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Seems like some of you have ‘caught’ the number patterns bug after I’ve posted my previous article. I noticed there was a sudden increase in the searches for number patterns the past few days. Perhaps you may have learned to identify the traits associated to some number patterns from your PON trainers and you want to know more. However, many of you might have realised you could not extend your profiling skills beyond number patterns. The urge to improve your PON knowledge, the curiosity to find out why you can associate certain traits to specific patterns, and the many questions you’ve in mind. Sadly, you’re still waiting for the answers from your PON trainers.

BANNER6Welcome to the Elements of Numbers (EON) site. Read the articles I’ve posted and get the chance to improve your profiling skills beyond the rudimentary PON methods. Read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to understand the EON basics. If you’re buying my book at a local major Singapore bookstore, get it fast as stocks for my 2nd reprint editions are running out real fast.

The number patterns in the Search Summary list on this site for the past few days include 3-3, 8-7-6, 8-8, 4-5-9, 5-1-6, 8-5-4, 9-3-3, 2-1-3, 3-3-6, 4-2-6, 5-7-3, 6-7-8, 7-7, and 1-7. I hope you’ve found the answers to the number patterns you’re searching for. I do apologise if you cannot find an answer. But if you do, I hope you will grasp the underlying reasons mentioned in many of my articles.

I hope you can use the new-found knowledge to better your profiling skills and understand there is more to profiling a person than number patterns. For example, the 6-7-8 [Money-Supporter-Stress] pattern does not necessary imply stressing others or getting stressed up by others because of financial matters. Often we need to find out the subconscious reasons (Hidden Patterns) aggravating the stress. The person could change their plan often hoping to make more money. They could be feeling insecure or reluctant to work with others wholeheartedly because of financial reasons. It becomes a ‘no money, no talk’ attitude when money ‘rules’ the mind. People around feel stressful and become more sensitive and caution.

Well, if you’ve the 6-7-8 pattern in your Birth or Personal Chart and find yourself often in the earlier described situation, don’t panic. Just get rid of the ever-changing mindset (especially on money matters) and focus on key areas you want to achieve, and work as team members for common benefits. Oh yes, relax and keep calm, and control your apprehension, emotions, and tempers.

Sample slides used for EON COURSEIt’s rather easy to identify the tendency signs in a number pattern. It’s even more exciting and faster if you know the steps to identify the hidden signs in the patterns too. Many PON students have not learned the extended methods from their trainers. Fortunately, you’ll get to learn them at my EON workshop sessions. Maximise the opportunity to expand your profiling knowledge at the forthcoming 9th EON@SG WORKSHOP session. Hmm… that’s my 9th session and it’s only possible because of the positive support from EON students who’d attended my previous workshop.  

Wealth Directional MethodJames asked me if I’ll be sharing the wealth manifestation methods that I’d shared at my 1st EON@MY WORKSHOP in Malaysia last month. Yes, I will share the methods at the next workshop. Happiness when shared is doubled. Knowledge when shared is experiential. That’s why I’ve always strive to include new discoveries at each EON workshop sessions. It’s also good for repeated students who get to learn new findings while clarifying or reinforcing their knowledge learned at previous lessons.

In my previous article “Analysing Compatibility Chart”, I mentioned Tom observing how he could identify extra details from the couple’s life path by looking at their Compatibility Chart. Tom attended my previous sessions and I look forward to see him again at the next session. I’ll explain how you can identify extra signs by looking at the Compatibility Chart at the workshop. You’ll also learn how to apply the ‘Qi Tapping’ method to manifest the positive vibes for wealth, better job opportunities, and other aspects that you desperately needed to improve your chance of getting what you want. Eventually, even with these practicable techniques, you can’t just sit down and fold your arms and expect miracles to happen. You got to put in the effort and commitment and take the few steps ahead to achieve your needed goals.

EON_Workshop_info1ARecently, I’ve helped a friend got his first and second interviews through the ‘Qi Tapping’ methods, and advised him to do his ‘homework’ to strengthen his knowledge as there could be opposing forces testing on his skillsets. I was applying the relations of the Five Elements theory after identifying his Career Element. Anyway, my friend could not answer the interviewer’s questions confidently on how he could use technologies to automate procurement workflows. That’s something beyond my control as a person’s knowledge on career workflows and processes depend heavily on their work attitude, observations and resourcefulness (Street Smart traits).  

Learn to identify the Career Element and other tendency signs at the workshop. Give McCoy a call at 8356-0179 to register and reserve your seats now. As we provide halal lunch and refreshment snacks, please register before 31st Oct as we need to confirm the headcounts early.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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