Beyond Accuracy: The Realities of Profiling and Predictive Techniques

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How do you determine if your profiling is “accurate“?

Even if you claim to have collected more than 10,000 birth dates and can identify key signs related to certain traits in each chart, does it mean that everyone not included in your data collection will definitely exhibit such traits?

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling

Scientific research studies have shown that even twins do not have the same DNA or set of fingerprints.

What does this mean for students who have studied external numerology courses or methodologies claiming that every identical birth chart will have identical sets of personalities and traits, including presumptive number patterns linked to undesirable or overhyped trait associations?

Something is not right somewhere. Does this mean that the scientific research studies and academic reports in journals are all wrong, and the trainers conducting such numerology courses are always accurate?

I don’t know and will leave you to decide which one sounds more logical, rational, and convincing.

But there’s one thing I do know, which is actually common sense: all data collected, whether on birth dates or quantitative MCQs, can only be concluded from that specific set of data and does not represent the entire global community.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONIt’s limited and not entirely accurate, as it’s only “accurate” from a single, myopic perspective and in a specific context. We shouldn’t overgeneralise and assume it applies to all cases.

Medical professionals claim that smoking kills and people who smoke are in the high-risk group for dying from lung cancer, inflammation, or infection. Yet, many old people who smoke every day still live a healthier lifestyle than non-smokers.

Like many medical journals, the keyword used, as mentioned in my articles, is “high-risk group,” which implies not definite and inconclusive but likely and possible. However, it is not 100%.



If a trainer claims that their profiling and teachings are “very accurate,” ask them on what basis they made such conclusions. And since it’s so accurate, how have they used it to help themselves or family members avoid ill health or setbacks? Or is it that such methods don’t work for them but only for others?

Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONWhy do I want to avoid using the word “accurate,” even when many users who emailed me before shared their positive observations and conclusions about using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for profiling?

The point I want to highlight is that what works for one person may not work for another, and even what works for someone at one time may not work for them again later.

So, is it luck, coincidence, or chance when the analysis is found to be “accurate” by the trainers? Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t have the answers. But one thing’s for sure: with changes everywhere that could influence our behaviours and personalities, the word “accurate” becomes irrelevant in today’s context.

And that’s mainly because such analyses are made from one perspective and with limited data sampling.


Recently, a user from Dubai wrote to me, saying, “Your profiling method is highly accurate, I must say. Your page is full of knowledge and it convinces me time and again that your profiling method is among the best around. I collect many dates of birth and conduct case studies on a regular basis. I employ your knowledge, and the outcome is always amazing.

I replied, “Try to avoid using the word “accurate” when promoting EON to others, to prevent any misinterpretation. Instead, I’d suggest you use “relevant,” especially when your charts resonate with you and the various charts of others. This is because we, as human beings, can take charge of what’s being forecasted from the tendency signs present in the chart and can decide whether to act to change them or not. And when we change, the signs are no longer accurate.

The key contributing factor to claiming “my profiling analysis is very accurate” made by external trainers is subjective and limited by beliefs. Humans have evolved over the centuries to become smarter, as we now have ready access to information on the Internet.

With generative AI technology rapidly evolving, self-directed learning can enhance our understanding and knowledge in many areas. We experiment and explore what works and what doesn’t. Eventually, when proactive steps are taken continuously, it becomes a habit. When a habit forms, the tendencies indicated in our Personal Year chart may not affect us as much, or at all, because we have changed.



So next time you hear a trainer boasting about their “very accurate profiling,” take it with a pinch of salt. They could be right from a single, myopic perspective, but it’s not accurate when you factor in other areas.

Recognise that they may have limiting beliefs and accept their point of view.

There’s no point in being angry over their claims, even if you find them to be overgeneralised; your mental and emotional health are more important. Then, look for further underlying signs of the symptoms and take proactive action using the EON method.

Mindset change is free, not constrained by symbolic LifeCode ornaments or special unproven accessories that claim to be the lifelong solution to all your problems, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Remember, learning numerology or gaining the knowledge to profile better is meant to empower you to understand and be aware of the influencing energies. It’s to help you take charge and improve your life, not to make you fearful of their impact or, worse, be controlled by them because you became more obsessive than before.

Live a better life, fully and without letting fears control you.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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