Using EON to check number of children

I have written a topic called “Number of Children” in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

When attempting to determine how many children a person has, it is necessary to consider both parties – the man and the woman. That sounds logical, isn’t it?

Checking a single chart may not be conclusive. It takes two hands to clap. Likewise, it takes a man and a woman to create another human being. Of course, that is based on the natural flow of nature where a man and a woman must first come together to produce a baby.

I have managed to identify a key number associated to children. It was interesting when I first made the simple and “common-sense” discovery. I quickly told my friends and saw their reaction after they tested it out.


I am no expert in determining how many children a person can have. What I did was to use my intuitive “predictive observation” which provides a general indication as to the number of biological children a couple may have.

So, is it possible to know how many children a couple has?

Check out my book for the details!

Regards, Ron


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