Jay Chou lost money gambling at Singapore casino

TAIWANESE pop star Jay Chou lost some money at a well-known casino in Singapore, according to a recent report. In a later report, Jay’s concert boss claimed that Jay has lost only S$1,000 and not S$2 million as earlier reported in the media.

In a separate incident, it was reported in another article that another man lost S$26 million in a three-day gambling spree, and plans to sue the casino for his losses.

It doesn’t matter how much money Jay has gambled away since the focus of this article is to try to identify clues that could imply lost of money.

If you look at Jay Chou’s Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart, it reinforced the theory of the negative effects when the 7-5-3 (and 5-7-3) number combination is present in the Personal Year chart of a person.

Losing money is also one of the symptoms when the 7-5-3 (and 5-7-3) number combination is present. Check my article “Cashout on 573 and 753” for more details.

It also shows the greediness side of people. Some people become even greedier when they can make big money easily. To them, the pain of losing the money through gambling is low since they can easily make big money elsewhere. Therefore, they dare to take the risk hoping to make more money, or to recoup their initial losses.

What one receives, one must readily give out freely as well.

“Riches ruin only the foolish, not those in quest of the Beyond. By craving for riches the witless man ruins himself as well as others.” – Dhammapada

For these two men, they gave away their money to the wrong organisations. Perhaps the money is not for them to keep. If they have donated a portion of the money to charity, many lives would benefit. “Donating” money to casinos by gambling is not one of the charitable acts known to mankind.

Having said that, it is important for you to take precaution when you have the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 number combinations in your Personal Year chart. It is NOT the right time to take any risk involving huge sum of money.

Many casinos are designed using the elements of Feng Shui to manifest the negative energies. You are “trapped” and influenced by the negative energies the moment you enter the casino. Their purpose is to make money from gamblers. And you can help by “giving away” your money freely to them once you start to gamble.

Understand the principles behind the Elements of Numbers (EON) and identify your weaknesses. Learn to control your own uncontrollable habits. Get a copy of my book now and start taking charge of your own life.

You have one life. Have a purpose, goal, and mission… and live your life wonderfully.

Regards, Ron

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