for sure – you need to know the advantage of the ‘Qi Tapping’ method in Level 4 to increase the opportunity. Many people have used the QMDJ principles because of its effectiveness and usefulness when applied correctly. But learning QMDJ can be profound for many, especially the non English-speaking users. That’s one reason I’m adapting the QMDJ application method and revealing the technique to you at the forthcoming 9th EON WORKSHOP session on 9th Nov 2013. That’s next Saturday and I hope to see you there! You can still register with McCoy at 8256-0179 or you can register for the workshop on that day.

Understanding the principles of “Wealth, Luck and Success Direction” is handy. Knowing how to tap on the Qi energies around you for optimal impact depends on your knowledge and actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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