Madonna Slapped With Material Girl Lawsuit

Apparel manufacturer LA Triumph sued Madonna this week over the rights to use the “Material Girl” name for the trendy juniors clothing line with daughter Lourdes, according to a recent article.

Madonna’s case is special and interesting. It highlighted the current constraint of the Power of Numbers (PON) method in not being able to provide more clues beyond the birth chart. At the same time, it reinforced the importance of using Elements of Numbers (EON) methods to do a macro-analysis to identify the probable cause.

Let us start by looking at Madonna’s birth chart and her Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart.

The first thing that comes to mind is to look out for the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 number combinations when checking for possible lawsuit. Read my article “Cashout on 573 and 753” to find out the reasons.

I was surprised when I looked at Madonna’s birth and PY2010 charts. The 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 number combinations are not present.

“Something is amiss,” I told myself. It has to be somewhere.

My inner voice then told me to use the Time of Birth chart.

So I did a search on the Internet. According to site, Madonna’s birth time is listed as 7:05am.

I quickly plotted her Time of Birth chart. There are three sets of 7-5-3 number combinations present. I smiled.

“Ok… great! But it’s her Time of Birth chart. It doesn’t provide any relation or clue to her lawsuit this year?”

I then continued to plot an extended Personal Year 2010 (xPY2010) chart, using the first two numbers in locations IJ of her Time of Birth chart to replace the Day and Month of birth.

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I came up with the formula to plot the Time of Birth chart as I noticed using the Birth chart is inadequate. It could not provide extra clue when you try to analyse two people born on the same day. Occasionally, there is also a need to do a macro analysis on a birth chart in  the hope to gather more clues. And the ideal way is to use the birth time of the person, where the energies and vibes are high.

I have included a case study on the twin brothers Robin and Maurice Gibb (of the Bee Gees) in my book to further illustrate how you can use the Time of Birth method.

Now that my book is out, I believe many trainers and writers will include my Time of Birth method in their courses, articles, and books. I have provided the steps to you for personal use. If you are using my Time of Birth method for commercial purpose (e.g., training, course notes, magazine articles, books), it is important to acknowledge my works.

It’s rather amazing once you know the Time of Birth and EON techniques, and use it to look beyond a standard birth chart. You’ll also be surprised how easy it can be to do a more refined analysis of anyone, using the Elements of Numbers method.

Regards, Ron


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